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  1. Hello all, going to be travelling to the Amalfi Coast in September for a wedding and am wondering if there will be a dropzone close enough for a day trip? Thanks in advance!
  2. No I didn't...that's another thing I learned. Always pull silver even if the RSL has deployed my reserve. I hadn't thought about the muscle memory. While it was happening, I was just aware that my reserve had deployed by the time my hands were making their way to the handle, so I didn't pull. Next time I will.
  3. Next time....make quicker a decision. I didn't realize how much time had passed between opening and cutaway. Funny as it sounds now, while it was happening, I wasn't 100% sure I needed to cutaway. Crazy how things seem to be happening so slow. I cutaway at 1800 and shouldn't have waited so long.
  4. Thank you! On your question about the diving....I thought so too, but it's a Pilot 150 and I'm only about 1:1.
  5. The Ayres in Moreno Valley is nice and reasonably priced. Tell them you're a skydiver and they give you a discount, I think $89 a night. Lots of restaurants to choose from.
  6. Thanks for the responses! I definitely hesitated, but you're right, a great learning experience. Great to have one under my belt.
  7. Hi all, Just had my first cutaway. I think it's tension knots, but wondering if I can get opinions from more experienced folks. Pic attached as well as link to video. Thanks!
  8. I jumped a very out of trim Sabre 1 from jump 45-122 and was having a very hard time on the landings, I wasn't getting much out of the flare. I thought it was me (and granted with my jump numbers of course I wasn't doing everything perfectly) and was trying to adjust my flare timing. Jump 122 I was experimenting with flaring higher and ended up breaking my ankle on a hard landing. I would recommend making sure the canopy is in good shape by getting inspected by a rigger. Now that I'm on a new canopy my landings are fine. Good luck.
  9. Just wondering for those of you who have had this injury, how soon after did you get back to jumping? Did you wait as long as your doctor suggested? I broke my tib/fib and dislocated my ankle on a bad landing on July 26, surgery on August 1. Doctor wants me to wait until January to start jumping again. I'm not ready yet as I'm still barely walking, but curious as to what others have done.
  10. I've lived in San Diego all my life. The East Village area has been built up heavily over the past 10 years, starting with the construction of Petco Park. Its becoming an "up and coming" area....I'm guessing if they do it right it could be a good combination of local skydivers and tourists.
  11. NWFlyer, thanks for the response and I respect your posts. Agreed, definitely a planned jump dropping things out of the sky in a place like Eloy where there are miles of open desert would be safer.....however, dropping a phone at 7000 that lands 50' off a road at Perris...not so much. Obviously just my opinion but a phone dropping at 120mph could seriously injure or kill someone. Just as an altimeter or a camera or a helmet could. Probably not likely but definitely possible and something that should be taken into consideration.
  12. I just saw this on facebook. I am new to the sport but I have often thought of how dangerous things falling from the sky can be to us and others on the ground. I worry about rafts, hula hoops, etc.....and even cutaway mains. Of course the cutaway is in a different category. Be safe.
  13. I have this container. What I do is my first locking stow is center, then I go right, then left, then criss cross the others down the bag. You may have to add more rubber bands. Once I'm passed the locking stows I don't do anything more in the center, I don't recall there being an attachment point there but I'll look more closely at home, just so happens my rig is taken apart right now. I think I have about 3-4 rubber bands on each side. Hope this helps.