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    As a Local resident and as the one that started his Skydiving sport at SkyKef , I can say surly , that this is the place to come and skydive ! Although it's a 100 miles drive from my home , I'm at the DZ every 2nd week. The DZO (Nir) is a charm, this guy will help you and will make sure you will get the most out of your day. The Master Rigger (Gilad) will not cut corners and will make sure everything is safe including all the documents are valid , but will help you in any way he can to fix any problem that you might have. The stuff is big and usually between 15~20 instructors are at DZ at any given time , they usually are very busy (with AFFs Coaching and Tandem) but will always stop for few minutes to help you in any need. The facilities at the DZ are simple , but fine , the Manifest is done manually , and some delays in the load might occur , but if you are a fast packer you shouldn't have a problem to do 4 to 6 jumps during Saturday (little less on Fridays)