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  1. Ha, yeah, hopefully it will be an enlightening experience I'm not sure about the rules on handcams either (in the UK). After looking at some of the outside videos (and photos) from other tandem skydives, I think I'll be happy with that on its own. I will look into the handcams though, just not on this forum!
  2. I clearly am not doing that though. I had no idea that cameras were such a big issue, so this was unintentional. Everyone who gave me information or advice I thanked. In response to everyone else (and you), they are the ones creating arguments by insulting me for no reason and continuing to do so, adding nothing to the discussion other than "you are a troll" "you are an idiot" "you have no respect". If you don't like the thread or aren't willing to be civil, don't read it, don't comment on it. It is as simple as that, my friend.
  3. No. Just a complete beginner who made the wrong assumption that it would be okay to use a camera. Now I know the rules and why they are important, no thanks to you. I always thought trolls were people aren't constructive and stray from the topic at hand - which is what you have just done. Either that, or I assume you mean the mythical creature that doesn't exist. In any case, it is you who is the idiot. I won't take it too personally however, because it seems you like to put others down - looking at your sig "You're not as good as you think you are." Maybe you should take heed of your own 'advice'?
  4. Yeah! I'm glad about that. If I enjoy it I am thinking of getting into the sport. I'm not taking it personally, this question must appear all the time. It is no excuse though. Thanks again.
  5. Fair enough. To be honest, I have seen so many videos (even from people who say they are on their first skydive) filmed from an action camera on their person. So, naturally I assumed there wasn't an issue about it. But maybe I should have looked it up before asking the question. In any case, I am glad I didn't shell out £200 on a camera for no reason haha.
  6. I kind of see your point. I meant that it seemed ridiculous to me, as I didn't yet understand the reasons why. I did go on to say "rules are rules" though. It isn't like I am disrespecting the rules, or prepared to break them. Ultimately I was polite to everyone, and I expected the same courtesy back.
  7. I realise that now! Thank you, I hope so. Slightly put off by the 'varying degrees of politeness' on here though. I trust this isn't representative of the skydiving scene as a whole.
  8. Thanks for the explanation and extra information regarding helmets. I obviously understand the dangers involved, but my main/reserve chute not deploying and all of those technicalities have nothing to do with me. I am merely there for the ride, it is the tandem instructor who will be controlling everything. If something goes wrong, there will be very little I can do. It's almost like you all expect me to know it all.
  9. It has been done. If you ask around you may find someone who will allow you to attach a camera to your harness chest strap. I have heard of people hand holding Gopros. That being said, most DZs will not allow it, and none on your head. I don't think people should jump allover a future tandem passenger for making the wrong assumptions. They have no reference to gauge the risks involved. I think that the chest mount or chest strap, is probably an acceptable option, although I doubt the footage would be much to see. To the original poster, outside camera is very good, if the dropzone offers it, combining outside camera, with the tandem instructor having hand-cam is best option available and you will be very happy with the results. Thank you. I don't know why some of the people feel the need to be so harsh / rude. I thought this would be a friendly place to get advice, since there is very little reference (like you say) for someone like me. Once the rules/reasons were explained to me I fully appreciated them.
  10. I don't know where the DZ is yet. Insofar, it hasn't been organised to that extent and I was only asked if I wanted to join the team yesterday. So I can't ask the skydivers involved. I see people dying quite regularly where I volunteer (at a hospital). Although not skydiving related, through these I know the importance of adhering to any safety rules. I commented that I didn't understand the danger, and that it seemed ridiculous to me. Now that the 'experts' have told me why, I can appreciate the rules. There is really no need to be unpleasant with me.
  11. I imagine you've watched a tandem jump or two on youtube. Have you seen any where the passenger is wearing the sort of helmet you are thinking of using? Why do you think that is? Mark Yes. I've seen plenty of them.
  12. Hmmm. I see. I think it is a bit ridiculous. It is probably the first and last skydive I will do, I wanted something that showed it from my point of view as well as the outside photographer taking a video. I don't see what harm strapping a small camera to my helmet would do. It isn't as if I would be messing around with it or letting it distract me. It would be a simple matter of turning it on before I even get on the plane and forgetting it is even there. But rules are rules and I guess there will be people who aren't as sensible.
  13. Hi all, this is my first post here :) I am doing a charity skydive in April and want to capture it on camera. I have singled out the GoPro Hero 3 White and the Sony HDR-AS15 as the main candidates, although I am open to any suggestions from you guys. You will undoubtedly know more than me. My budget is £200 ($330) although I have found the Sony HDR-AS15 £140. From my research, the Sony seems better in terms of image quality (especially for everyday and low light usage). It also has the wide lens. Ultimately the GoPro looks cool and has many more accessories and mounting options though. Speaking of mounting, what is the best way to mount the cam for a skydive? I want it to be as stable as possible and from my POV, so it needs to be on my helmet I assume. Will the sticky tabs do the job?