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  1. cuchulinn

    Skydive Taft

    Skyduve Taft is out there in no where, You either have to be very lost to be there or really WANT to be there. If you're lost and find yourself in Taft, you've been lost a long time and to proud to ask directions! The Owner, Dave, is a great guy. To me, has always come accross and a person who can balance the fact that he's still running a business and doing all he can to provide a great and fun atmosphere. Two Cessna 182's on site, one pretty to look at, one that will soon be pretty to look at. We all know rides to altitude in a 182 are less than fast, but they're friendly! Get there early to get some fun jumps in before the tandems and AFF take all the slots. Great coaches are always avail. and they always ensure you feel welcome as soon as you set foot on the DZ. Dave has done a lot of recent work making the place look nice, Corky and Bloody Nick just set up one nice pro shop and rigging hangar. Top Notch set up and you really get your bang for your buck when they repack your reserve. Call Corky for details. Don't get me wrong, I've been to and jumped and the biggest DZ's and love them, but there is something pretty special about the smaller DZ's that the bigger DZ's just can't capture. Oh and I don't care what you hear about 182's.. I've had many a jump over 11.5 and 12K in his 182's. Bonus.. Dave is running a Super King Air on the weekends from 12/5/03 through I THINK sometime in March, 12 minute turn around times!! Call for details!
  2. cuchulinn

    Skydive Suffolk Training Center

    I found Skydive Suffolk on this web site, I was relocating from central California and needed to find a new DZ home. I HAVE FOUND IT!!! Within 30 seconds (literally) of me walking on the DZ, I was met by a staff member (Kristie) and welcomed immediately. She gave me the lay of the land, introduced me to the locals that where there and many of the staff members. Manifest is friendly, coaches always willing to help and HANDS ON ownership by Larry and Robin. Rigging you ask.. AWESOME!!! Matched? maybe.. Better Maybe.. but none that I've seen. Student gear! NOTHING USED HERE!! ALL top quality and Master Rigger Maintained DAILY. Neither the Tandem rigs or any student gear are packed by ANYONE not qualified (or locally certified under direct master rigger supervision) to pack! Aircraft? King Air B90 and Cessna 206 which are IMMACULATE!!! Matching paint jobs and all the bells and whitles! Land area? Large and unobstructed! There are safe outs EVERYWHERE!!!!! Safety?? You don't jump a thing until the DZO or an ST&A verify what your jumping on and whether or not they think your ready to downsize.. and for the newer aggressive jumper.. this is a good thing! Trust me! Join the crowd?? With rare exception... even the novice will always be brought into RW. The way it was put to me was "Solo's are for P*%%y's get in here and do your best, we'll see what we need to work on! Freefliers? There a pleanty and always willing to work with a new wanna be freeflier! Video... As good as anywhere.. starting to offer DVD instead of VHS tapes! Facilities? Indoor packing or if you can not wait, canvass packing outdoors under shaded areas Restrooms with showers... Video.. An awesome LOFT with the best Master Rigger there is (and always willing to sit and talk about gear) Atmosphere? AWESOME! Talk about a home away from home! It's Not Deland.. It's not Perris... it's a small town DZ heaven. Everyone knows everyone and if your new (as I was 3 months ago) you'll be a welcomed member into a great family. I found the GEM of East Coast DZ's in a small little town of Suffolk, VA. If your in the area and your a skydiver or want to be skydiver, your missing a great skydiving opportunity if you do not visit
  3. cuchulinn


    Being new to this sport I find myself how do I write a review on my Javelin that might be useful for others if read. After my first AFF I knew I was hooked and spent COUNTLESS hours reading about every Rig and Rig manufacturer I could. I even went as far as to call their customer service reps, ask questions, leave voice mails just to see how responsive they were to my questions/concerns/needs. By the time I was off student status and getting very tired of renting equipment to jump I took all my new found knowledge to my instructors and asked for his opinion. I had my mind set on a Javelin and much to my delight, he agreed! (He has two rigs, one f which is his favorite Javelin. After getting a great deal on a J5, I needed it cut dwon from a C20 to a C17. Off to Javelin it went, and this is where my customer service testing was put to test. Sunpath was MORE than helpful, told me exactly what I needed to do. To make the long of it short, they got my rig, turned my request around in 1 day and emailed me with prices of what I wanted done, and ONE piece of recommended work (Bridal cover addition) they suggusted. They told me what it would cost, when it would be done, how it would be shipped and when it would be on my doore step. Two and a half weeks later there is was as promised! Like I sais, I am new to the sport and do not have much to compare it with, but I know it's 1000 times better than any student/rental (Telesis, Dolphin) I used. It packs easy, protects the risers perfectly, it's sturdy, and cleans up well when I do my best Pete Rose landing in the dirt! PLUS NO VELCO!!!! How can you not like that! Blue Skies!