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  1. kremins

    Slider Stops

    Thanks guys for the tips, I will try that tonight.
  2. kremins

    Slider Stops

    Does anyone have any tips or tricks for getting the clear plastic slider stops on over the rapid links. I have some that came with my canopy that are being a pain. I am about ready to just forget them.
  3. I might make a trip over that way sometime soon. I will pm you an let you know when I can make it over that way on a weekend.
  4. Looking to hook up with jumpers in the NW Florida area. Thanks, Chris
  5. kremins

    Cat Fan

    Like I said I apologized for it ahead of time... I didnt take the video it was just sent to me. I am not tring to offend anyone... sorry if it offends you that much..
  6. kremins

    Cat Fan

    Okay I yall usually dont here much out of me, but I saw this video and couldnt resist. I apologize to anyone who may be offended by this video involving a adrenaline seeking cat. WARNING may offend certain people! oh and I didnt know it was posted before sorry
  7. I read a post sometime back that mentioned doing anything more than 90degree carves or hook turns on larger canopies (I believe anything bigger then 150sq ft.) will not result in anymore speed in the dive for your swoop. I currenty fly a Sabre2 170 loaded at 1.1 and I have been doing 90degree carving turns in the process of learning how to swoop. I was wondering if I will be able to generate any more speed doing say a 180 degree carve with this size canopy or if the speed will bleed off and I should just stick with the 90s until sometime later in my jumping career I downsize.
  8. This weekend March 15/16 the School of Human Flight in Quincy, Florida will be having a St. Patrick's Day Boogie. Quincy is just 20 mins. away from Tallahasse. Fast climbing King Air, Free food and Beer Saturday night along with free camping in the tent area. Wear green and jump tickets are $17 dollars. So come on out and join us Saturday and Sunday March 15th and 16th.
  9. Click on the Billboards section...
  10. You can wear Thongs, espeacially at Spinnaker and La Vela they almost encourage it
  11. It sounds like you have XP without service pack 1. Your best bet would be to check your system for said service pack and if its not there use windows update to get it. Some DV cameras Xp will not recognize until SP1. Hope this helps.
  12. Yeah, I will definitely be there seeing as I live about 5 miles away.
  13. The two condos on each side of Spinnaker are Moondrifter on the right hand next to La Vela and The Summit right next to spinnaker.
  14. Actually on the Beach there is only a little ultralight strip that is used to fly banner planes. Other than that there is a airport about 20 mins away from Spinnaker will the festival will be. Thats the lay out as of now. But I dont know what arrangments the PST might have made.
  15. Well next time I will say hello. Hell maybe I will even quit lurking so much and actually post, of course it might be mindless whatnot and bs but hey what can you expect from someone with a short attention span and never enough sleep.