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  1. that was fucked. wake your selfish, ignorant asses up. The NPS is stepping it up--that means YOU have to get stealthier. mh
  2. Has anybody completed all 4 objects by burning them yet? I've heard of someone who's at least CLOSE as of last night yesterday afternoon? Tone it down people. mh
  3. you hit the nail on the head. That is his BUSINESS! He doesn't have to justify his prices to you--the fact that he tried to explain it to you even when you balked on the deal, IMHO, MAKES him that much more professional. What exactly does the letter "R" mean to you in the following Acronym: CRW??? Don't you head up the Oaklahoma chapter of the "Future Skygods of America" club? pull your head out dude. not're a petty DICK. Pay for the photo or quit whining about it. (now maybe this thread can get a lock). see above comment about you being a DICK. mh
  4. point taken--yes I recognize that none of us are excluded from the list of "those who COULD go in," but the hypothetical list I speak of would contain the names of those people that should be bowling rather than BASE jumping. mh
  5. I think more appropriate would be a list of those that are GOING TO DIE in the pursuit of BASE. That might at least help *prevent* a death/injury... mh
  6. Tom; While I generally agree with what you've said above, You aren't taking deep brake approaches into consideration. A vented canopy such as a RockDragon or a Troll MDV has been DESIGNED to provide stability in deep brake approaches, and leave you with a reasonable amount of flare to land you safely in a tight spot. I think it's wrong to base your canopy choice on the factors Tom mentioned by themselves, without considering the spots you want to land in. If your local "largish A" is surrounded by 60' pine trees, as are a couple around these parts, you will need a steep, stable approach to keep from dashing yourself onto sharp rocks or the trees/objects themselves. These days there are many good canopies on the market, each excelling in one or two things, but lacking in others. There is no single canopy that is "the best" in all categories. Therefore, as a beginner, it makes the most sense to me to get a single canopy that performs medium well in ALL areas, and develop your canopy piloting skills as much as possible while you learn that canopy. During this time, it's a good idea to judge each BASE jump based on your current skill set and canopy's flight characteristics, limiting yourself to jumps that may well be "below" your ability level, but recognizing that you need to practice ALL of the skills in your BASE "quiver," including your landings. That said, I think the Mojo is an excellent "all-around" canopy. It may not inflate as quickly as a vented canopy, but that shouldn't be a factor in any of the jumps you SHOULD be doing as a beginner. It may not have the "best" deep brake approaches, but it does well enough for the situations you SHOULD be allowing yourself to be in as a beginner. I personally don't care for the ACE, but many people do. I do love the flight characteristics of a Dagger, but not all do. Tom's advice of demoing many different canopies is good. Just be sure to do it in a low-pressure environment such as out of an airplane. I think you get the point--your equipment doesn't keep you alive. YOU keep yourself alive. Develop the skills in your BASE "quiver." I guarantee if you continue to BASE jump, you WILL find yourself in a situation where you need them to save your life! (that's not a "you will PROBABLY need them," that is a "MOST DEFINATELY need them"). mh
  7. come on guys--are your jumps REALLY more important than the wildlife? We'll never do a legal NP jump with this kind of irresponsible shit going on. It's all of our responsibility to know about nesting seasons and other REAL restrictions. Just because it's a "bandit" jump doesn't absolve you of your responsibility to treat the place and its occupants with respect. On another note--one the eggs hatch, and if you get your gear back, make your packjobs NEAT there! I'd hate to hit one of THOSE cliffs! Good luck getting your gear back. mh FYI: [URL]Leave No Trace[/url]: a good start...
  8. uh...I think you misspelled that--It's screwing circles. mh
  9. If you're ever unfortunate enough to get busted, when confronted by an officer of the law, choose your words carefully. mh
  11. please explain...because I've recently invented this sport called "Aircraft Jumping" and I wouldn't want anyone to confuse that with anything else, either. mh
  12. For those that are wanting to learn aerials, PLEASE seek proper training first... like from this guy, for example. mh
  13. I've been standing on this corner now for the better part of a day--are you fuckers gonna tell me that I'm the ONLY wannabe in line? Or maybe I have the wrong did say "neon pink," right Skin? you crack me up. Actually, I thought the whole thing was pretty well done--it may seem a bit overdramatized to some, but I think if you ever take some time to get to know Jeb, you might change your mind. I thought it portrayed him pretty well, as television goes. I did take issue with what was shown about a certain illegal "S" jump though...a bit too much info there. Scratch that one off the list for about ten years... way to stir the pot there, Skin. mh