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  1. so, when i asked my mom what she wanted for xmas she said a hard anodized cookware set. (with emphasis on hard anodized) so i need some help here seeing as i have no idea whats good and whats not since the only pots ive ever spent money on came with my trangia stove. anyone have any experiences/opinions im looking to spend around 100-125 but will spend more if its a good deal/ big step up in quality.
  2. head: a poly-pro type hat that covers the ears (i like the pearl izumi stuff) and maybe a balaclava if for below 35. jacket: below 45-50 deg i go with a softshell jacket with a thin fleece lining in it and anywhere from a thin under layer to a thick one if its below 20. i like softshells because theyre way cheaper then cycling stuff, theyre super flexible temp wise (esp with pit zips), you can take a spill in them and not rip them apart, and you dont look like a tool wearing them off the bike. bottoms: i really like the pearl izumi amfib tights (although id go for the bibs next time, no question.) theyre expensive, but theyre worth it. and if its really gross, windy, insanely cold out i like to put a pair of 5.11 cargo pants w/kneepad inserts on, to keep extra warm/dry i almost fucked my knees up last year by pushing too big of gears with not enough insulation, so now i make sure my knees are WARM! watever you do dont get a pair of tights/bibs with a chamois, that way you can wear the shorts you already have and only have to buy one pair. shoes, socks: i have a few pairs of cycling shoes and honestly my sidis are the warmest most water resistant ones i own. i bought one pair of shoe covers and took them back the next day, not my thing. socks WOOL no question, a sealskinz over sock below 30deg gloves: BRING 2 PAIR, nothings worse the riding home in a wet pair of gloves. ow i have a few random pairs and a pair of the big fat peal izumi ones and remember BRING 2 PAIR also full fenders on the bike will make everything a lot more doable/easy
  3. the dragon does!
  4. dude, you wouldnt last 5 minutes working at my dz, even the timid ones would eat you alive...
  5. whats the difference between a homeless person who begs for scraps and a packer?? packers listen to trance!!
  6. now your getting it! how do you know your girlfriends fucking a packer?? shes always out of cigarettes!!
  7. ok, heres a good one. how do you know your friend just went in? the packers are going through his gear bag!
  8. then who would bum everyone else's smokes and drink every one else's beer?? get the fuck over yourself captain sandy vagina. if you won't pack for somebody then the next monkey will.
  9. whaaaa, nobody appreciates me, and i cant figure out why?! maybe if you put down the bong and took a shower once in a while. you really wanna know why people treat packers like crap? because the only reason you have a job is that monkeys throw their own poo. your somewhere between the guy that mops up the spooge at the nudie booths and that white stuff that forms on the corners of my mouth when im thirsty.
  10. "God's light and God's life ooze over me like warm butter". wow, thats reallly gay
  11. dude that reporter should be on the daily show, he was had me rolling on the fucking floor!
  12. SOCK BATH!!!!! i loved the dantes peak and day after tommorow parts too.
  13. ok, so i was asked to give a safety day seminar tomorrow on packing/gear maintenance. and i kinda forgot about it until today when they posted the schedule for tomorrow. im trying to make an outline of shit that i should go over, but i honestly cant think of anything right now. any ideas on what i should/shouldnt cover?
  14. i only spent like $200 bucks there last year, mostly on tires, but i also put a good chunk of change on an REI visa (1% on everything) so that almost doubled my dividend to like 60 bucks.
  15. i belive that pro-tec does not sell dot/snell m2005 approved helmets. they DO however sell ASTM 2040, CE EN 1385, CPSC approved ,ASTM F-1492 helmets for snow, watersports, bike, and skate respectively.