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    I am selling this (pretty much) brand new rig after exiting the sport a few months ago. This rig has a Skyhook, magnetic risers, fully articulated harness, stainless steel hardware, and a hook knife located on the left leg loop. It fits me perfect as a 5'10" and 150 pound male. The Cypres is the changeable version. There are no markings or any signs of use, as I have only made around 30 jumps on it. The reserve has never been used and is in need of a repack. I will throw in the gear bag for free.


    - US

  2. Hello, Dropzone community. It is such an honor to be part of the skydiving community. I received my A-license a couple weeks ago, and have almost 50 jumps. So, now I'm on my next mission of acquiring my first rig