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  1. OK,Thanks for answering. If it is not one political drama with skydiving in NZ, then it is another one. Such a shame as it is the only thing that ever gets talked about in these forums about NZ skydiving and skydiving in NZ is the best experience ever. Where else can you hire a entire island (slipper island) for a weekend and just skydive, or jump next to 7000ft of snow capped mountains, or jump over a massive volcano crater turned into a gigantic lake, or land on a glacier, or over a city, or on a beach. Beautiful country, beautiful dropzones, ugly as hell politics. I am sure at some stage NZ will get their shit together. My vote says bring back Tim Fastnedge and the NZPF and his awesome NZPF weekends he use to put on! .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  2. I thought the NZPIA was only a few years old. Didnt realise they had a history. Didnt the same people who started NZPara also have alot to do with starting NZPIA anyway? .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  3. not at all. Think about it, these guys own 3 very large dropzones.Two of them do 100+ tandems a day in the tourist market. They produce camera fliers on this course and then send them out for work around dropzones around the world for three months to work for free. A person with a 'product' like that in the business world is going to have a lot of contacts. Those students that go and work for free for three months as a packing bitch or a van driver, editor, fuel person are going to show they stuck it out and be in line for a camer position. The people who own the school are known by dropzones owners right around the world. Either way you look at it the course owners have a product, and it is a very popular product. At the end of the day 100+ new people to the sport do jump number one and three-five months later they are sent to dropzones around the world for three months work placement in exchange for thirty jumps. Those newbies now have a foot in the door of a place for employment. Considering their education is 50 lectures to do with the commercial aspects of skydiving, 200 skydives and for 90% of the students, half the course is paid by the government student loan, it is a damn good idea. I can tell you as a fact, I did the course and the first 200 skydives I did have not cost me a single cent. I never graduated, i left with issues with the directors, that are now resolved and for the last nine years I have worked in the skydiving industry in numerous roles. Love it or hate it but if you are a kiwi, and aussie or from the uk your government will give you a student loan for 50% of the cost of the course and then the NZ government will pay the other 50% of the course if you are a kiwi. End of the day you have 200 skydives, a damn good knowledge of how the commercial side of skydiving works and a dropzone that will give you a chance to make yourself show them that you are worthy of a job. The guys who were on my first course, a couple of them have over 8000 tandems, two of them have represented nz at the worlds and been a crucial part of starting dropzones in numerous countries. The "diploma' means shit, sure.... but the course itself is a great way to get 200 jupms from zero jumps, an affordable way and the course directors make it their business for you to get employeed at the end of it so they can keep getting the government funding they need. The course was started because nine out of ten Tandem masters in new zealand commercial dropzones were from overseas and NZ needed new zealand native workers.NZ is the tourist adventure capital of the world. You can go to taupo and every day it is jumpable there is three dropzones sharing one field and they all have 100-200 tandems EACH a day. Down in queenstown the dropzone the course owns has a retail shop in the main town for the selling tandem jumps. The course is a fantastic business. It just so happen that when there is something like this in such a small country that competition turns political, the one reason i know of for that and nobody will probably admit is cause Kirsty made the course public the year that it was said no more private business's could do something like this and get it subsidised by the government. Brilliant if you ask me. No, I am not a supporter of the school, I was on the first course, I left on bad terms with them, but I do know that and can admit that what they have on offer is a huge step forward for some people who want to make a living out of it. Sorry for the long reply, I just dont think it can be said any shorter as I want to help you understand. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  4. Yeah I deleted it. I dont think I want to be involved in anymore controversial threads. Just call me chicken .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  5. bigway


    'Sporty'? Not sure where you get that from, or if i understand you correctly. Though Dave, you do have a history on these forums of expecting shows to turn they usually do. After the shield though, that never really lost its direction, maybe one season it did but it got it back, i dont see samcro losing its way. We always knew Clay and Jax would go head to head soon enough. I want peggy to tell hellboy that she was raped, I will put it on slowmotion for his facial expression. THat will be the most violent episode of a drama i think i could imagine seeing. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  6. Stephan Lipp from Flight club arrives on Monday i hear. Just found the bios of the other two that are coming to coach the students for the next 8-9 months. I would love to be on a course where these guys are coaching me for free 7 days a week. born in 1981 first jump in 2000 Tandem, AFF, Freefly instructor, cameraman Total Jumps 6000+ Cameraman jumps: 2000 Tandem jumps: 1000 RW: 1000 Freefly: 1000 AFF Jumps: 1000 Home DZ: Aerograd Kolomna Russia Member of Russian National RW team since 2006 Member of Russian National Swoop team since 2006 2007 - 1st place Russian Nationals (4-way) 1st place Malevsky World Cup (4-way) 2009 - 1st place Russian Nationals (4-way) 1st place Russian National Swoop Championship Multiple times prize-winner in Russian National Freefly Championship Multiple times participant in Russian National Bigway and Freefly Records Date of birth: 1 may 1979 Place of Birth: Ramenskoe, Russia Year of first jump: 1998 Year of second jump: 2002 :) Total jumps: 4600 Tandem, Aff, RW Instructor Tandem jumps:800 AFF jumps: 1000 Home DZ: Aerograd Kolomna Russia With my 10-way speed team Sky Sharks I won: 2004 - 2nd Russian Nationals 2005 - 1st place Russian Nationals and Russian Cup 3d place USPA Nationals (Perris, California) 2006 - 1st place Russian Nationals and Russian Cup 1st place USPA Nationals (Eloy, Arizona) 2007 - 1st place Russian Nationals and Russian Cup 2008 - 2nd place Russian Nationals Participated in all Russian Nationals Bigway Records since 2003. Member of World Team, participant of 400-way World Record (2006). The course students get to do all their jumps with these guys. Would be great experience. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  7. You are right. That was a bit long. So I have deleted it. I dont support the course. I just think they have a good thing. I use to hate it, i then grew up and realised i was the problem. IM going to walk away from this thread, because it is too personal to me from years ago. I only wish I had kept my head down and my mouth shut and treated it like school and not a play ground as all my friends on that course are doing so well in the industry.
  8. Yes it will and yes it does. You see, they have dropzones all around the world on their books registered to take work experience at the end of the course and most of these people end up in jobs. It seriously works very well. its not like you do the course and then thats it, see you later. A place like this has alot of support and alot of networking that goes along with it as any strong business would. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  9. As has the Smart reserve. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  10. PD113 really hold is resale value. Smart 120, been through the testing at terminal speeds and great reports on it. Smart is measured from the bottom skin, so of course you need to make sure it will fit your cotnainer as it will be alot bigger than a PD 113. Both great reserves, just remeber how the smart is measured from bottom skin as it will be bigger than what a PD 120 would be if they made that size. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  11. bigway


    I fail to see how next weeks episode could be anything short of..... an hour of full on violence. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  12. Sounds like no fault of the sellers. Just sounds like those things that comes down to bad luck. The seller can only be responsible to 'stand behind the gear' that it is exactly what he says it is when you receive it and in the condition he promised it would be sold in. I feel for you but I dont think you can blame the seller. However, it i someone who buys and sells used gear, maybe the seller and you could work together for the seller to contact the person they purchased it from and explain what has happened, cause it sounds like this would have happened only four jumps after the seller purchased the gear from the owner. Maybe the owner feels for this kind of siuation and is willing to help the seller help you. Sorry for your bad luck mate but second hand gear comes 'as is' and as long as the seller had the right intentions then he can not be faulted, it is a chance you take with buying anything new without a warranty or second hand. It sounds to me that I know who you are talkign about and if it is the person who comes to mind I can tell you they take their reputation very seriously and would not risk a bung canopy sale for a few bucks profit over their reputation and future in the second hand gear sales market. IM glad you have not jumped to naming and shaming the person and I hope the seller can respect this thread as it is not a personal attack and is just a person with bad luck who is asking advice on how to solve the situation. I am sure you two can work it out and if it is who i think it is i would be more than accommodating on helping you buy something new as cheap as possible if that helps you at all. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  13. What?? My dropzone use to have a banner advertisement in the forums for a dropzone I was working at. The dropzone was charged $100 a month. This was in 2005 and we paid for a pretty high impression rate. Are you saying that has gone up 600-900 a month more than it was four years ago?? .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  14. Yeah, That's Rigs 'n' things. jokes. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  15. Thanks to all the offers that everyone sent VIA PM. However everything has been sorted out and it is not nessacary anymore. Thank you for the offers and you will not be forgotten .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  16. IS there anybody there who has a very good condition rig in the size of a 190 or at least a container that I could borrow for a month or two? If anyone can help me out then I can tell you that your next gear purchase will be very affordable. Cheers. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  17. Personally I buy my gear from chutingstar. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  18. No way. I have sat here for four years checking the gear section everyday scared shitless of the name poping up. The day it finally did i thought my heart was going to explode. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  19. Nah mate, A customer had a bad time with me. He waited months, I sent three pairs a couple of years ago, they never arrived. Later I found out that when sending material to the UK you have to have a certificate of origin and sometimes you get pulled up on that sort of things. That ended in a refund, pretty terrible on my part really but, what can you do. I tell you what you can do, you can learn from it, but oh no, two years later i am in the same boat with a damn jumpsuit.. Got it in customs right now, been there for a while now and they wont even send it back to me, they tell me i need a certificate of origin or they destroy the $500 USD suit. Getting a email rely out of the manufacturer of the suit is hard enough on a good day, getting a certificate of origin, well thats another story...... Anyway, yeah I have gloves, but i use a different one each time i need to do the gardening. LMAO. After the crap i went through with gloves, I am only interested in giving them away. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  20. The dealer whose customer won already knows. I have a small stack of confirmations over the past week. 49,980 and then the rest are 50,018+ Your customer mike seems to have been very close. Anymore competitions going on? .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  21. I know, I was just giving a bit of a rub. ;) .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  22. I have ordered about 11 in the past week. Have not received a serial number for any of them yet. Those who are thinking of ordering a UPT container should make the dash to confirm their slots this week as I have a feeling it will all be over next week. If one of my customers win it, I thank them very much and yes of course I will accept the trip to the USA and the accommodations on your behalf. Hope you all read the fine print in our sales agreement ;) .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  23. THAT'S good customer service! Going above and beyond, considering you didn't even sell the thing. Good on you! Not really mate, I dont even know if i can do anything, its just a matter of I do what I can to help others in the industry i am in. We all do dont we, we all help each other out if and when we can. Besides, Im sure Icarus spain would not want NZ taking the glory and it might motivate them to do something about it .....kidding.....kind of. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  24. Did this ahppen after the 30day money back guarantee? NZAerosports (icarus NZ) their customer servie rocks!! They have answered emails from me instantly for orders all year long, two customers had an issue and it was not nzaerosports problem but they resolved it straight away for the customer. If you need your canopy repaired, send me a PM and we will see what NZAerosports can do for you. They will help you out anyday. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .