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  1. No "off the shelf" systems I have seen. What's your budget? It can be done but adds up pretty quick. It would also most likely require some minimal licensing to do (reliably) from FCC because of either power levels, the spectrum used, or both. I would be aaalllll ears if anyone has done it cheap and without licensing. I have tried pricing it a few times but a typical DZ just cannot afford the equipment and hardware to do this. If you have serious cash check out teradeck. They make a lot of wireless video streaming eqpt. But even their super expensive stuff is not enough to support turbine plane altitudes in most cases. A Cessna dz might be able to squeeze out something but that's a stretch still. If you just want to start learning about the tech side of it, Google COFDM video transmitter. Happy hunting:)
  2. New camera mount cutaway for the G3 with gopro. Cuts the camera mount away, helmet stays on.