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  1. Thanks for all the info guys! I should have been a little more specific to mention that i know the goal of the wings isn't really for fall rate. My main concern was whether or not i would be able to fall fast enough without having to put on a ridiculous amount of weight or if i could get away with not using them. From all i'm hearing i think i'll just have to suck it up and get even more used to weights then i am already and get on a set of wings. Luckily i'm about 2 minutes away from a wind tunnel so i'll be able to do a lot of experimenting in there. Thanks again guys
  2. Hey guys. I'm just starting to fly cameras and i'm struggling to find somebody that has the same build as me to give me some tips. I'm 5'11 and only 135lbs. Currently i have to wear 18lbs when i'm doing RW just to keep up during 4-way so i'm trying to figure out if wings would even be an option for me. It seems counter intuitive to put camera wings on and then weigh myself down with a ton of weight. By summer i need to be able to do tandem videos but will probably be doing mostly 4-way for practice until then. Most people are telling me i "need" to use wings but none of them are even remotely close to my height and weight so i'm finding it tough to trust that info unquestioningly. Also freeflying isn't an option for me right now skill-wise. Thanks for any help you guys can give me