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  1. Can't seem to follow the link - is the site down?
  2. Great video, but I most want to know, who sings the song, "trust your cape?" Thanks for sharing
  3. OK, maybe I should defend myself? Well, I don't know if I have a defense... I do owe Dominic some smokes. I do owe beer, fair and square. I'll only say that I was taking some liberties with the landing area since we were the only team getting out at 10.5 and John lands first and my other teamate have much slower canopies. I'll also give credit to Elsinore's humbling landing area which requires greater accuracy than Perris for sure. In retrospect, I won't be violating the landing pattern anymore, even if it is just the four of us from 10.5 Basically, I humbly admit I fucked up. However, I do NOT make a lot of money as a Resident. I am actually quite poor! I pay for all my skydiving (unlike Dom - OK I admit, I'm jealous!) and I have to live in Orange County which takes up 50% of my salery in rent! AND, I work 80 hour work weeks! And the T-shirts are just for fun at the DZ. I live in a VERY conservative world at work and the DZ is my place to get away from that. I'm definitely not trying to offend anyone! OK, that's my defense. I'll bring the beer Saturday...
  4. I started jumping right before second year and have averaged 350 / year since then (I'm a PGY-2 in Peds). It depends where you are too. I had A LOT more free time in med school than I do in residency, so I was able to make 350/year even in Milwaukee. Now I have 4 days per month, but I'm one hour away from Perris so I jump every available day up to 12 jumps per day, and was able to have a team that did 200 training jumps while getting 10 hours of tunnel and also completing big-way events. If you plan to skydive seriously you HAVE to get into a residency near one of the major DZ's with good weather. Because of limits on my time and my commitment to skydive whenever free I have very little time for anything else, even my dates with nurses have slacked off. You have to keep your priorities straight. You can pretty much bang every hot nurse in the first year of residency and then you'll be black-listed a "player" by the nurses, and you can get back into skydiving seriously. That's what worked for me anyway. Good luck
  5. Can you wear a rig in a tunnel and deploy it? What happens when people do that? Sorry, being a smartass.
  6. I've wondered about that because my thinking was to "let it fly" or even go to double fronts to increase the pressure, but when I asked a well-known xaos team pilot at Eloy he said to go to halfs if cought in a dust devil. ??
  7. Well, what do true HALO spec ops jumpers deploy at? Over water? In a movie I saw once the jumpers begin discussing when to pull while in freefall at 1000 feet. Approximately 20 seconds elapses before the second guy pulls and he just opens before the water, so I'd say something like 500 feet
  8. 600'???? Where did that number come from? Didn't you mean to say "from a sight picture that you have learned to arbitrarilly designate as over 600' ?" Good one. Today I am reconsidering and thinking I agree with what you're saying also Alan. The alti CAN act as a guide just like people use trees and other structures to gauge their altitude. I guess it's people who think they need to use their alti to tell them EXACTLY when to start their swoop that's the prolem - I know you're not one of them. I still think it's good to rehash some of these arguments which have been done before because it keep people thinking and other's learning. Blue skies, Fast swoops
  9. I have to so totally agree with Billvon and The Craddock here. Losing my second altimeter and not replacing it was the best thing ever - FOR ME PERSONALLY. My overall altitude awareness improved greatly since it basically had to. I realized I was over-relying on the alti - to judge pull altitude, to set up approaches, and, yes, to start swoop turns. Using one now would feel like landing by instruments instead of VFR. Remember how much better Luke did when he turned off his targeting computer and went with the force? Swooping, and when to start the turn, is all RELATIVE! Who cares what alti (the actual number of feet) you start your turn at. It's like who cares how much you bench press? Are you getting stronger or not? Is the weight heavy or light? LEARN THOSE SIGHT PICTURES! so that you know when to ease it into a carve, dive it harder, go to double fronts, or abort and finish the carve with toggles or go to a real bail out flat turn or crosswind landing to save your ass. It seems like you could definitely get hurt trusting the alti that said you started your turn at the right height (and it worked the last time right?) and so you continue to attempt to finish it all the way to the ground. NOW, that said, I really want to better understand this "don't learn to swoop with a short recovery-arc canopy." I'm jumping a cobalt loaded at 2 and am planning on possibly (once I jump it) switching to a katana of the same size. I understand the katana has a longer recovery arc than the cobalt or stilleto. If this is true then how is my having learned to swoop with a fast recovery arc going to affect me? You mean I'll start my turns too low if I'm not careful?
  10. One comment, Definitely use small type bungee cord and not pull up cords to connect the leg straps. I see a surprising amount of jumpers use pull up cords for this, but I was warned by a jumper not to do this after he nearly LOST A TESTICLE ON OPENING from a non-stretch type cord between his legstarps
  11. PD site seems to be down but I don't think the katana is offered in any sizes larger than 135
  12. "A thousand feet - pull the ripcord now!!" "You first! I insist!" -Point Break "Always bet on 8 - 8's the fastest." -Cutaway
  13. The way it was explained to me: Do any maneuver to create speed (riser dive, toggle snap, whatever) then pull both rears to get lift and nearing the top of that flare let one rear riser up. Barrel roll! Scary the first time. Don't do near the ground.
  14. I understand the concept and everything that everyone says about line stows, but was surprised to hear Dan say it since he was the one who "taught" me to double stow my lines on my cobalt and it continues to recommend this on Atairs website. WTF? Dan, double stow or not?
  15. Tell them the grippers are flotation devices in case of an emergency water landing. The booties on the suit are there to protect your shoe laces from coming off, then point out a jumper with sandals or slip on shoes who doesn't have booties (a freeflyer works well) and use that to continue the logic.