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  1. i'm still hoping to win the lottery so i can be unemployed by choice and not have to worry. until then i'm content with my job.
  2. nothing's worse then the time i found a used diaper full of shit under one of the shelves at work (i work in a grocery store). we smelt shit all night and it was terrible and no one knew where it was coming from, sure enough i had to go looking. what kind of parent leaves a crap filled diaper under a grocery aisle? did they change them in the aisle? if so how did anyone not notice.... needless to say it was the most disgusting smell.
  3. this is by far the best one
  4. hahaha it's my birthday today too!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY
  5. you're telling me! getting promoted and huge raises ALWAYS helps hahaha it's what the women want right? I can't wait for my birthday
  6. HAhaha you guys are the best and it's SO funny you all remembered or probably had some kind of reminder because no one back home knows thanks again everyone haha you made my day!! and now that' i'm 21 (well, on sunday) yes ladies, i'm legal everywhere now so be on the lookout
  7. that's another thing i liked about them, and also the one i bought was the video ipod so it also holds a ton of videos and pictures and displays them in really high quality.
  8. i bought an actual ipod and personally i like it better than the sony's or irivers etc etc, some friends have had troubles with the look a likes. ipods are great though, as long as a computer has itunes you can pretty much upload/download anything with your ipod.
  9. BSBD I will always miss you shannon and the great conversations and times we had together this isn't fair at all.
  10. damn you beat me to it i was going to say, he's got huge wood
  11. but still it's an awesome idea! now i know she'll be too young to get this hahaha but for some of us....did santa just....vanish into thin air? i mean there's footprints coming from OUT of the fireplace....but none going back and how did she react to it?
  12. Extra touch? what do you mean by that? WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY THAT?? you mean you're santa? of course that's what you mean......
  13. ya i agri with u 100 pecant. what if they have a reading writting problem? does that mean they shouldn't post?