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  1. oh for god's sake. We're a small dz, we're student orientated. There's nothing wrong with that. We make the best of what we have, even video. Staff is at a premium. Its unfortunate that the OP feels offended by humor within our own ranks, outsiders wouldn't understand the circumstances. Hell, he dished his own. Everyone who pitches in "owns" a piece of this dropzone. When you huff off and leave, the rest of us have to pick up the slack. you're going to get some heat. Sure we'd like to have the staff/jumpers from the "cool kids" but not the drama when you're around. The "cool kids" were given their nickname a couple years ago. not just sprung last weekend. They knew that. Bottom line, when you steal the kegerator, which you only partially owned, under the cover of darkness...and not pay for the other half upfront...then I would expect a ribbing on a year end video.
  2. wow, that's a pretty slanted view.
  3. gayville, south dakota climax, indiana
  4. If you think this version is bad, then try and remember the KnightRider 2000" single episode they made in the 90's. KITT was brought back to life in a 57 chevy, then some F'ed up red looking car that could drive on water. THAT was bad.
  5. I take it you have had dogs before....perhaps they died of natural causes. As tough as it was to lose them that way, it will be just as tough this time around, whenever that may be. But I'm sure you healed the first time and you will heal this time too.And find joy in getting new best friends all over again(and probably a more educated for the long term health )
  6. what would the quality of life be for these dogs after the surgeries? would they be able to run, walk, swim at 100% for the rest of their lives? What would you want done if you were their paws? I'd probably struggle too, but I'd put them down if they suffer a loss in quality of life.
  7. Take as much advice as you want, but go to your local harley shop yourself and rent for a half day or full day whichever bike you think you might like. the rates are cheap... like $75-100 depending on size. you can probably even swap bikes mid-day if you don't like what you are riding. Its a good investment if you are going to spend thousands on a bike. Also, say what you will about a harley, but when you turn around to sell a harley, it'll hold its value far better than any other bike I know.
  8. Adobe premiere elements 1.0 is not detecting my dvd recorder. does anyone know how to make it recognize my recorder?
  9. Me thinks GodZirra is coming to Ney York 18 Jan 2008. Its possible godzirra(although theres a 3D godzilla coming out soon so there's probably not two movies) After some internet searching the top idea is voltron. If you listen to the preview, the news reporter says "roaring." you can also hear a roar, and one of the bystanders said he saw it and it looks like a huge lion.
  10. did anyone catch the preview where there was a going away party and they all run the roof to see a big explosion and the statue of liberty's head rolls by? what kind of monster is this movie about?
  11. we got to see this thing at about 9K ft getting vectors into offutt. we probably got about 7 miles from it. It was amazing to see.
  12. minus the olives, and in different proportions, its called a bolduc on the beach according to
  13. not SNL skit but In Living Color rather
  14. i think better nickname is mike tyson or evander holyfield
  15. Blades of glory Will ferrells next instant classic.