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Gear Reviews posted by sundevil777

  1. The Infinity has a well deserved reputation for providing all the features and quality that is expected of the larger mfgs.

    I have bought 2 Infinities now, and prior to that had an early predecessor (Northern Lite II). Kelly Farrington has put together a design that gives up nothing compared to any other mfg. I didn't even consider anything else when it came time to order.

    Ask a rigger that has had the pleasure to pack some, they will confirm the quality of the construction, and the fact that the simple yet effective design is indeed rigger friendly (not true of some other big name brands).

    The price is very competitive. Some rigs will have very few options at a higher price, and try to tell you it is an advantage, and some rigs will have a bargain base price but charge you for the most basic of options that everyone will want - don't believe either of those pricing strategies. The infinity has a very reasonable set of base features, and reasonable prices for the upgrades.

    Bottom line, you won't regret choosing an Infinity.

  2. I've got a jump on both the 200 and 225 sq.ft. versions, both loaded at about 1.1 lb/sq.ft.

    Great openings, and very nice landing flare. Had an Easy stand up landing both times.

    Made by the original mfg. of square reserves, with lots of kevlar reinforcement tape.