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  1. 377...10-4 over. When they brought in the DC3 the place went over the top. But it had to be....LOL
  2. That's a great post, two damaged ski taxis and the Meridith bros didn't snuff you. Pretty good guys, I jumped alot with Ed Wilkes out of his Beach 18, good fun back in the 70's, sex, substances and sky flying.
  3. Your statement "Trust isn't knowing what someone will do - it's knowing what they Won't do!" Is spot ON!!!!
  4. I try to live by "Never try to eat then exit with more than you can dump @ 1500ft."
  5. Jeannie McCombs in her time was the Queen Lady of the Sky. I knew her for only a short time...What a Lady....
  6. Prior to the Pope being a DZ is was a "Fly in Ranch Resort" If I am correct and excuse my misspelling for I am certain I will not spell it correctly... so I'm going to take shot at it...Useabelie's. That's terrible but the best I can do. The DZ began regular operations in 1972 and closed approx. 1982. It's closing can only be determined by those who operated it. A the time there were a number of causes floating in the rumor bin. The one that I think is most plausible is that local property owners were opposed to the intrusion of their other wise peaceful Valley that was created by the DZ. That's my take...other's might be able to shed more light. The fact is...It was a blast while it lasted.
  7. Jeannie McCombs was a Terrific Lady...I also knew her in the 70's. Was her boyfriend at that time Bill Smith. I also remember a fellow, I believe his name was Jerry Myers. The three were like glue. When the three would arrive at Yolo in Jeannie's Selby Mustang Convertible...the game was on and that evening you know Ed Wilkes, Beech 18 owner/pilot would have a party at his place in Dixon. Good people...Good memories.
  8. When Calistoga closed most moved to Yolo. Pope Valley was a pirate DZ and didn't become an licensed DZ for maybe two or three years after Calistoga. If my memory serves me correctly...pulled a lot of silver.
  9. I believe that a mistake might have been made when saying: that Pope valley was once the "Largest Parachute training during World War II" Still there are many of us who will agree that is was one hell of a lot of fun during the 70's and 80's in a little hide away valley just east of Yolo DZ....Back in the days before Velcro....LOL.
  10. Pope Valley is closed and has been for some time. The runway is basically abandoned except for random local/private use. The "resort" is closed and has been in ruin/disrepair since the DZ closed. The world a we knew it in that area has sadly come to it's end.
  11. Steve...You having me laughing so hard...I have to pull.
  12. Pope Valley...You Bet it was the Fun.in the boonies...Sky Party Heaven. From time to time Igo past it and look and remember with Big Smiles. I have not made a jump in 30 years. Knees....But this Web site might just get me past that. Thank You! An airplane is just a one way Taxi to the Sky.....
  13. In the 70's Jeannie drove the hell out of a Shelby Mustang, light metallic green. I had the chance to jump on a couple of loads out of Yolo on Ed Wilkes Beech 18. I thing they had the "Love" team going at that time. This was just after Calistoga was shut down and everyone went to Yolo.