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  1. fix for a sabre1 has long been a dome slider. i have bought 3 from mel (mark lancaster) for different people. sabre1 is a great canopy still but first thing i would do is get rid of the existing flat or pocket slider and talk to mel. my comp velo has a domed slider as standard. icarus tandem canopies also. my option is they should be used as needed. you should only have one hard opening before making the change. do not let the canopy hurt you.
  2. the coated technora 400 (hma) from MEL on my comp velo. i would ask him (masterrigger1 here). a true expert i would say.
  3. i know a rig with 298 main that may be for sale. pm me if you might be interested and i can hook you up with the owner no problem.
  4. i am going to call nancy to order a new racer, mine is a '98 (classic) and well used. highly under-rated rig imo.
  5. call them and talk to nancy. you will get the full picture. you will not get it here. i will only ever own a racer,,,and PDR.
  6. it can be a nasty mal. i keep track of the jumps on a pc and replace it at a set number. retire it or give it away. do not wait until it stops working with good authority. do this because of a 2 out on a low hop n pop using borrowed gear. i also only jump my own gear.
  7. john from pd goes over them all in several videos...see all the parts. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8f46glJiWpA
  8. actually 'masterrigger1' here. a true expert.
  9. call bob wright at grand bend sport parachuting centre. he specializes in aff. yes a bit of a drive but they will get you trained.
  10. sabre1 can open great with a new dome slider. i have bought 3 from skyworks rigging,,,masterrigger1 here. then no need to roll or stuff anything. just pack it normally.
  11. was not docile, did not want to fly straight. i think because it was a jedei120 and most likely a tempo120. in any case the one jump where i was very happy to get on the ground.
  12. i borrowed gear one time and had a pilot chute in tow on a hop n pop. when directly to reserve and (no surprise) ended up with 2 out. both canopies 120's. the 2 out was a biplane but a real handful to fly. maybe because the main and reserve were same size. the LAST thing i wanted to do was cut away the main and end up with the worst case scenario. I released the toggles on the front canopy, main. and landed it it by flaring. was not able to get close to the landing area,,,that is how much trouble it was to fly. if doing again i would perhaps not flare,,,,since had 240 sq ft over my head. now on my own gear i replace the pilot chute every 500 jumps. prevent at all cost.
  13. maybe confirm the 4" taken off below the catseye?
  14. the sabre1 with a dome slider works nice. i have bought 3 from mel at skyworks rigging for friends. he definitely has the expertise.
  15. i pack tandem, rental and personal mains and we have a rental pilot (it is a 210) that everyone who uses it seems to like the way it opens, flies and flares.
  16. here is the text..... With the use of semi-stowless bags, there are variables that affect the controlled deployment of parachute suspension lines, including canopy size selection & materials, line types, packing techniques, etc. As more of our customers have ordered semi-stowless bags, we have seen inconsistencies on the openings while using these bags. This is a new situation we have not seen on the thousands of Icon containers equipped with the standard traditional elastic stow closure. Based on these reports, Aerodyne has performed additional tests on the design of this semi-stowless bag in different conditions. These conditions accounted for a wide variety of variables such as canopy sizes related to the bag size, types of canopy fabrics, types of lines, opening speeds, and more importantly a variation of canopy packing techniques that we understand are used in the field. Through this additional testing we have determined that conditions can exist causing a premature release of lines from the bag. This uncontrolled deployment of lines may cause variations in opening characteristics, and could lead to lines being caught on the container or jumper. As a result, we have developed an improved semi-stowless bag design that better addresses these issues. To increase safety for customers using the original semi-stowless design, Aerodyne wishes to offer the latest version of this new design in a mandatory exchange program that will upgrade all Aerodyne original semi-stowless bags for our customers.
  17. on controller there is a dash 8 100 series for sale. i asked for the asking price,,,, 1.95M there are 27 similar ones that will be for sale. some of the largest dzs (what maybe 6 worldwide) should run the numbers and maybe they could improve profit or better yet reduce jump prices for the masses? Bombardier Dash 8 321 N815EX
  18. before you order anything you should call nancy at jumpshack about a firebolt.
  19. a dash 8 100 series freighter can carry up to 10000 lbs cargo. and is approved for flight without the rear cargo door,,,i believe. so that is up to about 50!
  20. as time goes on, twin otters are getting old and being replaced with supervans. much more efficient. edit,,,i am wondering if a twin is going to be as efficient it may need to carry more than 22.