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  1. Oe! Whats the deal with monotrack? Its been really long time since "allmost done, just few tweeks yada yada yada.." Dont get me wrong, i want to see one, fly one, buy one, but its starting to look like a fucking joke..
  2. Never said I didnt care "I dont get..." "Thats fine..."
  3. Wingsuit itself adds variables like exit technigue, pull and few other details. Some people dont want to take those excess risks. I dont get the whole "onepiece is cheating" attitude some people have. Cheating on who? Yourself? Sametime everybody is allways telling that "you should basejump only for yourself. Not for youtube. Basejumping should never be competing, yada yada yada". Well i want to fly further and im just a shitty tracker. If i can fly further in onepiece without sacrificing safety, why wouldn't I? Cause everybody else will ignore my tracking in "little piece of shit wingsuit"? Thats fine for me if im having more fun than before. But then again, i just ordered a masai