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  1. ya I feel like my command would completely denny any sort of high risk form to go skydiving solo, thats why I figured i'd keep it hush, hush. Its easier to ask for forgiveness then permission haha.
  2. Thank you for the help, all your info, and your service in Afghanistan. I cant wait to start saving up on deployment for classes. Like you said its soo addicting, I did my first tandem jump back home in MA before I went to Basic and was hooked and told myself next time I do this I don't want to be strapped to someone haha.
  3. How's it going my name is Ray, I'm currently in the Navy and stationed in California and really interested in getting my license to skydive solo. just had some questions that maybe some one could answer for me. Like roughly how much the course cost? and my main question is I heard from someone that if you do get your license you have to complete two jumps a month to maintain it. Is this true? If so is there an exception for active duty military for when we deploy out of the states? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.