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  1. $40,000? Please explain as that sounds ridiculous. I actually can't imagine how it would cost $40,000 USD. Rhys does not work for steve and Kirsty. Rhys represents new Zealand at world meets with his wife in sport skydiving and is an asset to new Zealand sport skydiving. He owns his own dropzone in new Zealand and has no loyalties to steve and Kirsty other than being on the course in 2003 along with his wife who was on my course back in 2001. Even if a student did work for the course and said good things about them, there is nothing wrong with loyalty. I am very interested in knowing how you came up with a figure of $40,000 Please bear in mind, rent, buying a rig, buying food and travel is all part f life and is not something you should include in the expense of doing this course as you would do this anywhere. Maybe travel is a fair expense but rent and food should not be covered. The course is $15,000 nzd? That's what, about $8000 usd? A rig is about $8000 usd as it is everywhere and to anyone who wants to skydive. Where does the rest of your $40,000 usd fit in here. Just curious, not arguing, just would like to see a break down. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  2. Thanks for replying the way you did as some may have taken it as a argument or debate. My email is [email protected]. I would like to discuss the possibility of making your gloves on a larger scale, without having a non skydiver make them. 3-4 weeks for 100 of these definetly seems exciting. I just know their is a big market for this product in action sports. Sure people can do a homemade job for themselves and friends, but there are so many sports out there who also want that reliable well built item as well. Maybe you could also send DSE one of these for review as his opinion to me on this entire matter is one of value. I will have him post video footage of this once he is done with his review of mine as I think it would be the best way to really compare each thing. Yea, I hear you on the snag points, sometimes it is just a added risk, but if it doesn't need to be there, then even better. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  3. Awesome, looks good. Is there any shake at all? The only reason we are offering anything like what I have shown is because dealing with manufacturers to make these wrist straps and gloves out of neoprene is a bitch to get it right at affordable costs in high volume. I went through seven different glove manufacturers with many different styles but nothing ever was consistent enough to be able to offer them to the public. However, with the carbon fibre mounts, it was consistent everytime and no shake, so the perfect mount for a everyday skydiver/base jumper. Your mount looks awesome, a one of a kind, but thats just it, it probably is a one of a kind and not something you have the time to set up and perfect for general retail. You go through so much shit trying to bring a glove that works in every glove produced to the mass market place. Hence this awesome solution. 95% of skydivers are not going to sit there and build there own, even with the instructions in front of them, they just want to 'buy it now' and 'get it delivered now to use tomorrow', hence this awesome mount we are showing you guys. I agree yours is probably better and takes up less room etc, but i dont think it is something you can offer to the general public. It would be an entire business of its own dealing with manufacturers and trial and error. I have made my own gloves for years with manufacturers, some of the same model last years, others rip as you pull them on, some stictching comes undone etc. The carbon fibre mount i believe is the most practical way and easy solution for a skydiver to 'easily' purchase a mount for handicam. This post was not for the 'enthusiast', more for the guy who just wants to buy something that you can mount the gopro too and trust and know there is no shake. However, saying all that, my opinion and what i have learnt from 6 months of trying to build the right glove in mass amounts, i may be wrong and if you can offer me 100 pairs of those gloves in the next two weeks and they are all the same with guarantees, then, i will purchase them instantly to go along with my contract of purchasing 50 gopros a week. Im not kidding, i need a good solid mount, I love the looks of yours, i just dont see how it is practical to offer to the public. Sure making a few here and there with good quality assurance would be awesome, but people like cookie for example are taking orders for their new mounts by the hundreds. I truley believe Jason Cooke and Co have come up with the perfect solution again. The one i have posted here is maybe what some would call a 'copy', but i have posted it because this is the only version i can actually stock at the moment as my cookie order is being filled. Hopefully you take this post as me saying awesome glove you have made but also as me explaining why i am so stoked with this mount. We are sending some to DSE this week for him to review. Seriously-If you can produce these by the tens of thousands on a yearly basis, then you should, these would sell like hotcakes to every extreme sport industry and sport there is. I dont sell 50 gopros a week to JUST skydivers (have sub-dealers), every walk of sport are wanting these that importers around the world sell out within days of receiving orders by the thousands. I am a small skydiving gear store and i get 50 a week at the door (when they can be supplied) and they are gone next day.... the one thing im constantly out of stock with. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  4. Actually, here are some shots of it on my hand, no camera but.... also shots of it on the leg.... .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  5. Hey Fergs, nah, I will get some this week. Got 50 cameras in stock yesteray and will send yours out on monday for you. Will send you a wrist mount to try out as well and buy if you like. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  6. So, I made some gloves for these cameras and once I realised i had to find a way to eliminate hsake, the next week Cookie showed me these awesome mounts that they decided to make. Because theirs were so awesome, I gave up on the gloves. However, while waiting on Cookies mounts to be ready we have purchased stock of similar mounts from another manufacturer. Thought you guys would like to see these mounts made from carbon fibre, no need for a big bulky glove or similar, these work awesome!! Hence why we gave up on making gloves out of soft material when you can make them from carbon fibre. All you need to do is add a tripod mount ideally for the gopro or just a sticky mount. Thought you guys would appreciate the pics as these work really well. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  7. I have a few boxes of them. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  8. You do their course in NZ and you finish it and do it right, then you WILL get a job as a camera flier. I am one of the negative nay sayers, but after ten years since i did the course and i have watched so many people come through dropzones from this course as camera fliers, tandem instructors, aff instructors, i have full changed my opinion. Also, hanging out with the owner of the course last week and her good friend Jyro from NZAerosports (designer of icarus canopies), I am blown away by the plans they have in store... Forget what you read in the forums from the FEW people who have done the course, speak to the new zealand qualifications associations and the dropzone owners that take these graduates on to see the real figures. My mate is on over 10,000 jumps from this course, most others are over 6000 jumps since the first course. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  9. Ah, Phil is always sending me emails of different things going on. ONe of the recent emails mentioned Perth. I tell you what, Picton is a sick dropzone, planes taking off and landing all day long. loving it! Anyway, off to Nitro Circus finale live show in Melboune on sunday for some back stage passes and some after party. oh, the percs of loaning people demo rigs.... ;) Chad Kagey and Dunstin should be certified before they leave, thanks to Ossie kahn .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  10.;postatt_id=122605; should sum up the title of your thread. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  11. Icarus -Fuck Yeah range is a special range. There are only two FY canopies i know of, one being a dairy cow canopy and one beoing a butterfly. Very unique canopies that spend the extra on getting the design done, then become part of the FY range. Thats how i understand it anyway. Hoodies and teeshirts, never going to happen.... There are a few stickers floating around and I think i saw one other windblade that was made. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  12. I appreciate the thoughts mate. The shop is awesome that we have. It has a good vibe if you ask me. People just finish AFF and they are broke, they come along and NEED to spend around $1100 on alti, dytter, helmet, logbook, suit etc, but they are nearly broke, we give them what they need and tell them to make regular payments so they can just worry about going and getting on with their B-rels etc. I like to think the way we do it helps people and it gives them a break. At the end of the day, it will be rare a newbie ripps off another skydiver as they have a hard enough time getting into the clicks. So they aint going to put themselves further out, and that i where my buines recognizes that we can trust the majority of guys coming through AFF to pay their gear back sooner or later. Anyway, I am totally stocked about this new shop, i am a little ashamed of my recent months of service to my online customers, not fully ashamed, only cause i know i have good intentions, but what sort of person would i be if i cant admit that it got a bit too much for me at one point? We had a shop on a tandem factory that was always closed due to weather , we had to leave their, build a new shop, find staff, all these things take me away from my computer and the instant email replies people are use to.... let me tell you though, instant email replies is a catch 22 situation, cause if you dont reply within 24 hours they send mroe emails wondering why you are not rpelying... so that can be alot of work in itself, and if they start emailing manufacturers directly, then you have to deal with their unreplied emails, then the emails from the manufacturers asking why my customers are emailing them, and next thing you know, you have spent half a day answering a single email.. That on top of everything else and my own personal issues, wow, let me tell you, the cycle is a bitch!. Im just glad that we have uper upport from our manufacturers and our customers. We have had a bad few months, but we wint going anywhere, if we were i would have packed up already. I love this sport, i love this business and i love the people in it. I aint got anything else. Anyway, here are some new pictures of our shop which is nearly finished. This is the old groundrush cafe gear store. We broke through both walls and took those two rooms as well, we painted it, put floorboards down, and pimped it with so much stock,. I think it is rather unique for a on dropzone shop in Autralia, due to the share volume of stock and range we have. Anyway, as you can tell, I love this place, I only have plans to do this place justice. Thank god for poor skydiver wives who need part time min wage jobs ;) .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  13. Nextime skyvan comes i will be in it. I heard it i coming soon or has plans to come over. Thought i may have seen you at the conference. Jyro put it on like no other. Let me know if you ever come to Picton, my shop is looking super sick!! Here are some sweet pictures..... If anyone wants a unique Icarus Fuck Yeah canopy, nows the time.... LOL! .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  14. Not when your five year plan happens in two months there aint.... well maybe there is ;) Anyway, hopefully you guys will let me just move forward and get things going right and positive feedback. We aint going anywhere, and I have only logged on to this website three times in 6 months because I am far too busy. I do miss this website....... .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  15. Thanks mate, This is skydiving. Every customer of mine gets a credit from $10 to $10,000 and I trust them to pay me back, because we are skydivers and we dont rip each other off and those that do wont last long in the sport. I am not one of those people who would rip a fellow skydiver off as I love this sport and it is 100% my life!!!! .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  16. I did in fact read the reply on the V3 competition post! Which still had me wondering why Gary (The owner of his business) did not take care of this matter himself until someone else from the forum offered to step in and help after I posted negative. Like I said it is a moot point! this post was a mere update from my posts and a Kudos to the kind of person Freak_accident is! And for the measly $60 comment, how would you feel if I took $60 from your wallet and told you to piss off it's only a measly $60? I am sure you would just let it go..... Yeah right! Thank you again Freak_accident! Get real. I never told you to piss off. I kept telling you i would get it to you, i just always had something else that seemed more important, it was a horrible cycle that i was stuck in for a few months. I am finally unwinding that cycle now that I found the right staff to help kkrew stay on top. I fkd up with so many smaller orders recently, but nobody finds themselves ripped off by kkrew. One day when i am bored and have a quiet time to myself and time to sit and post in these forums like i use to, that will be the day i have time to make it up to all my customers who showed their support in their patience. And if you have ever met me, you know damn well that I put the spread on. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  17. Guys, I have fkd up a few orders recently. My business took off in a massive way this year, so much so that while it growing at a rapid pace, my customer service became a black hole, not on purpose but because it was so busy it took me away frommy computer. It got to the point where i had to stop taking orders to get on top of things and it didnt help that all these post restrictions came in force over here...... Look, i dont have any excuses, i fkd up and i have fought to regain control of it and right now i am sitting in my brand new office on the largest sports dropzone in Australia at my newly rennovated shop writing this. We are back on track now. A growing business, grew too fast but we fought through it and are back on top of our game, with staff and support staff for all future orders. Why I didnt contact you medic, After the childish, slandering, way you went about things, lets just say, I am like every other jumper on a regular dropzone, i get on with everyone, i party, i love to ring the bell and put the shouts on and am as generous as hell. You carry on the way you have, trying to destroy a skydivers business, trying to hurt him like you have and all this abuse in a public forum, you do that to a skydiver on your dropzone and see what he/she does to you. I ama regular jumper, a long time poster and a guy that is in this community for the rest of my life on this earth. Like fuck i am going to sit back and lick your bumhole after all the abuse you have been giving. To all those who have sat back and been quiet and let me deal with things and for those who have stood up for me, thank you. We now have staff, we have a huge shop that i have worked hard for four years for and we aint going nowhere. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  18. Well its no secret, The past 6 months have been really bloody tought for this small business I run that has now become very large. I am sad to say we have let a few people down, we have and will always come through but many of the smaller things have been put to the side, not on purpose, just so many damn orders for just me to do on my own. The demo rigs, kicked off a huge stire and became very overwhelming, while at the same time, moving to a small dropzone and then the past month moving to the largest Sports dropzone in the southern hemisphere. I have also had my fair share of personal problems. The hardest part of all of this was trying to find someone to work for me. There are loads of people who offer but nobody has what i was personally wanting in my company, and that si someone who wants to help the sport and not just be concerned on how much they will get paid. We finally found some staff and along with being at the largest dropzone in Australia and about to purchase a further 12 demo rigs to og with out already 15 demo rigs, we are going to be very busy. We stopped taking rig orders in Feb after realising I could no longer provide the customer service that means so much to myself doing this, now we have got things straightened and renovated our new shop and have staff we are full steam ahead. I ask for anyone who is waiting on anything, please bear with me a further week or two and everything will be in place. Sure some people will bitch and moan and not give a shit about my excuses, but they just dont understand that the excuses are complications i too have to put up with and sort out. Most people know i sit behind my computer for the past four years working 18 hours a day giving instant customer service, right when these demo rigs launched i was getting offers from all over the world and it meant i had to spend alot of my time on the road, on the phone and visiting new places and accountants, lawyers and all the crap that goes with a serious business. What was once a hobby and i did for the love of the sport is now a four person full time job that i was doing on my own until recently. Anyway, PJMedic, I do apologize for the delay, up until about a month ago though i had no way to contact you since earlier in the year when i lost all my emails due to computer going out. I am sending you a full refund as lets be honest, you hate karnage krew and karnage krew does not want you wearing a hoody with our name on it. After Nitro Circus just cleared our shop out this week of KKrew Hoodies I dont have any in large anyway. YOu will get a paypal refund before the week is out. Freak Burner, you are on of the good guys, I take my hat off to you and will always look after you with credit terms and high discounts, just as i did when you purchased a canopy from me before you won this competition. Right now, With KKrew becoming a company that turnes over so much, everything has to be done the proper way and with so many competitors we have to make sure it is done this way. After losing a cypres in the mail along with gopro cameras and dytters etc, we have found it to be very hard to post anything with batteries as you can not ship items with batteries outside of Australia. Then with clothing we have always struggled with being able to prove the certificate of authenticity and origin, meaning many items just get sent back to us. We have dropzones all over Australia purchasing items from us and customers emailing and phoning about rigs every single day, it seems our gear store is very unique over here at sydney skydivers on Picton and recently we have had many bigwigs in the sport offer us sums of money to help us keep our demo rig fleet expanding and these good guys asking for nothing in return except to be looked after. We have effectively taken out the issue of $45 gear hire per jump and needing to buy a second hand rig before buying a brand new rig. Its not for everyone, but it is a good way to do things. We have also recently had someone who is well respected in the sport to offer a bankroll for us to take our payment plans from 6 months up to three years, so more and more people can now finance without having to pay stupid interest rates and application/contract fees etc. This will start happening in the next month once we are certain we have full systems in place to manage everything the way i want you guys, my customers to be served. My apologies to anyone and everyone who feels like we have let you down, I ask you not to come into the forums and bitch and moan as i am certain all my customers build a good relatiosnhip with me and are very understanding with what I am doing. Coming and slamming me, a long time member in this community who honestly gives this industry his complete life kind of sucks, but whatever....End of the day, Im a skydiver first and it is no skin off my nose if you want to be that way. I am very proud of Karnage Krew and the customers we have had over the years, and those who come to me have only heard good reviews and if they have had a problem with me, i think they understand that this is a phase we are going through while trying to find the right way to run this business. I was not a business man before KKrew, but in the past year it has exploded to a point where it is no longer a hobby. Amazing what a simple idea of demo rigs does. Anyway guys, feel free to stop into Sydney Skydivers and see our new shop, it is twice the size of the old one, fully renovated and loaded with stock and rigs. Once our next order of demo rigs is complete we will have over 30 demo rigs and 10 will be at our dz being left at our dz, 10 will be at Brisbane Skydivers and 10 will be for sending around the globe. Within a month we will have three year finance packages for those in Australia, and for those outside of Australia, it will be ona case by case basis. I suggest for any of my UK customers looking for gear to go to the new shop we were offered at Dunkswell in the UK. Due to being so busy and feeling we would only let that dropzone down, we made a deal with Smartrigs which has now taken on the shop under the name UKS Gear Store. have a gear store now being run totally by James (Freeatlast) on site in Dunkswell, one of the premium dropzones in the UK. Karnage Krew fully support James and vice versa. For those customers in the USA, For time being I would suggest you check out either of or Gravity Gear for your USA purchases. They have always offered me first class service and if they didnt own their own stores I would want them running my company. However, for those in Australia, come down to sydney and see the store, We dont just offer gear at the store, we also offer rooms at my personal residence free of charge, boat hire free of charge, my R6 can be borrowed as well as my car by any skydiver. Whats mine is yours if you are a skydiver. Anyway, things are getting on track once again, my life is in this business and i fucking love it! Most of you out there will know that I have been very bloody busy and i am sure you would have noticed i have not posted here in nearly six months on this website, thats pretty big after posting every day for 8 years. I really am sorry to those who have had a stressful experience with me recently, its just a lot for one guy to have been doing. it got to the point where i had to plan weeks in advance to be able to go and get a dinner with my partner. My company partner said he wanted an email from me explaining how things are going and i had to write back and tell him he is the least of my worries and i will write when i get a second, a month later i had that second. Anyway, Karnage Krew is back on track, we have Scott Palmer as a sponsored jumper and looks like we have a few more of the Nitro Circus coming into the sport with KKrew rigs. Keep an Eye out for Chad Kagey to enter the sport after we just sorted him out AFF. Virgin Burner... Thanks mate. Hope you love your safire! Anyway, i know this is a long post but i thought i should probably say something now i have time and not just apologize but EXPLAIN, as i know many of you guys out there have your eyes on us or wonder about us. Sorry it is so long. IM sure some of you will appreciate the essay... Peace .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  19. Yeah mate, just arrived in Florida a couple of days ago. Had a bad start due to fuck heads Delta losing my luggage but have it back now. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  20. Thanks you. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  21. See all you fuckers there. I want my damn beer! .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  22. i had $50,000 worth of rigs in there the day before. i said to the mrs, if you clean out the car i will wash it. She cleaned it out half hour before it went up. Still had one rig in there but it is all good. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  23. i do. car rental corolla .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  24. So sitting at the traffic lights when it became evident that i needed to pull into a parking lot and call the emergency services...... .Karnage Krew Gear Store .