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  1. The Airspeed guys are great. I got a couple coach jumps from one of the Airspeed guys and he was talking about the Mantis position. I Talked to him about it alittle. Just wanted to get more input before trying. I'm going to try it this weekend. I don't do much RW work, but would like to try this position. Never know this might turn me around from being a freefly freak!!!! "Do or Do not there is no try" Yoda
  2. Hey guys thanks for all your helpful input. The reason I was asking the ?. I've nver heard that much about the mantis position and was wondering if it was better than the box. Majasantos thank again and great website. If anyone comes across anymore info please post. "Do or Do not there is no try" Yoda
  3. any good articles or pages for mantis body position info?? "Do or Do not there is no try" Yoda
  4. phrog12

    Body Postions

    Can Anyone tell me the difference between the two body postions "The Box" , and "The Praying Mantis". And what the advantages if any. "Do or Do not there is no try" Yoda
  5. It's been about 8 months since my last jump. What kind of taining will I have to complete when I return from the dead "Do or Do not there is no try" Yoda
  6. Has anyone jumped at Emerald Coast DZ in Alabama or Crestview DZ in Florida? I will be moving to Pensacola and was wondering how the DZs were. I've been jumping at Skydive,AZ. "Do or Do not there is no try" Yoda
  7. I have just about completed my ASP training at Skydive,AZ. I have progressed on to the solo jumps. I will not have time to complete them before I have to move to Fla. There I will be jumping at either Emerald Coast or Crestview DZs. They use IAF not ASP or AFF method to teach there students. My question is when I move will this effect my jumping? Will I have to repeat any jumps, or will I continue from were I am now? And what is the difference between IAF and AFF?