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  1. I think you canT say it any better... its like that.. you just never know what happens in your life, things that are in your control and things that arent.. ill love to skydive till im 100.. but you just never know man! while youre doing it make sure to have fun and be safe and youll have a great time! ENJOY!
  2. Hey thanks alot Wendy for the info!! i will get to it asap! im going to try to find a FB group as well! hope to fly with you soon! cheers!! ps: im from uruguay! (small scene) lol Do your dreams end when you wake up?
  3. Hi everyone, im on my course right now.. only have done my first 3 jumps on static line, and i was wondering what gear would you guys recomend? what Main, reserve, etc.. most people at the DZ have told me its best to buy used at the begining of my skydiving career because id be changing that after a few jumps. If you have a place i could see used for sale gear please direct me to it! much love and thanks! blue skies! Do your dreams end when you wake up?
  4. Hey everyone, im posting here my first experience of my first skydive course jump!! it has been amazing, i did a tandem 3 years ago and fell in love with the sport.. and now finally started my journey to become a pro skydiver (someday) and since im a Lifestyle Vlogger i made a video of it and want to share it with you all!!! i also have a question.. do you remember your FIRST skydive? Do your dreams end when you wake up?
  5. LOL!!! that was magic!! hahahaha!!! Do your dreams end when you wake up?
  6. Hi i heard that to jump at the palm dropzone in dubai you must have a minimum of certain jumps.. is this true or not? thanks in advance. Mathias Do your dreams end when you wake up?
  7. Hey congrats on your aff.. hope to hear back from you regarding other jumps soon.. otro latino mas ;) haha abrazo. Mathias Do your dreams end when you wake up?
  8. i think it was a great choice.. now that i am just starting i want to apply what i need to do more than what i wanna do.. its the life changer.. remember most accidents are because of human error.. and choice is what makes us have errors at certain times Do your dreams end when you wake up?
  9. Well it works a bit diferent down here.. being such a small country.. we can actualy choose our instructor.. mine is gonna be the same for the course.. really confortable with him Thanks i hope i get the a license asap.. cant wait to start :) Do your dreams end when you wake up?
  10. Yeah i really hope i dont get sick.. lol would suck being there by myself and feeling like that.. anyways thanks alot i really hope i start jumping asap.. i will post new pics and vids of my future training jumps.. Do your dreams end when you wake up?
  11. Hi everyone here on the forums. finally after months of reading this forum i made myself an account. So ill tell you a little about myself.. My name is Mathias im 20yrs old and ive been in love with skydiving and base jumping for the past couple of years and at some point decided it was the sport for me.. So last year i made my first jump at what i belive is the mayor dropzone in Uruguay.. i chose my tandem instructor wisely.. ive been following his tandem jump videos for a long time and actually got friends to jump with him before i did.. lol.. Anyways just as i expected during the jump skydive is a sport for me.. (though i almost threw up just before landing..). if you are interested heres the video.. So here i am in 2014.. couple months after my tandem jump and cant wait to start my course and be on my way to a succesful A license. my plan is to start in April. so yeah.. hope to hear from the great people of this forum soon and youll hear from me :D regards, Mathias Do your dreams end when you wake up?