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  1. Hello, I need some advise, We are doing some HAHO jumps over Mt. McKinley this coming June and we have decided to use wrist mounted bullet cams on our Tandem passengers. Any ideas on the best, absolute best system out there. Thanks, advise is welcome. Climb High Kevin H halojumper.com
  2. Hello, Kevin Ho here, I can tell you of one incident where a jumper at exit grabbed the inside edge of the door bulkhead as he exited and was pushed by a friend whereupon said jumper was swung into the side if the fuselage. This incident of course had nothing to do with our equipment. In short "jumper error".This same jumper made a second jump without incident The second I believe is my reserve ride at 25,000 ft. Complete details of this small adventure are posted on www.halojumper.com in the questions page. My first , but a doozy. Thanks Jay for your support (don't log on with my password, I know where you live) I admire the home DZ support from WTS and Skydance jumpers, loyalty is a character trait in short supply today. WE have taken over 100 skilled skydivers to 30,000 ft in the past year, 56 of those at the World freefall convention in August. We set 7 state records, as well as 7 POPs and 1 SOS altitude record. WE have been fortunate to meet some great individuals in our skydiving community and for many their 30,000 ft jump was a personal achievement that I took great pleasure in being able to bring them. Our credentials and safety record speak for themselves and as always I extend an invitation to any jumper to visit us and see for them selves. Constructive criticism is always welcome when based in fact and can only improve an already great opportunity to go where very few have gone before, be it with Tad Smith at Skydance or with us. For additional information feel free to contact me at www.halojumper.com Climb High/Fall Safe
  3. Kevin Ho has only HIGH Praise for Tad Smith and his operation in Davis. Kevin has sent or forwarded numerous jumpers to Skydance and has admired the operation for years. He has a link on his website to Tad Smiths pages as well as Skydances and openly encourages jumpers to visit his web pages for what he considers to be some of the best and most accurate information on High Altitude jumps available. By utilizing current issue equipment and military safety procedures, Kevin and his team have developed a two day course which is both affordable and very very safe for the advanced skydiver. His tean consists of three military halo jumpmasters, two tandem masters(one is a course conductor)an O2 monitor and a RN/flight physiologist. He or a team member monitors O2 blood levels of each jumper during the pre breathing and ascent. But best of all he is open to direct questions at www.halojumper.com Climb High/Fall safe - Jay for KHo Always strong 1st grp