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  1. I thought prospect was getting patched up. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  2. I can send you both seasons if you like. Awesome show. Starting to realize it does not get as dark as you think it is going to go. Jax sure seems to be able to kill people though. I always thought he would have issues with killing but I like how they have not made it that way. What does 'LAM' mean? She said to Unser, Im on the lam. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  3. Quote of the season..... "Too late, The wars already started".... key theme music..... .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  4. Sorry mate, I as so blown away by the finale that I did not even think you may not have seen it yet and put it on Tivo. I am so sorry. The show is just so amazing that i never even thought what i was putting in the title thread amongst all the jaw dropping moment. I thought the show was always focused on Jax, it takes balls to go and kill the main guy off. I guess the show has always been about Clay and Opie. I hope opie pulls through, that looked painful to say the least. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  5. bigway


    i can post you every episode to date if you like. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  6. I just plugged it into my laptop running Windows 7 and it worked very well. Was awesome. I started stocking my new dz gear store today and straight away while setting it up, Had 5 people tell me they wanted to buy 1-3 each. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  7. Just realised it cant be the USB cause i have copied the files to my computer and they still skip. has to be the media application? .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  8. So my batch of GoPro H's arrived today and same problem. I have tried VLC-Stuck in first frame, plays sound fine though. OT-Skips a split second consistently as if you are taking continuous photos. Put it on the Sony Bravia direct from the camera via composites and it is totally bad ass! Awesome camera for what it is, so naturally i took my R6 out to see how fast we could get the bike on camera. I 100% believe that it is the computer not being able to process it. I first thought it was the memory card, as my memory card is shit, but after seeing it on the big screen, it has to come down to the USB and not being abl to get the information out fast enough and the media device to process it fast enough??? Dont know much about that sort of stuff, but it seems logical. I am going to try Real HD media player in a minute and see if that changes things. I played with the output settings on VLC and it just got worse. QT had the best hope but i am no running QT HD If someone finds a fix.............. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
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    That whole episode was done just right. Big troubles stirring from the start, excellent soundtrack and then the shit went down....... yah better be careful..... I really hope the final is explosive. I love that I dont get to see the previews for the following weeks, leaves me with no clue what o expect. I wanted the sheriff to tell deputy that he had gemma gangraped and then for him to walk away and let them best him to death. ah well.... maybe next week. I have no clue how HBO's tv show called 1% will live up to this. They made i to years ago and then this came off so they put it on hold. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  10. I think that works as a commercial tandem tshirt. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  11. Lesson learnt. I will enforce my executive decision if needed. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  12. This is actually really bloody hard coming up with tandem tshirts. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  13. Thanks, but it is not an option. He is 260lbs without gear and clothing, shoes etc. So with a rig of this size that would weigh about 20 LBS plus clothing, helmet, shoes, altis etc it would be cutting it a bit too fine. Anyway, as I said, it is all sorted now, just waiting to hear back from the CI as to what I should order. Thanks for your input. Life would just be so much easier if these optimums were made available. So many customers waiting for them. The one good thing about the 22 wee wait for my UPT customers though means we cahve about 17 weeks before we need to put the order in and confirm it, so maybe the optimum will become available in that time. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  14. Thank you all, problem is solved. I posted a question here because I knew there was something missing. It did not sound right to me that he had to have a bigger rig than they wanted him to have. They thought he was forced to buy a PD 281. With the reminder that the smart 250 is Tso'd to 300lbs, that changes everything and gives us all alot more to work with now. All I was looking for was more to work with as I was asked to see if we could find a smaller reserve that he was able to use. SO I came here to the forums, posted a question, someone pointed out the obvious and problem solved. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  15. The point was that in order to get the PD reserve that was the only one the CI thought was TSO'd for his weight (PD 281) was that he had to get a PD 281 reserve. They dont want him on a reserve this size and they thought that was the only reserve he could jump. Adding more to the issue, it seems it was not researched enough, because they were under the impression that to have a 281 reserve meant they could only get a container that only took a 260 main canopy. With a bit more research it seems he has more options. Now with a Smart 250 being TSO'd , this means he has alot more options to get something they would rather see him on. It also gives him alot more downsize (progression) options than the container they thought he had to have. Also, they were telling me he could only get the V358. The V358 starting with a 260 main. So no, in this size container, there is no room for downsize. I listened to these guys and it just seems they had not looked at all options possible or not worked out the best choice. This is the container that was recommended to the CI for this jumper. Obviously somewhere there was some miscommunication. As far as a different container, as I said, the guy is deadset on a vector 3 and that is his choice. P.S. Winter is 6-7 months away and winter down here is very jumpable. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  16. I think I have seen that Tshirt. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  17. Thanks for your input. You just opened up a world of possibilities. His CI and Z owner and himself all asked me to look into what we coul do. No you say the Smart is TSO'd to 300lbs, this opens up half a dozen different rigs that may be suitable and give him downsize options, so he could get a Safire 249 and then get down to a 229 safire 2, and then after he is done with that, he can get to a Pilot 210 if he wante to. So that might do him 700+ jumps, then he can go HP and put a Crossfire 239 in it. Something like this means he has choices and options as he progresses and that leaves me comfortable knowing that he is not spending $7000 on a single size container really. So he can choose from the V380 no instead of just the V375 and he coul even try the V360-2 or just maybe the V358. Anyway, thanks for your input, it opened my eyes and I am sure this will help my customer get a rig that could last him a lifetime. I look at this guy and see that he is the type who will find his sweet spot in time to come on a 220. So with a rig letting him downsize to that over the years is a good investment in my opiniopn. Im no saying he has to get to that size, im just saying he now has options. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  18. Yes, I spent the day talking with him, his wife and his CI and instructors. I do not assume anything. I speak to my customers and I let them speak to me, I now find myself in a interesting challenge, not to find him something he can downsize to, and not even because he is 100% sure he will downsize. The way I look at it, is if one of my customers is going to spend $7000+ on a rig, then they should know their options and what it means an the financial value of the purchase etc. It is also a concern to me that a person is buying their first rig brand new through myself and that we dont know where he will be in 22 weeks as maybe he is ready for something a bit smaller, maybe he is not, but at least I can give him an informed answer as to what comes next and financially viable this purchase would be as it is not going to be an easy rig to sell and that would suck for him if he pays $7000 and only gets 200 jumps on it before he wants or needs something smaller. So, in a way you are right, nobody knows what or where he will be at in 150 jumps, but this is why I am looking at what comes next for him, just so he knows and because I can not in good concious just say to him...."ok, yeah mate I will see you that, thanks for the cash, see you later'. Thank you for your concerns of course but yes, I talk to all my customers. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  19. There production time is shorter. he is dead set on the Vector 3, I had said to his CI that the smart would be an option as I have been down a smiliar road before, but for some reason the smart was turned down or we did not finish that part of the conversation. Thanks for reminding me. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  20. I go a customer who is 6'9 and he weighs 260 pounds. HE has about 30 jumps or something, it may be a bit more as he was up to the level of his first 4 way today. The guy is not a fat bloke, he is just built like a brick shithouse and as tall as my house. HE is jumping a 270 student main at the moment, and with a bit of wind, he comes flying in on it. Fast landings. Anyway, It has ended up after his CI who is verycapable, has decided he needs a PD 281 Reserve with a 260 main. So that is a huge reserve but it is the only one that is TSO'd for him, so his CI has found anyway. This means it would go in a V375 Vector 3. Now here is my problem, the guy makes a good living, he loves the sport and has very quickly fitted into the dropzone. he is one of those guys who go from student to best mates with the owner. You just know he is going to be at the dz everyday it is open doing half a dozen jumps and adopting the dropzone life. So his Vector 3 that he is deadset on, is going to take 22+ weeks to be built. It is 30 degrees Celsius over here at the moment and summer is about to arrive. So over the next 22 weeks he will do at least 120 jumps, more like 150 jumps. By the time his 287 reserve arrives and his 260 main canopy, I am affraid that the main canopy and the reserve will be too big for him. As if he has outgrown that. I look at the guy and he looks like he will find his perfect canopy at the size of a 220. Not yet of course, but within 200 jumps? Probably. However, I am not an instructor, I sell gear and I know my place. I know when my knowledge are personal opinion and should not be reflected on to the student. I spoke to his CI and she understands my concern as she was not aware the rig would take 22 weeks to be built. Does anyone have any ideas? Does anyone know of a reserve that is TSO'd for him that is not this massive? Of course, the idea would be to wait for an optimum of this size so he can get it into a container that will hold a 220 even if he has to jump a 260 for a while, but at least he is not throwing money away by getting a super sized rig and not being able to get much life out of it as he will get to a 220 main sooner or later. What other reserves could we look at, either a bit smaller that he could use or that pack alot smaller that he could use. I want this guy to get the best value for money in his rig, i.e. a rig that will last him more than a couple of hundred jumps, a rig that he will want to jump in 200 jumps time. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  21. As i said.... Who finds these without clues?? The guys is excellent. My mistake, he did have one clue. But i am sure there is a shit load of rocks with moss on the island seeing it is a volcanic island. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  22. Anyone got any original Tandem T-Shirt ideas? I am wondering what sort of Phrases people have always thought would be good for a tandem tshirt. You know the tshirts people buy when they do their first tandem. Would love to hear some ideas, but please let me steal the idea if I cant live without it. Maybe just a phrase? Maybe a picture and a phrase? Let us know your phrase that would relate to the tandem passenger and describe the picture on it. There is a guy who designed the gofast tshirts, and the LandB tshirts. He charges per design, so when I finally figure out a decent tandem tshirt, I will get him to make the design into art. I am also trying to get him to do a 'horny gorilla' logo. Something like three gorillas wearing rigs and shorts doing the horny gorilla jump and beating their chest. I think it might make a cool brand name for a new line of clothing designs. Love to hear some ideas. Cant really afford to give th best idea anything cool but I do have a stack of hoodies on their way so maybe a hoodie and a tshirt? .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  23. Alright, UPT have a long wait. So I cant buy all the rigs i need as custom made rigs and have settled for buying half a dozen stock ones. I need to buy some more and they will be custom made, but again they may have to be demos. However, I need to keep my word so I will make at least one custom made demo rig using one of these designs because some people have gone to a hell of a lot of trouble making these designs. I have tried for many many hours to decide what one I should go with but I am stuck deciding what one amongst 14 different designs that I like in this thread. So to take the pain out of it I have decide that we will put it to the vote. You can not vote your own design as that will not count for a vote. The person with the most "+1" posted for their design will be the winner. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .
  24. Seriously, Who the fuck finds three idols the first time they set out to look for them without a clue. This guy deserves the win. ther is nobody else who has ever playe the game of survivor this strong before, ecept maybe that GI Joe guy who went about winning all the challenges. .Karnage Krew Gear Store .