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  1. Excellent show. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  2. Well it just goes to show PD customers are very patient. I have about 3 on order and 5 waiting to order .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  3. Thanks but the speed has nothing to do with this thread. As far as asking them goes you get pointed to their website. I seriously can not believe how patient my customers have been that ordered these 6-7 months ago. Other customers whose rigs are a week late start sending an email a day. I have not heard from two optimum customers in 3 months or so. Kudos to them. I understand it is out of PD's hands, just thought i would ask again and see if someone in the know would send a pm to me, guess not. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  4. bridle comes with PC and D-bag. Toggles come with risers (just to be complete) And no, I've never seen a seperate bridle Eightate8at8 - What did you search? I tried "what comes with canopy container" and got a couple threads with this info. "Included with" or "canopy includes" "container includes" didn't do much, but sometimes I have to try a few different keyword combos to get what I want.
  5. So it has been about 7 months since one of my customers first ordered their PD optimum 160. Does anyone know if PD is any closer to getting these sorted out? The last update PD officially gave out was 2 months ago. Anyone know anything? .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  6. D-Bag is part of the container. The manufacturer that makes the container makes the dbag for that container. It should not come with a demo canopy. Risers are also part of a container, so really they do not need to send you risers with the demo canopy either, but i imagine in some cases they would. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  7. Cheers mike. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  8. I read the book abouT a year agai and was looking forward to this movie. The movie is like reading the book in major fast forward. There is no charachter 'backstory' going on except for he time tIme travels. I read books all the time and then see movies but this one was a major let down. Not because it was not some beautiful story and have people in tears or anything like that but simply because there was so much more story they could have put in. Remember this movie was a mess from the start. They have been re shooting it for two years and you can tell when you watch it. I give this movie 1 star knowing that the right director could make this the romantic adventure it should have been rather than the comedy cluster fuck it was. The whole leading up to the ending was an ok story but they missed so mUch of the story and who did it and why etc. Also I hated how the doctor ended up believing him. Damn it. I was looking forward to this movie for years adn it sucked. Biggest Dissapointment for me in a film. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  9. What a terrible movie. The book was a very enjoyable story. I was really looking forward to watching this movie and am left feeling very very very disappointed from the start right through to the finish of this movie. If you have not read the book and are thinking of going to see this movie, Do yourself a favour and read the book. Actually, I think watching the movie and then reading the book in this case would be an even better option. The movie leaves out at least 95% of the story. There is so much more to the book. No, change my mind, the ending of the movie might ruin the book. Read the book. it is a great book and has such a great story. Movie has to be the biggest disapointment I have ever taken away from a movie. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  10. Going by your results, I would be willing to guess your quotes were invloving PD canopies. PD have a very strict pricing policy where you can not sell below retail. If it did not involve PD canopies, then I am certain you would have seen a much higher gap between many of the quotes. For example, I will sell a Micron with all options, A Safire 2 with a Smart reserve assembled and shipped for about $5400-$5600 IF that had a Sabre 2 canopy and a PD reserve it would be higher more like $6000 and you would find all other dealers would have very similar quotes as the only product they can discount in that scenario is the Container. Dealers can not discount PD gear so if your experiment included PD canopies then it does not show very accurate results as you have not asked them to do a quote on anything they can actually sell below retail price. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  11. Thanks for that. However I have already received $2000 in my account today. NOw I can continue my vendetta against him without worrying about not getting any money back. The document i signed says that if the agreement is broken the agreement can not be used in court ???? Go figure. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  12. $2000 is all i can prove to be direct. Anyway, the Attorney General is involved in it. He owes most people $20,000 + so $2000 is better than nothing, at least I am getting something back. Does not mean I need to respect his state of Washington agreement. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  13. Fraud. Sorry, I consider someone using my name ripping me off. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  14. You know it would not take much for a person to design a 'riggers data base', like checking to see if someone has membership on the computer. What about a rigger starts a data base and hopefully as many riggers as possible will join in. After each job you upload a scanned or photo of the packing card how you left it or at least just the date, time and name and number etc. Just something that you can easily check when your gear is being inspected at a dropzone. There may already be alot of rules and regulations but maybe there are not enough protecting the rigger. It would not be much extra work and Im sure alot of you riggers would welcome it. Just an extra few minutes to your day to protect yourselves. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  15. You should press charges. make an example. If someone forged my name for anything, it is 'ripping me off' Most people that cross the line once will always go back and cross the line again and more than likely inffluence others to do the same thing, most likely he has friends who also have the same person using your signature. Press charges. I dont give a shit if this is skydiving or not, that is someone fucking with your life. UNless of course they have sat down and debated the situation like we are here for hours on end and lots of valuable opinions etc etc etc and everyone came to an educated conclusion that it is not a big deal. Fuck that, take the prick to the courts and put his future on the line like he has so easily done to you. I bet the person who did it does not know the full implications and possible scenarios it could present to you and your family if there was ever a time that reserve pack was questioned. At the very least it would cost you money in court fees or legal advise ect. Burn the prick. I am sick to death of people ripping me off this year, it has happened in the sport and out of the sport and i feel for the next wanker that does anything to violate my families future. Rant over. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  16. It is pretty simple really. It only goes into affect if i have $2000 paid into my account by 5pm today. Whats your email I will show you it. I have lost alot more but at least i get something back. I do hear you but once you see it you might think otherwise. BEAR in mind i was the one who never heard from hsi attorney and i phoned every attorney with the same name up in WA before i found the right guy. he made it happen .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  17. You have not done me dirty mate. Not at all. I have nothing to hide mate. Im just fooling around. Always been affraid of seeing a thread named KKrew and then having people bitch about me. All is good mate, never had a complaint yet, except for a pair of gloves. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  18. the guy has a a deal with the Attorney General of WA not to sell boats direct to consumers. At the moment the AG is investigating. I am in touch with others who are out alot more than me. However i finally found his lawyer a couple of days ago and am about to sign a contract and they will release money to me.. As far as letting $11500 go, get real Andy, thanks for your advice but the contract I need to sign will be satisfactory now it is finally hapening. IM jjust sorry for those who have not found their saving grace. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  19. Any of you guys debt collectors in the area? Or lawyers? .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  20. Nine months later :( .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  21. > OK, So phil offered me one for $8000, then $6000, then $4000. > Then I made a deal of half now, Half later. > > Here is the original agreement of buying a boat off him..... > > Dated January 24th 2008! > > Dear Gary; > > OK. > > The only thing that we are worried about is upsetting our Distributor, so the the terms of our agreement should be between us. I will share them with the Distributor. > > I will e-mail you the paperwork needed for finalizing the agreement, tomorrow, morning, our time, and the downpayment instructions. > > The boat will be shipped within 45 days, depending upon shipping arrangements. > > In one of these e-mails, I just opened, I think there are instructions for the gelcote. If not, please send a picture, or drawing of what you want. We want the gelcote to be as you want. > > In the e-mail you sent to coop, you mentioned making a mold off the new boat. We would be rather touchy about that, as we have just spent about $600,000 USD so far in tooling and r&d, expense, which, by the time we are done, will total at least 1 million USD, I would suspect, as we are still tooling innerliners, small parts, and larger model molds, at present. > > We are willing tos discuss a one off type thing for your old boat, or something like that. Send us a telephone number, and we can discuss it. > > Phil > > > Send us your exact requirement for colors and trim. You can draw it, or show a boat like it. > > Phil > > Dear Gary; > > We will agree to $4,000. USD, but the $2,000.USD ha to come now, as after we sign the agreement, and the PO, we must have sealed the deal, and set the last payment, so that everthing is set in stone. Otherwise, we will have to do it differently, and it will cost whatever it will cost. Today, I still have the ability to make this deal, and then make the deal work through the Distributor. > > I think that it is a great deal for all of us. > > We understand these hulls better than anyone, we have all grown up with them. We have lots more pictures, somewhere. > > Phil > > Dear Gary; > > Sidewinder is a tool, like each Brand, to make boats for an established market, needing new product. I am into boats. We have built many different types, most fast, attractive, and > sporty. I like the R & D part, more than the production, but Dan, and > others are more responsable, and like the production and marketing better. > Of course, it takes both parts to make money. These last years have not > been profitable. We fought a six year battle over another Brand and its > trademark, but prevailed, which was costly. We have the loaned the > corporations well over Eight Million Dollars cash over the last ten years, > much of it recently. We recognized that Sidewinder was a good solid tool to > recover, and that Micahel Montreuil was the perfect distributor for this venue. > > We decided to work on the Sidewinder project only, the last four or five months, until we had it really "rocking" before began the production of the other Brands, with the exception of boats on order, and spec boats already in production, of which we have 9 or 10, I think, mostly waterski and wakeboard boats, all inboards, most v-driven, with two perfomance style deep vee stendrives, a 202BR and a 257CD. > > We are only laminating and tooling the Sidewinder products at this time. > > I recognzie the company name, but that is all. > > Phil > > Dear Gary; > > An inboard, jet or sterndrive is a much better fix, price wise for your market. The coolers will still be on the boat. Remember that the bailer well takes up much of the rear space that inboard utilizes already. The engine widith will not intrude on the coolers. > > Obviously, the price will change, but we could finance that. I don't know what it would come to, but we can price it out, depending on what engine you want. We can still get it out of here at the same time. Since we are utilizing this as a promo, we will just add the cost of the running gear and parts, added onto the 4,000. It will be way cheaper than an outboard; be new and under warranty. > > We would do that. We have our own financing corporation, and we can run it through there, as a recievable, with no interest. > > Phil > > Dear Gary; > > As an outboard, you would get the boat, upholstered, running lights, steering, fuel tank, under bow, fuel guage light toggle, bow and stern eyes, and aluminum molding outside, and vinyl dash molding, with the two mirrors you asked, three "pop up" cleats, gar plug, and transom bailier tube. > > As an inboard, you would get the complete boat with all the guages, speedo (GPS), same stuff as the outboard, bilge pump and blower, and CD player and speakers. > > Phil > > Dear Gary; > > I need the information for the agreement and invoice: > > Name of Buyer > Address of Buyer > Telephone Numbers of Buyer > Ship to port of entry > > I will make up an agreement to make you a representative, that works through Michael, and send it in the morning. > > Since this will be financed through Capital Control Corporation of which I am also the CEO, I will send you transfer information for the Down Payment, as an attachment to this e-mail. > > I need the information listed above so that I can e-mail the documents to you, in the morning, our time. > > Thanks, > Phil > > > > Dear Gary; > > The agreement for the boat is $4,000 USD for the 1800 Outboard boat, with $2,000 now, and the balance on delivery, to the Port of Entry. in Austrailia. The boat is to be utilized for pleasure and promotion. It will be your boat, titled and registered to you. You will recieve the Certificate of Origin, by mail prior to its shipment. > > The change to an inboard would entail only the actual cost of the running gear, etc., which would be our net. We have no intent to charge labor against it, only our acutual cost on parts. > > Those figures we can work on, later , after our discussions on the pros and cons of the vaious packages. > > Mike and you will have to figure out what pricing will work in Austrailia, and we should try to ship in quatities of 4, for price, on the shipments made to dealers there, after you are able to get some dealers going. > > Phil > Dear Mr Lucus : Your invoice appears below. Please wire transfer the $2,000 USD to Capital Control Corporation per the instructions previously sent. Please disregard the bottom of this invoice directing payment to Global Marine Speicalties, Inc., as Capital Control Corporation will be paying for the construction of this boat, and therefore, recieves your payment. I am the CEO of Capital Control Corporation, as well. Thank you for your business - we appreciate it very much. Sincerely, Phil CEO Global Marine Specialties, Inc. Dear Gary; Allright $17,000. I still do not have the Austrailian pricing for Mercury Outboards. We have built many sterndrives, including in this hull, earlier, many times. We have installed many 320's, but this will be the first one in this boat, but we have put more HP in this hull earlier, and they all perform extremely well. Yes, we will test it, rigorously. We do not have the upholstery completed, as of yet. We expect to have the upholstery for both the 1400 and 1600 done this week, so that we can ship. Phil Dear Gary; Because we have had so many delays and hassles, we will not be shipping until sometime in March. We finally took the upholstery back in-house, and will have three 1400's and two 1600's done Tuesday or Wednesday. We intend on shipping them Friday. Beginning Monday, we will begin building two boats a day, a 1400 and a 1600, obviously they take two to three days, each, in total, but for each mold we use, and we can use two, now, so we can laminate and pull one boat per day, per mold. I will send you pictures when we are done. Phil Dear Gary; As a promo boat, we can list it at whatever we want to list it. We will supply an explanation with the bill of lading The sterndrive will be warranted in Austrailia, as we purchase the warranties with the engine from Mercury Marine. Yours will be three years. As an inboard, it becomes a component part of the boat, and therefore, the warranty is good. Phil Dear Gary; What makes you think that we got them shipped? Close, but not yet. We are still finishing the molds for the 1600SS front seats. We ran out of tooling resin in the middle of it (tooling resin is what you make molds with). We have several drims of it, now, and the molds will be done tomorrow. We will have the four parts we need by Monday, and the boats will be shipped Tuesday afternoon late. I am attaching some upholstery pictures from the 1400SS, that will be attached, tomorrow. We will be putting the ski locker in the floor in the 1800. There is not enough room, in length, in the 1600's. I am glad you like the 6.2L. It will be really responsive. Interior colors are no problem. Phil Dear Gary; The logo will be the same. Attached is a picture of the 1600 front seat bases, not yet upholstered. Attached also is a picture of a 1400 with the seats in it, but the buckets not sitting on their pedistalls. We own the logo. We have recently just re-trademarked it. It will be the same. Phil Dear Gary; We have been running with a small crew through this, as we are not manufacturing the other Brands. These guys have from 10 to 30 plus years experience, every one of them. They are very good. If you check in the NADA Boat Appraisal Guide, you find that GMS has been in there with Sidewinder since 1984, actually when the guide comes up, it shows that it has been in there since 1999, and that we did not produce them in 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008. They have the 2009 information, which is not in there, yet, but will be with next month, and show that we are back in production, GMS is a dba of Global Marine Specialties, Inc. The USCG has had Sidewinder for GMS since 1984. There is no question about Sidewinder. Those who would make other remarks, don't know where to look. Just like the windshield patent. The one shown is for another model sidewinder than the ones we are currently building, but do we intend to build the other one, also, and the windshield is considerably different, but there is no reason to argue, it is what it is, and the fact is, we build sidewinder, and better, than anyone else, ever did. Phil Dear Gary; We will ship tomorrow. Attached is a 1600 seat nearly trimmed. The bottoms are finnished. Also a finnished 1400, ready to vacumn and shrink wrap. Phil Dear Gary; We will get back on the 1800's next week. Phil Here is when I started thinkin 'what is going on', so i asked about the finance agreement to get it in writing..... Dear Gary; We will put together the financing agreement sometime later this week. It is pretty simple. We are not charging you any interest, except $1.00 per year, to make it legal. Try to find out what the bottom line on a lease, lease/purchase, or purchase might be. I will talk to our CFO about getting the financing for it. We always take pictures of the boats in progress by Hull ID numbers. We are required by USCG rules to keep a hard copy on each boat, noting any irregularities, plus each installed item and its origin of manufacture. We would be glad to share them with you. Monday we will be hard at it, but today, and tomorrow, we are taking it easy. Monday we begin moving the main assembly plant to a brand new building, which I am certain will not be fun, but we are staged, already, to do it, without much muss. Phil Dear Gary; Send anything to 12932 SE Kent-Kangley Rd # 9, Kent, WA 98030 USA We have still just been staging. We will move begining Wednesday. Phil Dear Gary; We work as a team, on the boats. I am very good with hull and angle attack, R & D, etc., and don't care as much about esthetics. I would get in a boat with an apple box for a seat, just to test something new. I am into performance and like speed on the water. Others here, are into cosmetics etc. It takes both. Remember, that everything above the riding surface is just a passenger - it just goes along for the ride. I have a real feel when I am in a boat. I have a knack for knowing when things are right. I have the right instincts. We are all boat builders, here. Our skills differ, but we are all boat builders. (Most companies, off the record, are glass jockies.) We won't have the 1800 for a month or so, at the earliest. We got behind, and it will take us a while to catch up. We have to finish the inner-linners for the 1400 and 1600, and the 1600 inboard deck before we get back on it. Phil When is the boat show? Maybe we can send a 1600 and a 1400, instead. Phil Dear Gary; June is fine. Phil Dear Gary; The Boats headed to Canada are to arrive tomorrow afternoon. They were in Winepeg Wednesday morning, which was 1500 miles from their destination. The Trucking company is to call us tomorrow morning and let us know what time they will arrive at the Dealer in Carlton Place, Ontario, CA That is a dealership owned by Mike. Several of the boats are going on to another dealer, I think, in Toronto, that is Mike's deal. The boats, I believe, already have been sold to retail customers; so I was told. Phil Dear Gary; Our deal with Mike is to make them exactly, or nearly exactly, as makes sense in their manufacture. Later on, maybe we will alter that some. We make our own towers, not like the tower in the picture, but much nicer, and they will be available for Sidewinders also, and we also make swim platforms, that fold down or up, as well, for all the boats, whick will include Sidewinder, but we haven't started the tooling for those for the Sidewinder models, yet. It is snowing here, now, and we had put the move off until this week, so I guess that we will move in the Snow, or at least, nasty weather. I attached a tower picture of ours from a hybrid wakeboard test boat that has a 380 hp Mercury big block v-drive in it. As you can see from the picture none of the interior was done, just something to sit on and cover the motor, allowing us to get at everything easily. There are two pictures of the tower, that also folds, and then one of the boat going about 72 mph. We had a lot of fun with that project, which was the forerunner of the white and yellow boat you saw in the trailer pictures. Phil Dear Gary; The boat will be there by June. Phil Dear Gary; The boats were damaged in transit, but here are two, in Canada. The damges were cosmetic, so they will all be in good shape in a few days. Phil Dear Gary; We are far enough on the 1800 to get your boat there by June. Having said that, we will not be back on the project until later this week. Phil Dear Gary; Yes, we can do the trailer. Phil Dear Gary; Do these guys want classic Sidewinders, or do they want regular V-drives or Inboards, pictures attached, that are 20'6" long, with 340 HP 6.2L engines. If they want the regular stuff, it can be built now. If they want Sidewinders, it would take several months from the order because we would have to spend extra time, doing it. The boats in the pictures can come as Sidewinders. I have 8 Blanks now, which I would price better, if we could put an immediate deal together. I could send them with tandem trailers, a cover, and a tower. The Blanks are White with Black Trim (dash too), white with Blue Trim (Dash too), White with Tan Trim (dash too), whtite with Black Dash and Black bottom from the chine down. (I can send pictures of them individually - they can be completed within three weeks) Your cost on them, without Freight would be $29,000.00 USD complete with trailer and tower. MSRP USD is $53,000.00 USD without trailer and tower. Phil OKAY- STILL MARCH. MARCH 23RD NOW. Dear Gary; We are not building it from Scratch. The hull is the same exact hull as the Jolly Roger 1800 except that in 1973 we took the angles out of the transom, made it straight accross, arced the hull and deck seam so that you do not have to have that angled flat spot in the back of the deck for the sterndrive gimble housing, and changed the inside running strakes, which made the hull about 5 miles per hour faster. We are using one of our old Jolly Roger Hulls. We will put the angles back in the transom, but might leave the arc, so as to make the back deck better. We also have an 1800 Sidewinder hull and deck, we are using. The plug in the picture is only a week or so out, if we work on it daily, until we could make a mold. It is very straight, nearly perfect. It needs now to be finnished out, only, and waxed. To a regular person, that may seem like a monumental task, but to us, it is fairly easy. Our guys lay the gelcote down pretty smooth, and the orange peel is not so bad, so the finish sanding and buffing goes pretty fast. The Sidewinder project is a long term project and will move forward as the economy moves. The more the market grows, the more we will build. Phil Phil, I just noticed on the sidewinder forums you have mentioned it will now be 2-3 months before there will be any completed 18's. A few emails ago you had said that one would be here in Australia by June. If this has changed, please let me know as soon as you can so that I can do everything in my power to sell this exhibitors ticket i purchased for the show. Please bear in mind that to ship a boat from the USA will take at least 4 weeks from what I have looked up. I know you guys have alot on your plate and I dont want you to think i am hassling you, I just need a heads up if there is another delay in the production schedule if possible. please keep me in the loop as I have taken alot of iniative and done everything i can to get more and more people that matter over here to look forward to viewing the new Sidewinder. Thanks Phil. -- Gary Lucas Dear Gary; That was a public response, not a private one. We don't intend to take that long. We keep getting asked that question. Are official response comes from "under promise, and over deliver", so that we get things done on time. Phil Dear Gary; I think that three are rigged, and two are still being repaired, but I am not absolutely certain of that. It is wiser to utilize a single axle trailer with an 18' boat. The trailers are really nice, and accomodate the boats really well. Two and one-half years is fine. The idea is to get a boat there for a demo, the financial stuff is not so important on this particular boat. I just haven't gotten it done. I have had way too many other things to do. I am sorry that boat is not done, but due to complications, we do not have the tooling done. It takes time. More than we expected because of all of the unexpected upholstey tooling. We can build up to 10 boats per week, currently, which we are not doing, as we don't want "spec boats" (those which do not have homes), and in our agreement with the Canadians, they pay with their purchase orders, we build, and deliver. The weather both in Canada, and the US has been horiffic, but now is getting better. We are also all afraid of the US admininstration and the turmoil they have created. Having said that, any boat you order will get built, and any boat the Canadians order will get built. We have several US dealers, who are not in financial trouble, who will get boats also, but we do not want to get stuck with any unsold boats. Phil Dear Gary; I can send a windshield. Where does it go? I will have to figure out how to ship it. Phil Dear Gary; Don't worry about what I send to the thread. We just don't want to screw up the 1600 market by those who might rather have 1800's. Your boat will be the first one out. The windshields are already made. I just have to go pick them up. Phil Dear Gary; We have been struggling with the 18, as we have been stuck doing other things. However, it looks like the hull will be ready by the end of next week to make the hull mold. Phil Dear Gary; If want a 1600 over there to use until the other one arrives, yes, if you want the 1800 now, no. We are behind still and can't get caught up, in time. We will have 1800's in June, sometime, but not now. If you want a refund, OK, or we will get it done. I think that the 1600 would be good for getting started, but if you don't, OK. Phil Dear Gary; We have not progressed as we should have progressed. Since we have had a continuing hang up on the Canadian Certification, because of paper work mistakes, our regular funding has, and is, unavailable until we receive the certification. We just received an e-mail form Boating Standards - Transport Canada, yesterday that it might be 30 days from June 12, which was the day that they finally said the paper work was right. This has been going on for 16 or 17 weeks. We have lost maybe as much as $1,000,000. USD in production revenue during that period, and another 30 days would damage us severely. The paper work mistakes were out of our hands, as our Canadian distributor needed to complete it, as you have to be a Canadian Citizen to apply for the certifications, so we had trouble trying to help them with it, and the head of boating standards was new to her job, and confused the issue. We are expecting better service than thirty days, but we do not know when. We are pretty much stymied until our funding becomes available, again. Since it is our own private funding, we didn't loose it, we just can't use it until they complete the certification. If you want to stay in, great, if you don't, we can refund your deposit. How did the poker go? Thank You, Phil Dear Gary; We will get the 1800's out. I am sorry that I have not been to quick on the e-mails, but I have been very ill for over a week. I am somewhat better, today, but not well yet. We expect that within 30 days, life will be considerably better. We just had to stop production until this Canadian Certification was completed. We expect that will be quite soon, even though, because of the mistakes they were predicting longer. Ottawa is pushing it, now. Phil sO IT IS NOW jUNE, WHERE IS MY BOAT? wHY IS THIS GUY GOING ON ABOUT WINDSCREEN IN THE FORUMS??? Dear Gary; Be careful what you believe. The guy bought a damaged windshield. He knew it, and he knew that the extrusions needed to be straightened. We needed to get it straightened without destroying it. He could have purchased a new one. He chose not to do so. To my knowledge, the windshield has finally been straightened, and is either on its way or will be shortly. Phil Dear Gary; We told you about the Certification problem in Canada. At the end of last week, we received the certification, but because we had made many mistakes in transferring measurements to metrics from inches, and not following the Canadian formulas properly, they were entirely wrong. I have spent much time since then on this matter. Just now, I returned with the correct inch figures, and will be sending them out short for conversion. I offered you a refund, earlier. If you don't want to be a rep you do not have to be. However, if your basing it on one incident involving someone who got a good deal, that would take a little time to do, that is a poor measure. You decide. Phil Thank you. This certification deal is really irritating, and has left me in poor humor. Phil okay, so the certification thing is being mentioned now as you can see because it is finally june and my boat has not arrived after being promised every two to four weeks for months. Now here we go........ His personal phone numbers.... Dear Gary; We just copied you as to our reply on another e-mail we received from that Andrew fellow. I am not happy that you would disclose anything between us. In reply, to his remarks, I disclosed some additional, and sent a copy to our attorneys. We have been fair an honest with you. I was at the tooling plant yesterday, as we had to re-do all of the Canadian certification figures. Since we did them in inches, our CFO is busy converting them to mm, this am. The 1800 hull is pretty close to finishing out. It looks good. However, we will not be able to go back on it until the Canadian Certification is corrected, which I am told will only take a few days, once they have the corrected numbers. Unfortunately we made the mistakes originally. I tried to call you on the telephone, but there was no answer. I just realized that the time there is 4 am. The number I attempted to call was: +61 4 #######. It just rang and rang, and did not go to voice mail. You can call me on 206-940-0976 if you like, or at 253-639-3904. Thanks, Phil Dear Gary; The two telephone numbers that you can call me directly are: 206-940-0976 or 253-639-2904. Sorry, I just do not type well. Phil NOW, THIS IS WHERE THE PROMISES OF THE $8000 BACKING BEGIN, Dear Gary; We will be getting the funds tomorrow, and they will not be available for use, until Thursday or Friday. Here are some hydro pictures from Seafair. I hope that you enjoy them. Phil Dear Gary; I meant that it was being processed to us. I expect it will be available, in our account tomorrow or Monday. Phil We are in that process as well. It looks like that will happen this month. Phil Dear Gary; It is a 100% deal. The exact timing has been a little tough, but in days, not weeks. Phil Dear Gary; It will be tomorrow or Wednesday before we have the funds in place and available for transfer. I will know, later today. Dear Gary; We expected funds today, but have not yet received them. I have a telephone call in now for tracking information. I am still going to do this. Dear Gary; I will have more answers, tomorrow, but all will be alright pretty quickly. Phil Dear Gary; What I said was that it would be mature on the 15th of August (a Saturday), and that upon its payout, which would be Monday, it would be forwarded to us overnight, which means that we would receive it on Tuesday or Wednesday, for distribution. I expect that the first part will start today, which means that it will be available to us Thursday or Friday. Phil. We expect to receive the funds on Thursday, which will mean that they should be available Friday for us to utilize. This particular loan is not coming by wire transfer. It is a negotiable check, which we not be delayed for use, by the bank. Phil We have received funds, later yesterday than we would have preferred. The funds will have been dispersed into the right accounts by 1:00 pm Tuesday, for our use. Phil Dear Gary; Nothing has changed, except the funding will be tomorrow, as it will take one more day to complete the transactions. Phil Dear Gary; I will be unable to complete the transactions before tomorrow, afternoon. I apologize, and I know that an apology helps no one. Phil Just got an email from Phil. Listen to this guy. FYI- I never said I wanted a refund cause I had put many months of my time into this. Also I asked him for a loan for my business so we could import his boats. You all have read the whole 'just one more day' chain of emails for two months. Anyway, this guy is unbelivable. Dear Gary; * "I will remind you that we have offered to refund your money on more than one occasion; and that you have declined, each and every time, including very recently. * I was also just informed that you have been saying things that are untruthful, about us.* What is this thing about we took your money and did not deliver the boat?* We kept you apprised of the situation, and you, of your own volition, chose to stay in the deal.* Furthermore, not only did you choose to do that, but wished to borrow money for your business, which we agreed to do.* I also explained how our funding worked, so you knew how it worked.* I don't know what you are thinking.* We never lied to you about anything.* We always told you like it was.* It was my understanding, and you agreed that all of our contact was privileged, as well. * I realize that when you are panicking, I know that it is hard to think straight, but that is the time to slow down, and think things through. * Because of your recent reply, and the alleged statements made, we are referring the matter to our attorney, Mark Anderson, to*facilitate*the refund you desire.* He will be in contact with you, directly.* * I had thought that the Australian market would be a good one, I am sorry that you do not want to be a part." * Phil "Dear Gary; * Quotes are used so that*a person's*words cannot be altered.* The only party who has been included in the referenced*e-mail is our attorney, Mark Anderson.* He will be contacting you regarding a refund and release from our agreements.* I have asked that he expedite this matter because of your urgent need for money. * I have not shared our e-mails with anyone, else.* At the same time, I do not want to be misquoted by anyone, which is why I am utilizing the quotes.* * Some people, in this world, choose to take things out of context, rather than as they should have been taken. * I am not certain why you have come at me so violently, but it saddens me.* We intended to honor our agreements as agreed. * You do not seem to understand that someone would love to destroy the market for us.* The good news is that we have a great product, and will be able to grow the market despite this.* I am not the corporations, nor am I Sidewinder.* I am old, and soon to retire.* The others are very capable and have no skeletons.* You have a few skeletons of your own, but I am not into throwing stones. * I wish you great success at whatever you do, and may God speed. * PS.* I have read back through our correspondence, as I was asked to do, by our Attorney, and I do not find any areas in which I have misspoken, in any manor, except on dates that I was expecting more progress, or on time frames, which I always corrected for you, and which parameters you chose to continue within.* I am asking you to please refrain from remarks made in haste, without proper thought.* I am not the corporations, and although I may be very forgiving, they might not be, which may very well not be within my control, even for the short term. * Phil" "Dear Gary; * It goes to our attorney, because we have made agreements with you that need to be rescinded, along with the refund.* The refund will be done by wire transfer. * I expect that transfer and paperwork will occur Monday or Tuesday, our time. * I have told him that scan's*will be acceptable*for the recessions, so that it can be expedited. * I wish you well. * Phil" AND IT GOES ON AND ON AND ON. jUST GET ME BACK MY MONEY PLEASE. i REALLY DONT WANT TO GO ON THE NEWS FOR ALL THIS. i HAVE COPIES WITH HEADERS AND DATE AND TIME STAMPS THAT I AM PREPARED TO GIVE TO THE ATTORNEY GENERAL IF THIS IS NOT SORTED OUT TODAY ON THE FIRST INVOICE HE GOES ON ABOUT THE SALE BEING TO DO WITH MIKES MARINE. THEY SAY IT IS A LIE. I THEN PAY IT THROUGH A PAYPAL INVOICE HE SENDS ME. Gary Lucas International Skydiving Gear Sales (please print this email to assure the trees have a meaningful existence) Gary Lucas KKrew wrote: > Mark, I have received these emails from Phil Warnock but have not heard from you in days. According to him you were meant to have contacted me by now about my refund that you have in trust for me. > > I am copying you into a couple of emails from Phil Warnock and also posting you links to a thread where i have posted the majority of emails from Phil over the past nine months. > At the moment the Attorney General (Dave Huey) has an investigator looking over the threads and deciding what to do about Phil. There is alot of information there for you to read, and I suggest you do. > All I want is my refund. > > Here are the links.... > > You will notice it gets very interesting on page 2 where i post the invoice he sent me and used the name of one of his distributors saying that I am a rep of theirs and they deny this. I did not pay that invoice though, I paid a personal invoice he sent me through paypal. > > Anyway, I understand Phil can not sell direct to the public, he does say i was a rep but the thing is, you will notice in the emails that came a while after we made a deal and payment if at all. > > Here are the recent emails I have received in relation to you. So please tell me where my money is. > I am going to speak to the media that is involved later today as I am in Australia and they are very interested, as are the Australian E-crimes unit. All I want is my money back and I will finish with this business. > > > Emails form phil regarding you sent last week. > >> "Dear Gary; >> >> It goes to our attorney, because we have made agreements with you that need to be rescinded, along with the refund. The refund will be done by wire transfer. >> >> I expect that transfer and paperwork will occur Monday or Tuesday, our time. >> >> I have told him that scan's will be acceptable for the recessions, so that it can be expedited. >> >> I wish you well. >> >> Phil" > >> "Dear Gary; >> >> Quotes are used so that a person's words cannot be altered. The only party who has been included in the referenced e-mail is our attorney, Mark Anderson. He will be contacting you regarding a refund and release from our agreements. I have asked that he expedite this matter because of your urgent need for money. >> >> I have not shared our e-mails with anyone, else. At the same time, I do not want to be misquoted by anyone, which is why I am utilizing the quotes. Some people, in this world, choose to take things out of context, rather than as they should have been taken. >> >> I am not certain why you have come at me so violently, but it saddens me. We intended to honor our agreements as agreed. >> >> You do not seem to understand that someone would love to destroy the market for us. The good news is that we have a great product, and will be able to grow the market despite this. I am not the corporations, nor am I Sidewinder. I am old, and soon to retire. The others are very capable and have no skeletons. You have a few skeletons of your own, but I am not into throwing stones. >> >> I wish you great success at whatever you do, and may God speed. >> >> PS. I have read back through our correspondence, as I was asked to do, by our Attorney, and I do not find any areas in which I have misspoken, in any manor, except on dates that I was expecting more progress, or on time frames, which I always corrected for you, and which parameters you chose to continue within. I am asking you to please refrain from remarks made in haste, without proper thought. I am not the corporations, and although I may be very forgiving, they might not be, which may very well not be within my control, even for the short term. >> >> Phil" > >> "Dear Gary; >> >> Your e-mail has been forwarded to Mark Anderson. We have plenty of e-mails that say that you were to be a direct representative of Sidewinder. This is a corporate matter, of GMS, not Mikes Marine. It is also not a personal one. It will be handled, and put to bed, as it should, with the proper rescission agreement. >> >> We will pay the refund into the trust account of Mark Anderson, as we should, so that it will be available, for wire transfer, when the proper rescission is in place. >> >> Thank you for your cooperation. I really do wish you well. Phil" .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  22. Who the fuck are you? I do not know this person. You have stayed at my house before? Thats spooky. I have never done deals with any of you in this thread. What is this? How dare you say all this bullshit about me. Prove the accusations! .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  23. God, this is the thread I always dreaded. Not nice seeing everything you have worked for as the title of a thread in this website where everyone is out to blackmail mannufacturers etc to get what they want. {phew} .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  24. Anyone here from Tacoma WA? Or even better, anyone a lawyer in Tacoma or WA? My case is being investigated by the Attorney General, maybe a lawyer wants to get involved. I have an interview for a investigator on King5. The conmans name is Phil Warnock. He is notorious in the Washington state marine business. Anyone in that area who wants a cut of what I am owed by this man and thinks they can help, please send me an email This man was in the news for a death in one of his boats he made in Lake Stphens last month, he also has been convicted of 200+ fraud charges. If you are a lawyer over there, I would love to hear from you. Not sure if a case like this would interest you but this man has always had alot of media attention and it is going to get more. The Attorney General got this guy sentenced for 20 years and he is still at it. here is a google search on the man to give you an idea of what I am dealing with. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .