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  1. Many thanks to most of you for the great replies thus far. I suppose the best way for me to correlate my skydiving experience is with motorcycles. The first time I rode a bike, I KNEW I loved it, and could not wait for the next time that I got to go out and ride. That is not the case with jumping for me. The technical aspect of it really doesn't hold a draw to me, and I was not overly amped to go back up as soon as my feet touched the ground. I know it is not danger of death that draws me, since driving to the DZ is three times more likely to kill me than the jump. It is very unfortunate, because I always thought that I would fall in love with skydiving right away, which I have seen with so many others. The fact of the matter is I am more confused than anything. I would love for my excitement level to rise with subsequent jumps which I can't know unless I do it, but why spend the time and money if my heart is not in it from the start. Catch 22; I know. As far as bowling, hookers, bridge, and blow: Been there, done that and I found it all as exciting as jumping out of a plane and running with bulls; it's fun, but it doesn't make my heart flutter.
  2. So, this is my first post and I apologize in advance for offending anyone, as that is not my intention. I have been debating with myself on this for a few days, and I feel as if the opinions of more experienced men and women may help. So here it is: I am new to skydiving (obviously). It has been something that I have always wanted to do since I was a young child; I am 26 now. Anyway, I have been participating in an AFF course, and am currently through three jumps, one of which being minimal assistance. The problem is that I am finding no sense of enjoyment through any of the jumps. I figured the first time I jumped I would be excited, nervous, terrified, overjoyed, something.. but I was not. The walk to the plane, boarding, flight, standing at the door, and the freefall all produced a feeling of 'meh'. I did not experience a feeling of freedom in the air, no adrenaline, no 'it factor', and no accomplishment other than to say that I've done it upon landing. I suppose my main question here is "Is this something that I should pursue?" I mean, it was cool, and I know I can eventually explore different avenues, such as a wingsuit or free flying, but if I am already at this point (let's say bored) after so few jumps, is this really something that is worth investing the time and money in?