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  1. This is a very interesting setup. Never seen anything like it. Thank you for taking the time to rig and photog this device. I need to look it over and figure out how it operates.
  2. The application relates to a line to hold the kite stationary, not a release for the rider side. I will work with trying a step forward two back...gracias for the well-thought responses. If anyone knows of any small cam/spring driven device please do jump in (pun intended). BTW killer footage of those dudes who jumped out of the 2 planes....badass...
  3. Thanks for all the ideas on this thread. I found magnets may suit the application. Stay safe as we kiters say!
  4. I did look into downrigger release clips but they are designed for thin lines. A breakaway line would be too complicated for kiters to replace. This line would be used to hold a kite down and need to release under a certain load on its own...not be used during riding.
  5. I am a kitesurfer looking at developing a quick release safety system. In particular, I seek a device that will automatically release a rope when a load reaches ~50lbs. This device would need to detect the load (eg. spring or cam) and then release on its own. Unlike a panic shackle or quick release shackle that are manually activated... I understand you folks mainly use devices that prevent release, but I would like to pick your brain and see if you have any advice. Thank you.