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  1. Ah, I thought the settings were just to allow you to distinguish jump types in the log book software. But then I haven't read the manual in 7 years. I'll try the 'SLO' mode next time. I'm not too worried about the 119 seconds just yet. Cheers John
  2. Hi On my first and only flight on my new PF Phantom my venerable old Protrack logged my opening at 11,000'. That's not going to be very helpful. So I came here to see what the word was on audibles. Unless I'm misunderstanding, this seems to be a problem with all of them (fooling them into thinking that you've deployed). Is there a 'least worst' solution? Phantom=nice WS, by the way! John
  3. For sheer, drawn out bloody horror that clip's hard to beat. Any idea what went wrong at the outset - was the tube attached to his left hand somehow, or did he just not want to let go? J
  4. Hi I made mine out of plain white cotton drill, tie-dyed (of course!). It's the kind of weight you might make a bean bag out of. It's worn very well. John
  5. Or in the rigging section on Go on, ask me a question; I'm an expert now that I've done it once! John
  6. I'm getting old too; that's why I ride a Triumph Tiger 1050! It means getting where you're going without your back and arms hurting - and being able to take a good look over your shoulder, which is nice.
  7. No. No, no no. Sit down, take a deep breath and have a word with yourself. No good can come of this; only tassels, chaps and self-loathing.
  8. The same thought occured to me, too, but I've checked and they're right. Anyway, I decided to set everything back to 'default' and work my way through the service manual. There were a few things out - the needle wasn't centred properly, and the swing was unequal either side. The feed dogs were set to rise too high. I'm pleased to say it sews perfectly now, and rather quieter than before. I might treat it to a new hook, and I'd certainly like a straight stitch plate and foot. Many thanks for your help. John
  9. Well. Good news and bad news. Now all the right hand 'zags' pick up perfectly - but it occasionally misses the left hand ones! The odd thing is that if I set the timing up correctly with a straight stitch, using the timing marks on the needle bar, then the needle just hits the bottom of the scarf when the needle is far left. By tweaking the hook round clockwise a fraction, it makes this worse, of course, as the needle has risen another 0.5 mm by the time the hook arrives. Judging from where the hook passes through the scarf when the needle is far *right*, it looks as though I could just drop the needle bar 2-3mm and that would fix the problem, but then that would mean the timing marks are wrong. Fun, isn't it? John
  10. Hi I have a Singer 20u that I'm just starting to use. I find that it occasionally fails to hook the thread, always on the right hand side - more often on wider zig-zags. I have the service manual, and I've checked as best I can the hook - needle position at each end of the swing. Although I have a wide variety of measuring implements I haven't got any means of checking the small vertical distances between needle eye and hook. The gap between the back of the needle and front of the hook is right (ie 0 to tiny). Do I need to persist in improvising some way of checking the hook position, or are there other things I need to check first? Cheers John
  11. Breaking all the rules; Algarve, 2007. That's the coastline in the background. John
  12. Or consider a 'vacuum switch' I blagged a couple by phoning a distributor and explaining what I was trying to do - they sent a couple as 'samples'. They're small enough to fit inside the lining of my helmet and the only bit that goes in my mouth is a bit of replaceable tubing. John
  13. Ooh! Ooh! I care! 'Spinnaker Release', AKA 'Snap Shackle' John
  14. Hi there The plate comes with both 1/4" and 3/8" screws. All stills and video cameras that I've come across use the 1/4" screw which has 20 threads per inch. (Which makes it a 1/4" B.S.W. - kneel before the mighty Whitworth!) It's obviously a 'special' because of the thin head (which has to fit between the plate and the mount) and the narrow shoulder (which goes in the slot in the plate). If you can't find the screw and don't want to buy a new plate, I have this mount and can offer you the following options: A. If you can find a engineering outfit where you are, they'll probably make you one for the price of a beer - I'll do a dimensioned drawing if required. B. In the worst case, if you're really stuck, I'll make you one and post it! Cheers John