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Gear Reviews posted by airtwardo

  1. Mine is a custom designed rig for professional demonstrations.

    Great comfortable fit with way above average workmanship.

    Quick delivery time,and low price, even with additional requested bells & whistles not normally offered as options.

    The redesigned reserve set up is remarkably better than any other I've seen...ground test at repack has the pilot-chute launch pulling the entire bridle to full extension and pulling the bag from the pack tray.

    My Quasar has 250 (plus) jumps on it and still looks & feels like a brand new rig!

  2. Standard configuration 9 cell that opens great (huge slider w/ pockets) and flies very stable in all conditions.

    I use it for professional demonstration jumps...well built, plenty of speed for the size and predictable throughout the entire control range.

    Can be somewhat flown like an accuracy canopy making hitting tight spots a breeze.