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  1. Well, read the post. They look stupid!
  2. I thought I looked stupid with my camera on top of my helmet so I asked a friend who makes satelit parts to make me a nice mount. He sure did. Here is the result! You can mount it anywhere on your helmet, all you need to do is drill two 5mm holes. The mount is CNC machined aluminium and has the meassures 40x28x11mm. I love it, it looks so much better and aims straight on the target. More pictures If you want one, have a look at;d=1 [edited by moderator]
  3. HI Anybody out there who has tested different loadings on the comp? I normaly jump a Velocity 90 loaded at 2,2-2,4, what size comp shold I go for? // Fredrik
  4. Hi Do you want to sell it or did you just want to tell me thet you are happy with it? // Fred
  5. HI I want an R.D.S for my Velo. Can anyone recommend where I can buy one? Or maybe you have one extra that you don't need. Cheers // Fredrik
  6. Hi My DZ is thinking of buying a new plane and they are thinking of a Kodiak. Does anybody have any experience of jumping from it? 4-way, tandem, wingsuit.
  7. Hi Lurch I agree it's maybe to good to be true. I am 190 cm, 84 kg (6"3, 185 pounds) I have about 400 jumps in that suit and I have never had any problems with my neptune before. I did not wait in the door, got out right after the tandems. Unfortunately I did not have a camera as I was jumping alone. Like I said in my post, I was really tierd in my arms. Worse than I have ever been after a 3 min+ flights from 13.500. I will just have to do it again witha my camera to see if it's possible!! // Fred
  8. Suit: S3 Alt: 14700 Dep: 3000 Time 245 sek, (4.05) avg speed at 12 and 9000 = 38 mph Neptune Pattern: really wide left turn, pushing it to the max all the time. I was soar when I landed. This was in Z-hills a month ago on a sunset load. I don't know if I really belive it but the Neptune seems to be quite accurat, will post a photo of my Neptune later. // F
  9. Yo! Jarno!!! What a man you are, the dvd is just amazing. It was waiting for me in my mailbox when I came home for x-mas and WOW what a gift. The best one I got for x-mas by far.
  10. Hey! Did you say he flew a xaos 21? Ok but what size was it? If he landed a 21 sqf canopy I still have a long way to downsize. Does a 21sqf even count as a canopy or just as a large pilotchute or drouge? Cool with your docking anyway.
  11. I made my personal best last sunday. I was flying pretty straight and made a slow left turn. I really pushed it to be as long as possible. I felt that it was a pretty long flight but was supriced when I checked my Neptue on the ground. Exit 13.600, Deployment 2.800 Freefall 182 sek that is 3 minutes and 2 seconds. I am 190 cm, 190 pounds, flying a S3 that i made about 200 jumps in. Now you have something to beat!!