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  1. yeah I know its an interesting yoga form :P , but it does work for me and it makes keeping a canopy twice the size of mine a lot easier to the get in the bag for anyone i've shown struggling on their knees, I figured it out struggling with a brand new set 400 I had to put in a 365 bag everyday, but it works great on all bigger canopies to keep the stack tighter than putting a knee on it....for me and thanks for the input! I rushed through the rest of it since I wanted to do it twice from different angles. I am going to go back and re do this with a large student canopy or a tandem and just start from laying it down, or take the time to do it ALL right every take and not just rush through it to show how to bag it. I knew the skill level of the person this was intended for and what they were having issues with and focused on those, if I am going to post something publicly I should take everyone's skill into account, not just the person I know who is struggling to learn how to bag tandems, I deleted my post but I guess it did not delete the thread, i'll repost the link when I make an update. Yes if I had stacked nicer the rubber band issue would not exist, but I see tons of people dragging bands across nylon and the damage from it when I pack for fun jumpers so I do think its important to show a way to avoid damage when your having a hard time with it. oh and not saying anything about what happens when you dont tie your risers and how if you should check the length and repack if super uneven like shown was an editing mistake, the clips there but muted for some reason thanks for pointing it out!
  2. Hey guy's! I put together a packing video for a few people that were asking me what I do specifically, like holding the stack with my chin rather than my knees, here's the link I know that my techniques work, but I would really like some feedback on my delivery, explanation and any input to make myself a better packer! I got positive feedback from who the video was intended for so I decided to clean it up and post on youtube and maybe make some more videos, I already know I need a better microphone and cleaner rigging area, but any constructive criticism or ideas is VERY welcome!
  3. remember 3rd! followed by over rotating the gainer too soon and slamming the back of my head into the otter step erm I mean at least thats how I THINK it would go......hypothetically of course
  4. figured with the diversity of skydivers i've met I might be able to find a couple people to help with a project! currently working on a canopy simulator using the UE4 engine and a modified version of the hang glider demo blueprint, and I just about have it flying similar to a student or 1:1 canopy and working great with oculus rift DK2 support, but I still need help with alot, such as going from the hang glider model to both the canopy pilot and wing having proper physics, winds, adjustable pilot weight/wing type and size etc. I have some experience with modding, scripting and 3d modeling, but this is my first project involving C++ and creating something from scratch. my goal is to get a working prototype of the canopy flight physics so that I can start developing an input device system for toggles, front and rear risers and harness lean, which I have already started working on toggle/riser usb hardware but will need help on the software side of that as well. if you'd like to know more shoot me a private message, otherwise stay tuned as i'll be posting updates once things start to look more like a canopy simulator ;)
  5. Hey guys, with all the bad weather and being stuck inside I got bored and created a skydiving and base meme page on facebook since the other one wasn't being updated or used, and we are just about to break 100 members :D Planning on doing some contests like "caption this picture" or "best swoop meme" with skydiving tee shirts and stuff as prizes. Right now everyone should be able to post freely, but if the page gets huge or lots of spam we may take it down to submissions and add more moderators. It would be awesome to see what kinda cool stuff you guys come up with! were planning to do our first contest when we break 150 members so look out for when we post the rules and lets see some funny submissions! link to page
  6. when I went on a trip to DC all the boys had high hopes of such festivities (without the child part of course) when we got to the hotel, but as we soon found we wouldn't be getting any much less making eye contact with a female for more than a few seconds without the raging christian parents that volunteered screaming at us lol
  7. hope we can all get jumps in friday! happy holidays y'all!
  8. So says the guy who cannot type, keyboard, spell worth a fart in the wind. Jerry Baumchen so says the guy who uses 2 verbs that have essentially the same meaning to put down the guy who can not type
  9. thanks! ive got 1300 in the bank atm, at texas skydiving center its 1200 to do 1-7 and a packing class, groundschool, SIM and log book is included, its the best deal ive found so far I was interested to try to find out what it takes to pack mains? from what i understand I dont need a riggers ticket unless I was packing reserves. is there any qualifications to pack mains? I am slightly limited on funds due to being between jobs and dont want to pick up a job just to quit in 2 months when I leave for training for my new job :/ I am going to talk to the DZ staff once I get my 7th jump done about toilet scrubbing trash picking upping etc. and of course ill be selling off everything unrelated sporting wise after my first jump, anyone want a good radar detector/nice paintball setup/frettless base guitar? ;D