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  1. I made my first Tandem Jump in 2013, intending to see if I would like it enough to try and get licensed. While I definitely enjoyed the rush and the jump, the reason I kept going back to complete my AFF course and continued jumping consistently is without question the people at this DZ. Incredibly friendly and welcoming every time I've been there, they just want to take care of you, whether you're there for a one time tandem, a regular, or you're a licensed jumper driving through looking for someone to help air out the rig you left in the trunk 'just in case'. Almost three years later and I've got my B license and a little over a hundred skydives and I feel very lucky to have jumped at a place where people want you to try everything, whether its RW or working up to some free flying, tracking, or CRW! And the occasional wingsuiter makes a jump as well. Wait times are usually very low on the busy days since they usually keep two planes running out of their current 206 and 2 182s. They've also been known to acquire a Turbine occasionally, and are trying to make that a more regular occurrence. If you are in the area, I would definitely try and come out for a wicked wednesday, Hop and Pops are extra cheap every Wednesday and most of the local jumpers come out and make a party of it.