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  1. Ok thank you very much for your help I am 185 plus rig so it might be pushing the 1.1 a bit guess I'm gonna look for something else thanks again for your input blue sky's
  2. I have not bought anything yet I need to find out more info first here are a few pics that might help id it thanks again
  3. I do not know to much about it other than it has new lines and it's a pd 210 all the other writing is worn off.. But it does say 1996 so I'm assuming that's DOM do you know what year pd started with the F111 material ? Thanks for your help
  4. Hi my name is chris and I have a 2011 wings w14 . I know that it says a 190 is rec but would a pd 210 from 1996 fit in it ? I have a chance to get a great deal on one thanks for your help and have a great day :) blue sky's