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  1. I definitely gained confidence this week. I was nervous for sure, but after that first jump, I was totally fine. And everyone was so welcoming. It was great. I've linked just a few pictures. The one in which I'm under parachute is one of the two days we did a sunset hi pull. It was beautiful!
  2. I got back last night and had the greatest time. I got in 33 jumps and made a ton of new friends. I even was on a bunch of big ways with 8-14 people! The largest jump I had been prior to that was a 6-way. I will put a few photos up in a bit. I cannot wait to go back!
  3. Thanks. I will definitely be bringing extra cash for fun times after the jumps. I look forward to jumping with more people in the air. I need to get the experience. Though, with my giant canopy and low wingloading, I'm almost always the last one down
  4. Thanks! It looks like it should be decent weather this weekend. I hope it stays that way. I want to get in at least 20-30 jumps over the course of 4 days. I think that is doable. Oh and as for the "unless you are a hot girl...." comment. Check the avatar. It's debatable! And I'm strictly a RW/FS flyer right now, but my favorite thing to do is track. See you all on Friday!
  5. Thank you so much for all of the information everyone! It's incredible and I am counting down the days. Thanks to social media, I've "met" a few Deland jumpers already and cant wait to actually meet you all in person. I'm feeling less and less nervous and more excited!
  6. Hey Alex, I might just take you up on that tattoo offer. I have a few already, but tons of plans for more!
  7. Thank you all so much! So much great advice. At this point, the most canopies I've been in the air with is ten total (including my super slow self). I will be at Deland Nov. 28- Dec. 2.
  8. First, I tried to see what else has been posted like this and I could not find anything recent. So here goes... I started jumping in May and have 153 jumps. They have all been at the same DZ. I am traveling to Florida to jump at Deland at the end of November and I'm a little nervous. I jump at a relatively small DZ, with what I have been told, is a very small landing area. Also, we only jump a 206 and 182, so I'm stoked for larger, quicker planes. Anyway, any tips or information would be greatly appreciated! It's my first time away from home and first time at a pretty big DZ. Shannon