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  1. Did we just get scolded? Do we get spanked too? Katie Get your PMS glass necklace here
  2. Did you just buy that? I was looking at a stock 135 with those colors and the web site doesn't have it listed anymore. That was last month! Katie Get your PMS glass necklace here
  3. katiebear21

    Blue hair

    How dare you insult that awesome cartoon? It was the Smurfs! And, they didn't have blue hair! We will call him a freak though if it doesn't look good! Katie Get your PMS glass necklace here
  4. 168... That actually makes me feel bad! Is anyone else worried about Homer? Don't worry Homer - "don't ask, don't tell" still works in your line of work! Katie Get your PMS glass necklace here
  5. I've just had a really shitty day - the guys I work with were being self-centered pricks, my car died (again), I missed another opportunity to Jumpmaster a C-17, AND I posted this in the wrong forum the first time! I figured the best way to compensate was to post whore, drink, and think of things to buy that I really can't afford. That brings me to my next dilemma. I'm not at all creative and I'm having a hard time putting colors together for my canopy I hope to order after the Eloy Boogie. I've attached a picture of my rig (I bought a demo from SP last month) but basically I've committed the ultimate sin and bought a rig with both purple and pink. That's not normally my thing but I actually think it looks pretty cool. Anyway - need help with the colors. I'm going to buy a Sabre2 and so far I'm liking the colors Blackberry (which is really just purple), Magenta, and Black. I was thinking of adding either Silver or White so it wasn't so dark. Any ideas? Katie Get your PMS glass necklace here
  6. Apply for that Best Buy card, do the no interest with payments for 1 year, and buy the digital camera. So much more versatile! I had to do that when my 35mm broke! Love it! Want to buy it so I can skydive more? Katie Get your PMS glass necklace here
  7. Sweet! I can say that I've been smoke free for a while now and it feels great! After I quit, I used to be one of those that made up every excuse in the book to buy a pack. You know the ones... "I've had such a bad day" or "I only smoke when I drink". Now when I get stupid and have one puff it almost makes me sick! Besides that, your breath tastes like A**! Keep it up and if you need emotional support you know where we are! Katie Get your PMS glass necklace here
  8. Welcome to the forum... I'm curious about the porn star occupation... are you really a star or just into porn? Katie Get your PMS glass necklace here
  9. Think we can knock out that water training for my B license in the hot tub? Katie Get your PMS glass necklace here
  10. Jump was a no go... pilot got sick! Must have been to one of the local Fayetteville strip bars! That's enough to make anyone sick! Katie Get your PMS glass necklace here
  11. Well, I'm one beer into the night and Coconutmonkey has officially opened the hot tub for the evening. Let's ponder the choices. Sit here alone and drink (pathetic); drink online with you guys (pretty cool); drink at the Coconutmonkey lounge - which is always well stocked - sitting in a hot tub, listening to a CD compliments of Nathan's addition of an outdoor media player, and fall asleep pruny... HMMMMMM... Katie Get your PMS glass necklace here
  12. Aren't you supposed to be in the field??? SHAMMER! Katie Get your PMS glass necklace here
  13. Sorry... Kansas is a bit far! Katie Get your PMS glass necklace here
  14. Your post numbers exceed your skydive numbers? I had to get off newbie status... now I'm feeling like a whore (post whore that is)! I'm thinking I should just give it up for the night and start drinking... I don't type very well when I drink! (Coconutmonkey - no comments please!) Katie Get your PMS glass necklace here
  15. We all just keep using that as an excuse to go to sick call and get the day off! Katie Get your PMS glass necklace here
  16. Holy crap woman! New car, new TV! I want your job! I've been employed full time since college (which I managed to get paid for with scholarships) and I drive a red (Ok, it's so faded it's actually pink) 1989 Ford Probe and I'm broke at the end of every month! I'm starting to think I need to take some financial management classes! YOU GO GIRL! Katie Get your PMS glass necklace here
  17. I'm a very proud scorpio... don't actually know why. I think it has something to do with that wicked stingy thing! I've been so busy I actually forgot totally about my b-day this year until I was on the phone applying for a new credit card (w/a higher credit limit and 0% APR to pay for my new gear) and the guy said you're having a birthday in two days... I said "NO SHIT" and had to look at the calendar. Anyway, it's tomorrow so "happy birthday to me"!
  18. Ok, will leave the Gods out of this and resort to a good old-fashioned spanking! Katie Get your PMS glass necklace here
  19. Yeah, that's why I like Skydiving better! More room (or altitude ) for error! Katie Get your PMS glass necklace here
  20. We might have to report you to the canopy Gods for the misuse of a Stiletto! Katie Get your PMS glass necklace here
  21. I can't really say the standard "welcome to dz.com" so again, you've confused the blonde! Oh, well... just trying to post to get off newbie status! "Y O U A R E P O P"!!! That took me too long to type so that's all you get! Katie Get your PMS glass necklace here
  22. Glad I can't be accused of JM'ing that one! Guess we're not used to getting that much altitude (1500Ft) and the JM's didn't adjust to the wind dummy. I think I made a pretty good one though! Katie Get your PMS glass necklace here
  23. The scariness didn't set in until I was home in bed that night. I was a pretty new jumpmaster getting my night AJ. Everything went sweet and then when I exited I felt like a dog that came to the end of his chain when he didn't really know he was tied up. Believe it or not, all that pre-jump just kicks in and you do exactly what you're supposed to without even thinking about it. The worst part was the pressure of the wind on my back... don't really remember anything else except keeping as tight as I could so my static line didn't get misrouted somewhere. Luckily my safety was on it and had me cut away in less than 10 seconds. I didn't really know what happened so I was ready to pop my reserve and then felt the opening shock of my canopy. Went to lower my equipment and couldn't figure out why I didn't feel it come to the end of the lowering line (duh!). The incident really made me put more faith into the rigidness of the training and I bitch a lot less now that an operation takes 6 hours because of all the repetition! Katie Get your PMS glass necklace here
  24. Yep - almost five years in the Army with the last 3 at Fort Bragg. I'm staying until it isn't fun or until they piss me off and station me somewhere I can't get to a DZ. It's pretty bad when your assignment preference sheet is based on mileage to the nearest DZ. Katie Get your PMS glass necklace here
  25. Interesting though that Benning and Bragg teach JM school very differently. Even the sustained airborne training that is conducted prior to each jump is different. The MIRPS is a definite improvement to the T-10 reserve... deploys like a civilian reserve except it is catapulted by a 10oz. lead weight. Because of the locking pin mechanism and the pressure that it holds it has been a concern for jumpmasters. I believe we had 4 fatal/near fatal injuries here at Bragg in a very short time attributed to premature deployment of the reserve. We (limited to the JM team) now use a black rubbery insert that slips into the rip cord grip stow pocket to help prevent such cases. I honestly have to say that after being towed by a C-130 by my HPT lowering line and being put in the trees out of a CSS Casa over Sicily DZ, I do fewer and fewer military static line jumps. It took me 2-1/2 years to acquire 32 and in three months of skydiving I have made over 50 jumps injury free. I'll pull ground duties all week long and skydive all weekend!!! Katie Get your PMS glass necklace here