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  1. Hi Folks, Sadly I am still chasing the dream to join you guys and learn to be a Skydiver which is continually hampered by erratic unscheduled career as a freelance Sound Mixer. After 6 Tandems, with basic understanding and some tunnel time and armed with the knowledge I need to learn this and get my AFF course in the bag and start to really learn what this is all about I wondered if anyone had any knowledge of a good drop zone in Venezuela. I am filming out there in February next year for Discovery for around 6 weeks and wanted to do a course in the mid shoot break if possible. I have been reading forums and read some pretty mixed reviews of the drop zones there, sent a few emails and even called but my impression is that the service is pretty hit and miss. I know I can be so wrong as I maybe just missing the right contact so thought I'd ask here. I am based in the UK and would like to complete my AFF course, consolidation jumps and as many other jumps as possible to build up my skill base. Obviously I want to do this safely and with good instructors that speak English who are qualified to certify me correctly. I do speak basic Spanish but understanding the instruction 100% is important for progression. I may find that I will have to do this back in Europe or in the US but as I am already there for work and will save me money on flights etc and I should have a 2 week window between shoots, I felt it was worth reach out to you guys with the knowledge and experience of drop zones around the world. Any advice would be warmly received. Kind regards in advance All the best Stu