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  1. Contact David at nc pk air park, asa delta pact, its not a pro rating, its a hundred training jumps after the reg, that comes with a hotdog stand killing license. If you ask me your in the wrong place or someone just wasn't watching the gate
  2. Saw a few issues with toggle, never had issues myself, everything I do now is very very different from my past, so its hard to talk about. When I first was learning filming the student through landing, I was like a little weird, but got the hang of it, trying to sell a multi stealth ai v pack comes with every death this aviation set has brought the planet. Im not making a habit of hunting for cam deaths but fuk ,, the world remember s sht,, the more you study the science of the eye and the brain the faster you'll be able to unplug the issue as things are set in motion you remove those negative things from the equation and see what's left to work with.Smooth is not sharp but a sharp picture is not a command to cut something. Are we clear?
  3. Hand cams are awesome, but what you screw up isn't, the guys that built this sport have used them on aff before but not main side to its degree of functions, mirror has more safe option position, lip sticks are safer and easier to rig together. If you got closed face helmets , why cant you build noise reduction and coms , go to shop class and pose the student for review, . If you give the student a hand signal with the hand cam hand that could be wierd. You want clear thinking clean development , very real performance enhancements and safety. Review dive flows with camers guy over shoulder, add In stable image input, desired student profile, now look at instructors body positions and thought process, if you can wear an alti 2 , you can wear a camera, as long as in the safety pro, con your looking at the same thing, have you ever worn an alti on your arm or low on your rig, swoopers do, add in few knotches for angle of view, through that bad boy in the wind tunnel and see what's what's. The Army does sht at night so I have to see everything, people, gear, weather, and were training and teaching and learning, you can't give up and you can't get killed, so think, ,, exchanging information in freefall should be easy safe and fun, so you can build on sensing more in the positions the sport offers, not having them taken away. Put a camera on the student thats a great idea. Brake the students neck, thats a bad idea, watch that taxi cab game show, yes I hate gopro, looks like a mid a chlorine lunch box.
  4. Lake Elsinore, smoothly, professional, safe, that yr flew by Perris Valley was chill, but the Army pulled me both times before getting settled, at the tunnel , and the school, I don't think Jim cared, Raeford was cool but damn, someguys roll withthat if your not special forces your not anything, Hawaii is cool save the super ego team weather and a football field, Florida is nazi territory save Deland, but no easy doorway in to guard from some attitude, good flyers make good dzs so being good builds for you, backing off the sport knowing you can be better then you see yourself as people are supposed to help you, sets them back, sometimes forcing them to make the environment easier and less fake, thats a cocktail for kickass boogies, no hurtys, working for the military is cool but you have to be the dick sometime, and you can't beer it and hear it as much.
  5. GOD said "Thow shall not kill" I think that ment hes a vampire or something and he was trying to eat someone alive,
  6. Its that paid off monkeys from the matrix, slaps a new face on every time neo sends us a freebe. FUKIN jokers man nosht their everywhere, steeling ssns and trash senting chicks like a false god straight out stargate tv shows, its a fukin nightmare. Givem a real small parachute see what happens, sad part , just to make you feel bad, they might have been your student, or at one time cool, till the dark angle paidem a visit.
  7. I just saw that video ,, are you fukin kidding me,, im going to the range, call me when this sht is over, yes open your eyes use the video, but no dont brake your neck or lasso 550 spec line around your student and that big ass GLASS lens
  8. The military doesn't agree with you on this,
  9. oooh - here's an interesting one Coach jump - if qualified to wear the camera? I don't have an issue with that. His job is observation, not intervention. the camera fits the description But I don't think AFFI's should be wearing cameras on AFF jumps. You are around deploying gear, it affects your ability to fly, it can be a distraction to the student, etc etc etc etc how's that for a transposition from expectations? 1) Are you suggesting an AFF/I should wear a camera on AFF jumps, or 2) are you suggesting someone implied they should? I don't think anyone (or a very low number of AFF/I's) would consider taking a video/camera on a student jump. In the case of the video... he was acting as Coach, therefore he had a video/camera. He did not take the camera with the intentions of acting as an AFF/I. the military uses micro cameras at action angles, instructors are told to ignore them, the systems need to be smooth and simple,
  10. The mind creates for us, I have a AFF rating so I can pull, but Im working on this coach jump , wait, did you say the student grabbed the reserv hand, coach pulls boc,, did he bring the guys body bag to the dz that morning, dont do stupid sht to save gear, those are people not hams,
  11. I dont speak english or spell very well so bare with me, EACH time a student lands as even we do, they go through a biochemical shift, new to the sport ,, if its a crow's wing,, like bad jump one after another, they just don't get it. When they see and speak review with instructor that shift and rashenal navigates with that recall and memory. Making a mind stronger has everything to do with telling it. parking the plane behind them at shady performce review time might not massage that brain, under the situ, finding submental solutions at this point and time is a good idea, an instructor needs to be a brain surgeon about this, and the rules need to sector in on progression issues.
  12. I had a spank job for while in hawaii ,, before i died and became a ghost contractor, , true easy money, cute asian girls almost blowing away in the wind, a micron sigma icurus 330, , all day ,, awesome, but wait , in walks Tucker Jones the 3rd with his three brothers all of equal wait and proportions, im not doing a 720 hook turn just to try and stand these whales up,, after the boss bribed me to stay and work off my own extra wait,, you want the 400 what it is, and that gene wind charm,
  13. Theres a thing called deployment design, it takes in factors that you can see when you step back and watch air energy , body position and mass, extra motion energy,, task pos for standard deployment, in a design that has the resv closed with a strate pen, if the aad fires , then pen in some gear types , im not saying in all ,it is still laying or is mounted at position said ,, the spring might have to work past that pos, there,, is still a relevant dynamic in deployment atmosphere, , clear and simple, you need to know your gear better then a rigger who desighned it whos your wife that your fukin, lazy is the only other direction, , there are also other levels and standards that you can aim and hold towards, having a good measure for the difference at types of reserve activation is a good thing, knowing that in the future there doesn't have to be is a good goal,