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  1. I should have done the screenshot of her advertisement, but I didn't. I remember her username was like "real" name but in one word. But I'm not sure. This is her email [email protected] Maybe it will help. I understand that one man can't follow all scammers at one time. l don't have any complaints. I just want to show canopy screens and PayPal id what she using for scam and to create worse conditions for it.
  2. Guys at SkyDance Skydiving asked Mike from NZ Aerosports about that Safire and here is Mike's response: This is the third time I've heard about this canopy. I reported it to Dropzone and two others that where trying to purchase it. I have not had a reply from Dropzone. That's sad...
  3. Thank you! I will try to contact them.
  4. Hello everyone. I'm Andrew Bubniuk from Ukraine. That was the first time when I wanted to buy parachute equipment on dropzone.com and I was cheated by scammer at once. :( That was partly my fault as I had to check out more information about the seller. I just want to describe situation that appeared. Scammer: Leonila Siman. She (or maybe he in real life) wrote that she is from Chandler, USA 23th or 24th September she added advertisement about Safire 2 -149 in mint condition (05/2013, 90 jumps) with low price (1200$). And I was looking for exactly that canopy. Certainly l contacted with "seller" and asked her to send me more photos of Safire and soon she have sent me another pics also with label. I decided that if she sent them so quick it was okay - she was an owner. I informed her that I was ready to buy parachute and we made a deal. She sent me account id in PayPal - [email protected] I'm not sure that it is her own account, it could be hacked. When I transferred money only after three days she sent me tracking number AZ6368220878MA and the link on shipping company website - www.skycargoaz.ga (Gaboon!!!). There are no contacts and information about company is too poor. I didn't find information about this on Internet at all. On this website it's possible to track shipment but I think this was done for delaying so the time of PayPal deal will be off. When I checked the IP of this site I found that it was registered in Netherlands for Gaboon LTD... I was trying to contact with "seller" but there was no response... Here are photos of that Safire. Maybe someone will recognize his own parachute... Hope I can find her with your help. That's all. Be careful...