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  1. TheCorp


    I have done over 20 jumps with the helmet at this point, I used to only jump with my Cookie G3. However I wanted an open face and ended up with the edge. EDIT: September 2018 I've been using this helmet for years now, and I am still speechless regarding this helmet! Its fitment, its longterm durability, its comfort, and sound deafening characteristics still make this helmet unbeatable. Everyone whom has taken the time to try my helmet have also been taken away by it. It's amazing, it's comfortable, it doesnt look dorky, its super quiet (I don't even remove it in flight, its that quiet). And for the price, I'd buy another one without hesitation Edit: I now have done over 300 jumps with this helmet. The comfort is still there and the padding is still perfect. I now added a quick release chin strap and a go pro mount onto it. Stop reading this review and buy/order this helmet already.
  2. +1 Amen. Be first to land, run to packing area, pack in 4min, then back on plan before boarding call. its the least costly option in my opinion. But then again, money aside, who doesnt want a second rig?
  3. my dropzone continually motivate people to improve and gain experience. Therefore if you have the propre licence, and have shown overall awareness and good thinking, the instructors will include new jumpers (but dont expect to be far from an instructor). My first 20way was at jump 68, as the dropzone loves doing morning ''zoo`s'' with all the early birds there's missing a 50-100 jump category (so ill just use 100+)
  4. i let the dropzone have the last word on wind. Nouvel Air are cautious, thus i trust their judgment. maybe due to my lack of overall experience, i love flying no matter what the wind speed. As this gives learning opportunities
  5. first jump was when i was a child, i think i was 4 years old, my father was a tandem master and had gotten a child harness built. Skydiving had always been normal in my family
  6. Skyventure Montreal, its easily accessed, and you can always find a lift to nearby dropzone`s. Theres 2-3 hotels near by, and alot of different restaurants within minutes of the tunnel.
  7. TheCorp


  8. Nouvel Air is located at the edge of Farnham, surrounded by Farming fields and a small lake. There are 2 drop zones and are easily seen from above. AND what a view! Although one might be busy in a 4way or organized big way, its still a nice place to jump with wonderful views anywhere you look (the farms, lake champlain, farnham, military base, etc.) On weekends, there are plenty of back to back flights. The amount of jumps you do are only limited by your packing speed. I recommend you bring a tent if your planning on staying till after last flight and first beer.... (just remember your sleeping in a tent next to a plane, so you'll get woken up for first flight). There are many events and training courses throughout the season. A great place for a progression, and a fun time.
  9. It is well located in the middle of a shopping district, with great restaurants nearby. Plenty of parking of parking around the complex and easily accessed through public transit. The staff is friendly and provide great coaching, with the possibility of training with Canadian skydiving Team Evolution. Skyventure is also used by local dropzones for part of their skydiving certification courses Great place to stay "active" during the winter season