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  1. your thoughts on the subject (excluding the on going commentary towards Jerry) is ... Quote MY personal thoughts on the subject: Are, at least, at the moment, most PREVENTLY ... "The truth? YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!!" -Jack Nicholson -A FEW GOOD Men (in EXACTLY the manner he said it ... spittle flying from his mouth and all) And, since you seem to be, at least here in CyberSpace, a pretty cool chick And, you have asked for MY opinion, which is even cooler AND, I am guessing, JEN-uinely interested in my response AND, you already are AWARE of how LONG my responses tend to be. I quite SIMPLY adore people who are AWARE. AWARE, in the sky, on the ground, in a house, on a boat, in a car, with a cat, or a mouse, or ... just PLAIN-n-SIMPLE ... Aware, and AWARE everywhere in LIFE, Always! Now with THAT established ... Here are my PERSONAL thoughts on the subject as they relate to ME and MY LIFE at the moment ... The QUESTION more becomes, in MY EYES, at least ... Are YOU sure YOU can "HANDLE the TRUTH?" by Jen Fabulous (a woman who writes stuff) Are YOU sure that if the following is going illicit ONE or MORE of the following EMOTIONS (tears, anger, numbness, etc.) that you are an ADULT? Are you sure YOU can and will CHOOSE to ACT responsibly in YOUR current setting (work, school, in front of people, not in front of people) WHAT EVER and DEAL with your OWN emotions BEFORE picking up that PHONE to call me or to email me or send me a NOTE via CARRIER PIGEON!!! BE VERY CAREFUL ABOUT YOUR CHOICE HERE CUZ THERE IS NOTHING I HAVE LEFT TO HOLD BACK. AND IF ONE more, SINGLE individual/group/organization who CLAIMS to GIVE a RATS-A** about ME and MY LIFE and MY HEALTH, WELFARE and WELL-BEING ... GIVES ME A PIECE OF "ADVICE" or RESOURCE THAT I AM CURRENTLY or HAVE IN THE VERY RECENT past ... ALREADY COMPELETLY EXHAUSTED ... YOU, your and/or YOUR group, organization, and/or any other GAWD-damned AFFILIATION, WILL not “might” end up on my UNSAFE and DO NOT CALL list for a MINIMUM of 365 days. In fact, SOME of you MIGHT even have your emails REJECTED permanently after I press the "send" button and/or RELPY to ALL and/or otherwise PUBLICLY “post” this message. NOW ... Are you SURE you will be reading further right now? PAWSITIVE? O.k., here goes, I have NOTHING to HIDE anymore, and I VOW to DO my VERY BEST to KEEP this as closely related to my current "state-of-affairs" AS JEN-uinely POSSIBLE. 1. YOU need to KNOW that I AM & WILL CONTINUE to ... SEEK ONLY the ADVICE from TOP PROFESSIONALS in EACH of THE RESPECTIVE FIELDS. 2. If YOU choose to OFFER your UNSOLICITED and UNPROFESSIONAL advice to ME ... I'm gonna DO WHATEVER it is I NEED to DO to keep MYSELF from ENDURING further HARM. 3. NOT EVERYTHING is CONTAINED in this correspondence ... JUST whatever I have the ENERGY to PUT OUT right NOW. 4. I BELIEVE it will ANSWER some of the QUESTIONS you or someone YOU know has asked about. 5. Today, I HUNG UP on the person I SAW as MY SAFEST PERSON to CONFIDE IN. 6. THEN, I puked my guts out. 7. AND … I HATE puking. Puking SUCKS in MY WORLD. PERIOD. 8. Not to mention the fact, that: a) I have LONG blonde hair. b) I HATE pulling little “puke chunks” out of said head of hair. c) I PREFER not to PUKE altogether, however, THIS particular FINE Holiday Season, it seems, I have NO CHOICE in the matter. d) AND, if I DO happen to puke (which is apparently happening more and more FREQUENTLY these days) it is my STRONG preference to have said head of hair (see also Section 8(a) above) PULLED BACK, away from my face, and thus PREVENTING aforementioned “puke chunk” incident referred to in Section 8(b) e) AND, this FINE Holiday Season, boys and girls, I happen to BE good/bad/right/wrong, for all intents and purposes, ALONE in this house (save for ONE neighbor named Carol, TWO rescue puppies, THREE “foster kids” down the street) f) NONE of which are, as I have discovered, READY/WILLING/ABLE at ALL TIMES, to DEAL with the PUKE, or the CLEANING up of said puke, or PULLING MY HAIR BACK, AWAY from my FACE as I PUKE, or WASHING MY HAIR AFTER I PUKE. g) and I CRY when I PUKE. EVERY-SINGLE-TIME I puke. h) and I HATE crying right now. CRYING also SUCKS in MY WORLD right now. It is a COMPLETE waste of my PRECIOUS energy right now. I have WAAYYY more important things to SPEND my ENERGY on right now. (see also Section 8(e) above) i) and TODAY … I HUNG UP on PRINCE CHARMING because he couldn’t POSSIBLY “understand” ALL of what I am “going through” right now. j) and then I CRIED. And I cried HARDER and DEEPER than I bet, I’ve cried in a VERY LONG WHILE. Which, as LADY LUCK would have it … I puked. AGAIN! k) and thus began the WHOLE CYCLE again (see Section 8(a) – (j)) Now, in MY EYES NOT a SINGLE one of YOU is "SAFE" for ME right now ... but we'll see how THIS ends up. OBVIOUSLY, if you have READ this far, you THINK you can "handle the truth" SO, far, you are INTELLIGENT enough to KNOW that, "The Truth" is NOT PRETTY. HOPEFULLY, if you THINK it might even "ruin your Holiday cheer" you, if you haven't ALREADY, are WISE enough to choose OUT now. Your "Chicken Exit" is HERE. Take it if you so CHOOSE. NOW! Lovingly Yours, CINDER-M-F-N-RELLA P.h.M-F-DDDDDDDD Candidate LOVER and LIVER of LIFE BELIEVER in LIFE, LIBERTY and the (seemingly)ENDLESS pursuit of HAPPINESS And, will SOMEONE, ANYONE PLEASE tell MY Prince Charming to SHUT-UP, get in the CAR, DRIVE here, and LIVE HAPPILY-EVER-AFTER with me? OR, at LEAST, hold my hair when I puke. Lovingly, J Mo Fantastico Rodriguez (a bumpy brother)
  2. Good. This is the SECOND indication that you and I are on equal "fields of PLAY" shall we say (and, I might add, "caught" my attention FIRST with your "Jerry" reference, RARE in a comrade in arms.) to which, might I add ... BROWN -n- RICE! BROWN -n- RICE! GOOD! I'm a little tired of the "Capricorn" Game ... WAAYYY too SLOW for the SCORPIO pace. NOW, HONESTLY, I don't remember ... I've watched an INCREDIBLE sunset since said "post" you speak of, Have ENJOYED one incredibly EXPENSIVE glass of WINE (thanks to ONE recently-departed-Elvis-has-LEFT-the-BUILDING ... Capricorn MAN ... and, you've just GOT to LOVE a man who leaves behind his ENTIRE wine collection that, oh, shall we say, for lack of a better term, is WORTH a lot of CA$H...CHA-CHING!) AND enjoyed that SUNSET over the calm, REFLECTIVE, waters of DISCOVERY BAY, California ... And had calm, soothing "mini-dreams" of My Prince ... My PRINCE CHARMING ... That, apparently, I'm gonna hafta THROW one of my GLASS SLIPPERS at his HEAD 'cuz HE is apparently, NOT CHECKING his EMAILS ... And ... And ... AND!!!! I, CINDER-F-N-RELLA, only have ONE glass slipper, so I only have ONE-SHOT at hitting said PRINCE in the HEAD ... and ... He LIVES, approximately, 45 miles SOUTH-WEST of HERE, so I BEST make it a DAMNED good SHOT when I DO throw that GLASS SLIPPER! And ... and ... O.k. [ladyskydiver] help a Sista out here ... WHAT was the post again? CINDER-F-N-RELLA P-h-M-F-N-DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Candidate .... and ABSOLUTE SWEETIE at HEART ... J Mo Fantastico Rodriguez (a bumpy brother)
  3. SH**! Here I am AGAAAAIIIINNNNN! Against my finest ADIVSARY! In yet ANOTHER Forum ... AND ... He's going to LOSE ... AGAIN! Someone, ANYONE, pleeaaassssseeeee STOP HIM! This man [lawrocket] APPARENTLY is HIS-own-WORST-ENEMY! Ahhhhh ... STILL awaiting ARRIVAL of MY Prince Charming out HERE in CyberSpace ... Apparently ... ALTHOUGH the MAN is of SUPREME intelligence, he either ... a) Is NOT checking his EMAILS (which is HARD for me to believe since he IS A TECH-GOD) b) Is checking his emails yet under SUPREME duress and therefore, he is not ABLE to RESPOND to his EMAILS, c) He has taken the RUN-FOR-COVER approach to all the CSI-type HINTS I've left him and/or MY recent tattoo(s) ... Lovingly, CINDERELLA & P-h-M-F-N-D Candidate ... J Mo Fantastico Rodriguez (a bumpy brother)
  4. SH**! It took me too long to compose my answer! PLEASE, someone, ANYONE, help [ladyskydiver] with ... a) the QUOTE b) the MOVIE, said quote came from c) the ACTOR that said it and.. d) the MANNER in which said actor SAID it ... She HAS to know this is HER ONLY hope before being BRUTALLY attacked with "the truth" by a SCORPOIO WOMAN in MY "CONDITION"! (for HEAVEN's SAKE ... help her obi-won ... you're her ONLY hope! Peacefully, and GRACEFULLY, Yours ... J Mo Fantastico Rodriguez (a bumpy brother)
  5. Ahhh [lawrocket] alas, we meet again. On yet ANOTHER discussion. Ready to take me on again? In ANOTHER forum? WE ALL KNOW what happened LAST time we vied ... in head-to-head combat. In a battle of wits, and skills, and KNOWLEDGE!!!! Just kidding. I've got "Major League" in the DVD player waiting to be viewed. (AFTER I watch the rest of the AMAZING sunset. WOW! Is it GORGEOUS tonight.) Oh, [lawrocket] I WILL be taking NOTES as I watch and YOU and I WILL MEET again ... o' fine advisary! AND ... "THE TRUTH? YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!" (insert movie title and actor here please) J Mo Fantastico Rodriguez (a bumpy brother)
  6. I suspect that when suggesting someone is 'second best', neither your good looks nor your sparkling personality is likely to impress him. Ahhhh ... UNLESS ... My PRINCE turns into a FROG If/when I get an opportunity to give 'em a good ol' LIP LOCK, At which point, said frog would leap AWAY to kiss OTHER FROGS. And ... If, aforementioned "SECOND-STRING" happens to be a FOOTBALL fan, too. And, well, looky there ... I STILL ... LIVE ... HAPPILY ... EVER ... AFTER! (I just LOVE playing games where, no matter what, I can't seem to lose!) Cinderella J Mo Fantastico Rodriguez (a bumpy brother)
  7. And YOU are how old? And you are HOW single? And you live WHERE? Hey, baby, I'm sittin' out here in CyberSpace waiting for my PRINCE Charming to show up ... (I've given the guy PLENTY of hints, links, and damn-near dropped my GLASS SLIPPER on his head ... And ... If he doesn't show ... A Sista ALWAYS can use a "second-string" so-to-speak! "Cinderella" J Mo Fantastico Rodriguez (a bumpy brother)
  8. Yes. Yes, YES, YYYEEEESSSSS!!!!!!! Excuse, me, gotta go have a smoke (cloves only please) J Mo Fantastico Rodriguez (a bumpy brother)
  9. O.K. HERE GOES ... One FINAL chance to REDEEM yourself [lawrocket] .... In front of ME ... In front of CyberSpace ... In front of ALL of WHAT is GOOD and HOLY this Holiday Season on DROPZONE dot F-N COM ... WHAT is the TOPIC of this discussion? WHAT is GAWD's name does BASEBALL have to do with THIS discussion? And ... Boys and Girls ... For [lawrocket]'s FINAL Dropzone dot com QUESTION ... (do, do, do, do, do, do, do) (do, do, do, do, do ... dah, do-da, do-do-da) DO you REALLY believe, that a WOMAN ... A woman of MY stature ... Of my INTEGRITY ... and ... An OBVIOUS fan of the SPORT of FOOTBALL ... Would actually WATCH a MOVIE about BASEBALL? ... (write your answer here please)
  10. And, as you have said before ... "don't go there" J Mo Fantastico Rodriguez (a bumpy brother)
  11. BOTH! And, if the man I speak of is HALF of the MAN I think he is ... And only a QUARTER of the man I have EXPERIENCED him to be ... I'm gonna LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER! LOVE, "Cinderella" You're making me blush. Keep thinking "Happy Thoughts" Buddy! For my PRINCE, has not yet made himself apparent to the Forum. Yet. Yet, I WAIT ... I wait here in CyberSpace ... Clothed in COMPLETE anonymity ... Until he COMES. "Cinderella" J Mo Fantastico Rodriguez (a bumpy brother)
  12. JP ... you KILL me ... figuratively speaking, of course. J Mo Fantastico Rodriguez (a bumpy brother)
  13. BOTH! And, if the man I speak of is HALF of the MAN I think he is ... And only a QUARTER of the man I have EXPERIENCED him to be ... I'm gonna LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER! LOVE, "Cinderella" J Mo Fantastico Rodriguez (a bumpy brother)
  14. I second that motion, Sista. Gotta LOVE, those aquatic creatures! J Mo Fantastico Rodriguez (a bumpy brother) J Mo Fantastico Rodriguez (a bumpy brother)
  15. www DOT 1980 was HOW many YEARS ago? There IS such a thing called innovation (which, in his YOUNGER years, Al Davis WAS an innovator) AND there is SUCH thing called EVOLUTION which Al Davis has OVERWHELMINGLY proved to the fans, in the last oh, 10 years, let's say ... he DOES not EVOLVE. AND, let's not START with BLAME, which is EXACTLY what Al Davis does to the CITY of OAKLAND when HE can't sell out HALF of those beautiful LUXURY BOXES that the FANS are supposed to BOW-DOWN and THANK the man for. For-CHRISTmas-SAKE! The guy made a GREAT move by HANDING over the REINS, for at least, a FEW years, to CHUCKIE. The guy did an IDIOTIC maneuver by NOT changing Chuckie'S PLAYBOOK BEFORE they ended up in the SUPERBOWL against him. DUH! TB knew EVERY-SINGLE G-D-ed PLAY, not one, but TWO plays before OAKTOWN ever THOUGHT about what they were going to do next. Oh, and, while we are on the subject of THAT pathetic-BOWL, Oakland's "Fabulous Females" even SUCKED, then BLAMED it on the fact that "they" (the Superbowl music committee) didn't play THEIR (the self-proclaimed Football's Fabulous Females') music, so, they poor girls couldn't even DANCE! Look, THE BLAME GAME runs so RAMP-ED in THAT organization ... and ... as "they" say ... SH** rolls DOWNHILL. Well, "we" the LOCAL fans are COVERED in Al's SH**! "WE" LOCAL fans have to go 30 to 50 miles just-to-watch-the-F-N-game when we don't want to sit IN THE RAIN at our PSL seats that we PAY an ARM and a LEG for EVERY F-N YEAR, 'cuz Al F-N Davis can't even sell out a STADIUM that holds 60/80 thousand people. I've been to COLLEGE stadiums around the COUNTRY that sell out nearly TWICE as many. EVERY SINGLE HOME GAME! COME ON AL, just GIVE me the TEAM...Let's see what I COULD MAKE OF IT...It's couldn't POSSIBLY be any WORSE! In Peace, Love and Good-will to All, J Mo Fantastico Rodriguez (a bumpy brother) J Mo Fantastico Rodriguez (a bumpy brother)