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    Skydive Long Island

    After spending more time there, I am proud to call SDLI my home dropzone :~)
  2. the same arguement could be made then that you don't need to stay indoors, because O3 will convert to O2 before hitting your blood stream. FYI holes in ozone at the poles are a naturally occuring phenom which scientist discoverd years ago. It has to do with the polar vortex and not man. At the southpole in the winter, since there is no heat or UV (no sun) Normal unstable O3 coverts to O2, without the UV no new O3 can be produced.
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    Raw Fish

  5. Here's some more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! _______________________________ Drew Shindell, an atmospheric scientist from NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) and Columbia University, N.Y., finds that greenhouse gases like methane and carbon dioxide are changing the climate in many ways. Some of those effects include water vapor increases and temperature changes in the upper atmosphere, which may delay future ozone recovery over heavily populated areas. Scientists have expected the ozone layer to recover as a result of international agreements to ban CFCs that destroy ozone. CFCs, once used in cooling systems and aerosols, can last for decades in the upper atmosphere, where they break down, react with ozone, and destroy it. They remain the major cause of present-day ozone depletion. "It's hard to tell if those great international agreements [to ban CFCs] work if we don't understand the other big things that are going on in the stratosphere, such as increases in greenhouse gases and water vapor," Shindell said. The stratosphere is a dry atmospheric layer between 6 and 30 miles (9.7 and 48.3 kilometers) up where most ozone exists. Ozone shields the planet's surface from the Sun's harmful ultraviolet radiation and makes life on Earth possible. The study examined the ozone layer over heavily populated areas around the equator and mid-latitudes where ozone thinning occurs, excluding the Polar regions, where 'ozone holes' form. Ozone thinning can occur when increased emissions of methane get transformed into water in the stratosphere. At high altitudes, water vapor can be broken down into molecules that destroy ozone. Also, methane and carbon dioxide change our climate by trapping heat in the atmosphere before it can escape out to space. This greenhouse effect, much like the inside of a car with all the windows closed, heats the air within the lowest layer of the atmosphere, called the troposphere. Warming in the troposphere can alter atmospheric circulation and make the air wetter, since warmer air holds more water. Though complex and not well understood, there is evidence that water vapor can get wafted from the troposphere into the stratosphere by shifting air currents caused by climate change. Climate change from greenhouse gases can also affect ozone by heating the lower stratosphere where most of the ozone exists. When the lower stratosphere heats, chemical reactions speed up, and ozone gets depleted. The chemical and atmospheric processes in the lower stratosphere are complex, quite variable, and not well understood. Shindell focused his study largely on the upper stratosphere where processes are simpler and better understood, and then used those findings to make inferences about ozone in the lower stratosphere. Computer model simulations were used to separate the different factors that contribute to ozone changes. According to the models, which contain some uncertainty, ozone levels are expected to reach their lowest point in recorded history by around 2006. Scientists hope that by banning CFCs, ozone will eventually return to healthier levels, like those that existed prior to 1979. One simulation isolated the impacts of CFCs on ozone, and showed that as CFCs decline, by the year 2040 overall ozone makes close to a full recovery from current low levels. When CFCs, water vapor and temperature changes were all combined in a computer model, by 2040, overall ozone levels recovered only slightly from their current low point. These computer simulations suggest that climate change from greenhouse gases may greatly slow any anticipated ozone recovery. Shindell said the effects of climate change need to be better accounted for as scientists and others try to track the success of international agreements, like the 1987 Montreal Protocol that banned CFCs. The paper appears in the latest issue of the Journal of Geophysical Research - Atmospheres. The study was supported by NASA's Atmospheric Chemistry Modeling and Analysis Program, and a NASA Earth Observing System postdoctoral Fellowship. Some of the data used was obtained from the NASA Langley Research Center's EOSDIS Distributed Active Archive Center.
  6. Here is one little blurb I found... Nothing about Nitrogen or sulfur though... guess i was wrong. -Ozone thinning can occur when increased emissions of methane get transformed into water in the stratosphere. At high altitudes, water vapor can be broken down into molecules that destroy ozone.-
  7. In my atmosheric meteorology class I learned how methane was converted with NOx and SOx to deplete ozone, but i don't recall the process.... I will investigate.
  8. Right on... we should all wear butt-plugs on jump run. You know what is worse is that us jumpers are up it altitude... it takes less time for it to effect the OZone layer. It could take weeks to get cows bredth to 15Kft!!!
  9. So, those damn cows are creating 20% of the worlds greenhouse gases... What are we going to do about that?
  10. cgross

    Week end jump numbers... 7/8 June...

    4:2:0 4 Wonderful jumps beer for graduating AFF beer for getting my A WAHOOOOOO
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    Anyone getting married? GREAT deal on ring(s)...

    This is what you really want....
  12. cgross

    Anyone getting married? GREAT deal on ring(s)...

    I know, and I am waiting with my camera to take pics!!!!!
  13. cgross

    Anyone getting married? GREAT deal on ring(s)...

    Oh... that is good!!!! LOL LOL LOL LOL
  14. cgross

    Anyone getting married? GREAT deal on ring(s)...

    You know, if that diamond was let say 1carat... you might get my attention!!
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    Anyone getting married? GREAT deal on ring(s)...

    Settle down JT... and pick up your tongue off the floor..
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    real funny... So when's the next trip to NY???
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    Anyone getting married? GREAT deal on ring(s)...

    If that were true then you would take that sexy avitar off and put up a picture of a witch
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    best of luck back to you!!!
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    It only took 10 months (bad weather, injury, etc) but I finally graduated and i am off student status!!!!
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    Kickass Hubble Pic

    lol... Atmospheric physisist is the cool way of saying weatherman...
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    Kickass Hubble Pic

    I am a physics major too, but I do Atmospheric Physics for a living.
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    financing available

    I spent too many years with at least 10K credit card debt, and as of January I paid them off. I pay cash now for everything. Would it be nice to wait a few months, buy the rig outright, and not be thinking about yet one more monthly payment. THINK ABOUT HOW MANY JUMPS YOU WASTE ON INTEREST.
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    size limit

    nope not here.... Although I can take picures of my boobies if ya want... Maybe i'll post them in the Girls forum
  24. cgross

    financing available

    Don't do it man..... Don't do it
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    Add to FAQ..

    Hey HH, If possible it would be cool to put the picture maximum upload size in the FAQ area. I know you changed it, but may people don't know it, and they could go there to find it. Correct me if I am wrong, but I didn't see it there.