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    Skydive The Farm

    I'm a 23 year veteran of U.S. Army Special Operations. I took my sons and his friends here several years ago. The tattooed and multiple-pierced tandem instructor got belligerent with me when asked for his certification card. He told my son behind my back that it was rude to ask someone with his experience for his credentials. Where I come from, a professional offers up his credentials with smile. To add to the experience, the owner backed up this instructor by countering my comment about his instructor's behavior by acting like a fool with the comment, "I've bet you've never even jumped before". I don't have thousands of freefalls; that's not what I got paid to do. But I've been in far more dangerous situations requiring competent people who act professionally then the owner could possible even imagine. Skydiving is extremely safe, but only if the people who teach it and maintain the equipment aren't cocky. I've seen many many situations go bad only because someone got cocky and careless. My suggestion would be to keep your family away from this place.