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  1. I personally like exercise balls and various crunches and plank exercises you can do with it. Planks on the ground are good too.
  2. jdm0912

    I hate my job

    you sort of have to define "trapped." wife, kids, one income...I get it. when I felt that way, I stuck it out for awhile, saved money, and then finally quit. it was a good job, great money and benefits, but I couldn't stand even driving into work. then again, I had no wife or (especially) kids. Just read a little more about you situation and see you have kid(s). Best of luck. John
  3. I've been thinking about getting a HD camera just for fun jumps for awhile now. It looks like the newer CX 110 does not have any internal memory (just from looking on Sony's site at specs), while the CX 100 has 8 GB. Is this a factor at all, or does everyone just use memory sticks anyway (which is what I would assume, but just figured I would check) thanks, John
  4. I am looking into getting an S-fly and heard import tax was pretty substantial. Called the office in charge and was told it would be about 16% or 160 USD. Wonder why this would be different than with the BM suits?
  5. So is the list still accurate? 1-Voodew1 (TX) 2-Professor (TX) 3-FlyinBob (TX) 4-Buried (IL) 5-The111 (LOCAL!) 6-Skyflyingbecca (FL) 7-Moonglo (TX) 8-Luminous (TX) 9-unclecharlie95 (ITALIA) 10-Base733 (UT) 11-nathaniel(IL) 12-HELMUT (Tatooween) 13-OmarPR (LOCAL) 14-RobertPecnik(CROATIA) 15-Purple Mike(Earth) 16-Costyn (NL) (very likely) 17-Matt (GA) 18-Joni (NE) 19-Yuri (Russia-USA) 20-Lifewithoutanet (CA/CO, USA) 21-badenhop (Lodi) 22-Mike Steen (UT) 23-EmLo (Local) 24-DaMan (Local) 25- Rob Jones (Local) 26-Scott Bland (Local) 27-Chris Ware (Local) 28-Scotty Burns (Local) 29-Jeff Nebelkopf (Local) 30-Mike (Local) 31-Paul Mazillo (Local) 32-Scary Perry (Local) 33-Mark (normis) Cochran (Local) 34-Manny (Local) 35-Lurch? (NH) 36-Mudbug(TX) 37-Murphy (AZ) It is now.
  6. Thanks for your inputs. (I've always thought there are several ways to accomplish the same thing, and, undoubtedly, one or two of those will stand out as being the most efficient. Thus, the reason for my post-the more opinions in this case, the better).
  7. It's a Hawkeye. Right now, I've just stuffed some basic foam into it, but that's temporary. I suppose rubber foam is what they've used - this would be better, but I didn't come across any. Avail. at a H/W store?
  8. Just wondering if there are any links (or if anyone wants to post) related to the subject of "techniques for ensuring a proper fit for camera helmets." I bought a helmet (like many others, I'm sure) where the size is slightly larger than necessary b/c the next size down would've been much too small. I'd like to look into having it fit properly so it doesn't move from side to side. Currently, I have to tighten the chip cup a great deal (maybe this is normal) and it still moves b/c of the fit (mostly too much room on the sides). Any information on molding (injection) or the best materials to use? Any help appreciated. John