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  1. We have lost a great CRW Dog. Pat Lindner passed on 4 Sep. He will be missed ...
  2. Pat Lindner, CRW Dog, passed away on Sep 4, not skdiving related[email]
  3. Rodney R. Moesner, 55, died Sunday, April 4, 2010 at his residence. Rodney managed the Sport Parachute Club at Ft Rucker, AL in the early 90's. He was a great jumper and a friend to all. We still have the video of a flyby he did at the DZ in his Apache that grounded him for 30 days. He kept things interesting. Rodney was a retired U.S. Army Chief Warrant Officer 4 who was a helicopter instructor pilot. He flew Cobras and Apaches. He spent five years serving overseas, having served a total of 20 years, retiring in 2001. Rodney ... you will not be forgotten.
  4. If you are buying a machine that has been used for sail repairs, be careful. I have seen machines that were in very poor condition because they had been used to sew material that had been exposed (bathed) in salt water.
  5. The 180 day repack cycle will not cause my prices to increase. Vic
  6. The Havok is the only fullface helmet that allows me to wear glasses … on the others, my glasses rubbed against the faceplate. I have used the Havok for over 3 years and like it … it is a bit bulky but otherwise ok.
  7. I would like to publicly thank Jeff Johnston for his outstanding seminar on advanced rigging techniques held the past three days at master rigger Ben Crowell’s loft in Theodore, Alabama. The seminar primarily centered around harness work but topics included container repairs, riser construction and sewing machine adjustment and maintenance. Jeff is an excellent instructor and has a wealth of knowledge gained from over thirty years in the parachute industry. He had many rigging tips and gave insight into harness design and construction. The group was purposely small to maximize interaction. With seven sewing machines in Ben’s loft, Jeff was kept busy monitoring and helping the four of us while each was sewing on a different machine … this was definitely a “hands-on” seminar. Jeff, thanks for your. enthusiasm and willingness to share your knowledge. It was a great session! We learned a lot and had fun doing it. Vic
  8. Terry Have you tried the plastic seals?
  9. We were on the way when Mike passed the word so we returned home. Sorry to see the class cancelled since we were really looking forward to it ... a really first rate group of instructors. Hope it can be rescheduled at a time I can attend. Vic
  10. Here is a great description of Labs: The dog was having a grand time. That’s the thing about being a Labrador Retriever – you were born for fun. Seldom was your loopy, freewheeling mind cluttered by contemplation, and never at all by somber worry; every day was a romp. What else could there possibly be to life? Eating was a thrill. Pissing was a treat. Shitting was a joy. And licking your own balls? Bliss. And everywhere you went were gullible humans who patted and hugged and fussed over you. So, the dog was having a blast, cruising in the station wagon -----The new name? fine. The dog didn’t care what they called him; he would’ve answered to anything. ‘come on Buttface, it’s dinnertime!’ and he would’ve come galloping just as rapturously, his truncheon of a tail wagging just as fast. He couldn’t help it. Labradors operated by the philosophy that life was too brief for anything but fun and mischief and spontaneous carnality. (Excerpt from Sick Puppy by Carl Hiaasen)
  11. This is a great dz ... try it ... you will like it Good people and good vibes
  12. Bob You will be missed!!! You gave us a lot of good memories. Vic & Sally
  13. Recently Vigil replaced a damaged cutter I had at no cost to me (other than postage for returning the old cutter). Good service. Just had to contact them, get a return authorization, and send in the damaged cutter. The new cutter arrived within a week.
  14. Jump Shack FireBolt ... great canopy
  15. I only have one jump at Skydive Smoky Mountains but have jumped at many other locations and can assure you that they run a fun, safe operation. The scenery is beautiful! I know you will have a good time ... welcome to our sport ... Vic