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  1. Our M3 helmet open faced helmet has currently meet the certification standard of a new Skydiving Helmet Standard commissioned by the French Parachute Federation and AFNOR (French Government Standards) Test for Impact under conditioning -20C, +50C, Artifical Aging and Room Temp. 5.42m/s impact lees than 250G. Sames as Snow, Bike and Paragliding Drop heights Snag Resistant Test. Skydiving Related Roll Off Retention Coverage Quick release buckle 500N load one hand release Materials that contact your face are also tested to ensure that cannot cause injury. and a few other tests Dont be fooled about ABS plastic. We did this with ABS and EPP foam liner and helmet weight in XS-LG was around 600grams. XL-XXL 650gr We also keep the overall volume just like a Skydiving helmet should be. Close fitting With CE you need to reference standards tested to and a lot of other requirements including COP and REACH material certification. Markings on the product must show these standards along with Instruction manual and a Declaration of Conformity from the manufacturer to state it's compliance to EU regulations etc It is not a Fullface however we have learnt a lot in the process. To include a faceshield on a helmet it must also be tested to a set of standards also, there is a test for optics and for antifog coatings etc. Our G3 helmet visor does well. It passed an impact test from an Airsoft pellet at 192m/s . Falls within the optics and deformation catagories and passes the antifog coating test. The reason for me posting is to share some of our education processes in the working towards certified helmets. With out the French Government and FPF starting the process 4 years ago we would be know further advanced I hope there is some valuable information above for you to digest. I donot frequent this site often so please forgive me if I donot respond to any queries you may have. Cookie
  2. We have just issue a press release to all our dealers. We are looking at early October for shipping
  3. Hi Karma, We have a solution in the works, we are not too far away from releasing it. Cookie
  4. So sad, what a lovely women with a large spark in her eye. I will miss her at the next PIA. Cookie
  5. Hey Guys, Just a quick update on this thread. We identified a anti-fog coating issue way back in 2011. We have replaced any visors where the fog coating was de-laminating. The V1 in small print along the edge of the visor is not an indication of the revision of the anti-fog coating. V1 refers to the Visor Size V1 Sizes XS-Large V2 Sizes XL-XXL What we have done is stamp the visor size between the visor mounting holes to indication a anti-fog revision. This was done in 2012 Specifically on the anti-fog coating, please use only water to clean your visors. Also the anti-fog coating does degrade over time due to is hydro-phobic properties. Cookie
  6. Great debate. Nice helmet Cookie
  7. I have been following this thread as we are fielding a lot of questions regarding G3 helmets, cutaways and snag proof Go Pro specific design. Following on from our GP solution for our Fuel helmet, the design has been done to integrate this mount onto the G3. Whilst there are so many directions to take with regards to snag proofing a camera or cutting away a helmet. The evolution of our G3 is as such that it has now become a camera platform. This feature was never part of our design criteria, so add on solutions are presently only possible. Attached are two photos showing our new GP roller mount with a G3 specific base. This is a prototype and tooling has commence on production parts. We have polished our crystal ball and are looking into the future towards newer refined products. Cookie
  8. To help you out Spot, Here is our PIA breakdown Cookie
  9. Great job. I have done a jump with a GP mounted here and it facing back at me. Let us know how you like it Cookie
  10. What a Great Event!! It was a pleaser sharing a few beers with Skymama and hubby. I love your truck The event, new friends, new gear and a few beers where my high light. Cookie
  11. Hey Pope, We have a new CX210 in the house. Bill and Trunk did some testing in Eloy and said the footage was ok, however no filter thread for a lens. We are currently doing the design work to build a housing for it.
  12. Cheers mate We welcome your feedback. The mouth area upgrade and ventilation is a key feature that could only be implemented into the G3
  13. Weight comparison G2 750 grams 26.4oz G3 790 grams 27.8oz
  14. Exciting times in Carolina, Can you please send a shout out to Robin, Nadia, Pepe, Delphina (Go the Dolphins), Jerry, Connor( Pat Thomas who!) Amy, Nick and the rest of the vendors and crew!. Ask Bill from Skysystems to get his Banjo out! Sorry I cannot be there to enjoy the festivities. Cookie