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  1. Three twin engine Otters launching back to back loads all day long with sunny 75 degree weather! Camping, bar, live music event nights, boogies, night jumps, high altitudes, Sunshine Factory pro shop, Skydive Ratings, AFF, Tony Suits, tandems parties fun and life long friends.
  2. Just a quick question about cameras. I heard someone on the DZ talking about the cheap camera "spy" sunglasses on Amazon. They are only 720p but since we are usually face to face they could be a cheap alternative. Plus if you wear a full face they are completely out of the way and can't get caught up in lines. Has anyone tried these?
  3. Had two tandems last month and found what I was looking for! Went to my first AFF class and my instructor was a jerk. He wasn't very patient with me and acted like he didn't even want to teach me. I thought that I was doing pretty good. I did a lot of research before hand so that I would be able to understand the terminology and the process of the jump. I watched another instructor teaching a student and they really hit it off. After about three hours of class I went to the owner and told them I was no longer interested. From everything I've read this was supposed to be an exciting and fun experience. Now I'm just discouraged but not ready to give up yet. Any advice would greatly be appreciated.