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    We are looking for help behind the front desk with check-in, editing videos, and interacting with customers. We are located about an hour from Denver, have a great fun jumper scene, and an awesome staff. Our DZ is focused around growing the sport in both safety as well as individual skill sets and team training, it's a great place to develop your own skydiving skills! Our video editing system is super user friendly and can be taught to anyone with good computer skills. Here is what we are looking for from you: - Great Attitude - Friendly - Desire to learn - Reliable - Good Computer Skills - Money Handling Experience - We operate April through October and are open Friday through Monday each week. Please send a resume and 2 references to I'm happy to answer any questions you may have as well. Thank you!


    Fort Morgan, Colorado - US

  2. I'm living out in western Colorado at the moment so I've been doing more jumping in Moab than at Mile Hi, but I still head out that way when I can so maybe I'll see you sometime. How was your first day at Mile-Hi, who have you been working with?
  3. Hey there, I'm also fairly new to skydiving as well and did AFF through Mile-Hi. They have great instructors but that place can be crazy and packed on the weekends. If you have the opportunity to go on week days I recommend it, otherwise don't be overwhelmed with all the skydivers, just meet some new people. There is also an indoor skydiving tunnel down south in Lone Tree, CO. It is a great place to train and work on stability and increase our learning curve. Also, lots of great instructors to work with there.