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  1. cuchulinn


    Hi sweetie... Welcome to the forums. No one in the world wishes he could have been there for your AFF1 than I. Looking forward to that first jump!!! Michael SMA#18
  2. was that who you'd "Like to see" or Who you have seen? :) SMA#18
  3. Not to highjack this thread and turn it into a Kerry thing, but there is a HOLE LOT of shit out there for the reading about Kerry's exploits! SMA#18
  4. 1. Ophra 2. Dr. Phil 3. Martha SMA#18
  5. cuchulinn

    What goes through your mind at Pull Time ?

    Horizon..... Arch..... grab..... throw..... Damn what a bunch of crap over my head.... but it's all good... I just saved a ton of money by switching to Geico... SMA#18
  6. cuchulinn

    How many of you are military?

    22 years retired Navy... 9 deployments on 4 different carriers. They were all good.. well, now that they're a memory. Good times and better friends!!!! SMA#18
  7. cuchulinn

    Love Songs

    Damn now I'm talking to myself on the freaking forum posts... Yep, gonna be a great Val. Day for me!!! SMA#18
  8. cuchulinn

    Love Songs

    No one will even read this post! SMA#18
  9. cuchulinn

    Love Songs

    Hi Miss Kris... Long time no see... Well I am also feeling a bit on the nastolgic side this festive season of Cupid's freaking arrow... It's been a number of years ago when Sex was safe and Skydiving was dangerous but.....How about a Love Song by Frank Zappa... "Why Does It Hurt When I Pee" Joe: Why does it hurt when I pee? Why does it hurt when I pee? I don’t want no doctor To stick no needle in me Why does it hurt when I pee? I got it from the toilet seat I got it from the toilet seat It jumped right up ’n’ grabbed my meat Got it from the toilet seat My balls feel like a pair of maracas My balls feel like a pair of maracas Oh God I probably got the Gon-o-ka-ka-khackus! My balls feel like a pair of maracas Ai-ee-ai-ee-ahhhh! Why does it Why does it Why does it Why does it hurt...when i Peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee? Remember the days when Sex was safe and Skydiving was dangerous????? SMA#18
  10. cuchulinn

    hate winter?

    Excellent! SMA#18
  11. cuchulinn

    O.K. so I've got another HUGE crush on some broad

    What ever approach you decide to take do it before Val. Day. If she's as sweet as you say, if you don't do it someone else will! PS.. where did you say she lived? SMA#18
  12. cuchulinn

    Canopy colors help!!

    The Last one, Saw a Lotus in those exact colors and it looks awesome! SMA#18
  13. cuchulinn

    Bird Man Flying 6ft down a Mountain~~~~~~~HOLY CRAP AMAZING

    That was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! SMA#18
  14. cuchulinn

    Super Bowl Commercials

    A few really good ones, I liked the NFL players that we NOT in the Superbowl singing "The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow" and the battle of the trained dogs when the second dog jump and got a mouth full of cajones making the dude toss his Bud Lite! SMA#18
  15. cuchulinn

    Classified Adds as a launch pad for Auctions?

    Other than the forums I am always in the hunt for gear, new..used.. it doesn't matter. If I am in the thrill for the hunt, I'll go to Ebay, but when I need to actually buy something I come here to the classifieds. I see an increase in the classifieds that the description is not selling ANYTHING.. just directing you to Ebay and fight with thousands of others to raise the price or direct you to another Skydiving equipment site!!! My opion?? Classifieds are for posting items for sale OR items you're looking to buy, NOT to pimp an auction site or another website, that by the time you get there the item is gone, and you now have to shop through their site! Thoughts? SMA#18