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  1. Went to Skydive Auckland over the X'mas & New Year holiday season and got about 6 jumps in total while in Auckland!...Skydive Auckland's DZ is probably the most squeaky clean & immaculate DZ I've ever been to! Everything was super clean, including the restrooms!!! I mean, I'm a 'home-sh*tter' & I ONLY take sh*ts at my own home or 5-star hotels but if I had to take one in case of emergency, I'd feel at home doing it at Skydive Auckland. That's how clean the place is. Everyone that works there are super friendly! A great vibe overall! (in their website they mentioned "As New Zealand's most sport friendly drop zone", they're NOT joking! lol) I really feel at home while I was there. And you get a decent view while on canopy!... The ONLY DRAWBACK: It's HELLA EXPENSIVE!!! NZ$81 ($45 jump tix + $35 rig rental) for 1 JUMP! YIKES!!!...But I'd still go back for the atmostphere and I had a great experience!