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  1. I need some ideas for my new Cobalt Ora Vivo
  2. OK, I roll the nose, the tail, make sure the slider is snug against the stops, and still the openings break my neck. Is there somethinI'm missing? Any help? Ora Vivo
  3. Where have people put their Hook knives? with the case the only option seems to be the chest strap. Any Suggestions? Ora Vivo
  4. ***Looks good! I'm looking for a new container as well, and the Odyssey is on the list, but if it takes 4 month to get it QuoteActually, should have been only 2 1/2, but Sunpath was behind schedule, and my dealer was late sending it two me. Ora Vivo
  5. ***nice, what size is the canopy? QuoteActually the canopy in the picture is two rolled up hooded sweatshirts since my main won't get here for two more days. The main is gonna be a Sabre 135, although I might be looking into upsizing to a 150 sabre2 shortly. Just cuz Ora Vivo
  6. And after four months I have her.
  7. Just to clarify, when I said hip bones, I meant top of my Pelvis ( I think is the name, the first part of bone you run into after the ribs). My hip joint is a few inches below that. Is this the point yours are at?Guess I'll jump it and see. Ora Vivo
  8. Please as courtesy , adjust your profile to show a realistic number of jumps ...Eleventy billion/ Done. I guess you don't like Keanu Reeves Ora Vivo
  9. For all of you that own Odysseys I have a question for you. Withyour rig on, where do your hip rings touch your body? I tried on my new rig and am concerned that the MLW is too short. the holes in the rings are right at the top of my hip bone. The Laterals seem perfect because they go right around my waist above my hips, but I'm thinking that the MLW could be longer. This may be all in my imagination because I have never had a rig that is taylored to fit me before. I am only 5'11", so the C-18 should work just fine. Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks! Ora Vivo
  10. ah yes, K-mart. I guess I used the term Luggage stores too loosely. No walmart close, but K-mart is just down the road. Ora Vivo
  11. I was gonna look at some luggage places, these are the suggestions I want. Thanks Ora Vivo
  12. Anyone have any suggestions for gear bags. I can't really see spending upwards of around $100 for a bag. Ora Vivo
  13. Check out Kurupee. They are very helpful, and can make just about any design for a great price. I should get my pants soon Ora Vivo
  14. Same thing with him. I sent off my second wave of emails today. We'll see. Ora Vivo
  15. yeah, I think its kurupeeblas or something. I got the "mailbox" is full on all the emails I sent in the last two weeks. Ora Vivo