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    Aerodyne Smart 110 reserve


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    one owner, zero jumps.


    uxbridge, Ontario - CA


    hard openings dome slider?

    actually 'masterrigger1' here. a true expert.

    Metro Detroit Instructors?

    call bob wright at grand bend sport parachuting centre. he specializes in aff. yes a bit of a drive but they will get you trained.
  4. 25 minutes and 33km/21mi

    Stuffing into centre cells... wtf?

    sabre1 can open great with a new dome slider. i have bought 3 from skyworks rigging,,,masterrigger1 here. then no need to roll or stuff anything. just pack it normally.

    Two canopy out.. to release or not release?

    was not docile, did not want to fly straight. i think because it was a jedei120 and most likely a tempo120. in any case the one jump where i was very happy to get on the ground.

    Two canopy out.. to release or not release?

    i borrowed gear one time and had a pilot chute in tow on a hop n pop. when directly to reserve and (no surprise) ended up with 2 out. both canopies 120's. the 2 out was a biplane but a real handful to fly. maybe because the main and reserve were same size. the LAST thing i wanted to do was cut away the main and end up with the worst case scenario. I released the toggles on the front canopy, main. and landed it it by flaring. was not able to get close to the landing area,,,that is how much trouble it was to fly. if doing again i would perhaps not flare,,,,since had 240 sq ft over my head. now on my own gear i replace the pilot chute every 500 jumps. prevent at all cost.
  8. maybe confirm the 4" taken off below the catseye?
  9. the sabre1 with a dome slider works nice. i have bought 3 from mel at skyworks rigging for friends. he definitely has the expertise.

    Speed reserve in Vector

    a local very experienced rigger when I asked of all the low pack volume reserves which one has what looks like the most rugged tough construction his answer was the smart lpv. so if i were to venture from my tried and true pdr into a low pack volume reserve I would go for the smart lpv. but I will stick with the bullet proof pdr.
  11. try a firebolt at the lower end of wing loading. nancy at jumpshack would help you out. we have a very large one one at my dz and have packed for the owner from new. easy to pack from day one since it is hybrid. and sets him down nicely every time.

    Vectran 550 vs 750

    i would buy a used canopy. do not 'lock into' a Safire. lots of good ones out there. easier to pack and easier on the wallet when you sell.

    Cleaning Used Container

    just wait until you can wash it at reserve repack time - remove everything from the rig. this from the UPT website... APPENDIX D: WASHING YOUR VECTOR Over the years we've seen some extremely dirty Vectors! We've found that many people are unsure how to get their container clean. For that reason, we have put together the following instructions on how to make your Vector smell and look good again. The best way to wash a rig is the "good old fashion way" with slightly warm water and Woolite. First, remove the packing data card, reserve ripcord and cover all hook Velcro. Use a big tub; let the rig stay in the soapy water 4 hrs. Occasionally swish the rig around in the tub to loosen dirt. Drain soapy water, fill tub with clean water, and swish rig around until the clear water becomes soapy and cloudy. Drain tub and repeat until all soap and dirt residue are gone, usually in 3 rinses. Let the rig naturally dry, without direct sunlight. We usually allow a small fan to blow air past it to speed up the drying process. We do not recommend using a washing machine. Extended agitation in a washing machine could have negative effects in the long run. This also requires you to wrap the heavy hardware to minimize damage to the machine

    PST 2014


    Reserve not extracting

    John Sherman has this published... http://www.jumpshack.com/default.asp?CategoryID=TECH&PageID=18pounds&SortBy=DATE_D

    High vs Low chest strap?

    I think it is a female thing but you should call Nancy at JumpShack on the phone. discuss all the options.

    550 microline or 500 Vectran for Vengeance?

    I would not get any canopy relined with 550 microline. I have a friend that replaced the slider on his vengence and it is like a new canopy. opens nice now. get dimensions from PD to check what you have.

    Sail JVX at terminal

    they are nice so far for me. I take to terminal normally. On the "other" website the more experienced guys talk about the need to double check every pack job that the slider is up against the stops in the rear - to aviod a hard opening. Also don't wrap the tail too tight up top to avoid the "trap door" opening. rm

    All sail JVX's pack up big

    you have an rds packing in there yet? if not, that will take up some room as well... rm

    Swoop only Risers

    this from Jim Slaton when I asked the question.... "The JVX is good with 21-22 inch standard risers... " rm
  21. hopefully Mark Shimmel replies. He bougtht an 84 hybrid. I called him before I bought a used JVX96 - had excellent advice. don't forget the RDS takes up some extra room - some more than others. if this is a dedicated swoop canopy, I'd go all sail and buy an affordable container that will fit it without a struggle. will also fit a reasonable sized reserve. just so happens I am selling a V3 340 for a friend! rm

    Reserve Line Types....

    I don't know but I was thinking the same thing except having to do with tension knots. Are larger Dacon lines less likely to result in a tension knot? If yes then maybe we should be considering ordering Dacron on reserves. rm

    racers and line twists

    after student status, I have had line twists only once or twice in about 1400 jumps and have only had racers. And do lots of (real) hop n pops with a VX. Their narrow dbag line stows help - at least I think they do. I read somewhere here on DZ.com that a manufacturer is looking into the contribution of sticky tuck tabs to line twists on highly loaded canopies.... rm

    VooDoo vs. Mirage

    if you are going to buy new, aren't all manufacturers equally freefly friendly? i.e. they are all excellent. To me, that is an old term that seems it will never go away. rm