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  1. Proud, Dad! Why no bragging on your superstar's Coach rating?!!!! She's awesome! Those juvies today.....
  2. The helmet and the jumpsuit have both been washed - repeatedly. I guess I'll find out this weekend if the rancid smell of banana creme pie is still there once I spend a couple of days training in the nice and steamy NC summer heat! Lucky for me (and my teammates!), I have a second team jumpsuit if the smell refuses to leave...the helmet could be a little different problem! GROSS!
  3. Thanks, Pam. I don't know if anyone got stills of the pie part. But there is video courtesy of Chris Wagner. It was priceless to see after the fact: my piece partner (Talbert) on the right, John D'Annunzio on the left and Charlie Brown coming at me head-on...with Scott Sheck pushing me out the door, I had nowhere to hide and had to just take it! It was a lot of fun.
  4. Thanks, Lisa. Wish you could have joined us yesterday. Those were some FUN skydives!
  5. Thanks, Leroy! It was a great jump - even though Kenny went low. It made Rodney happy 'cause I got to cat him instead!
  6. OMG! Ron, I love you, but I almost threw up. Seriously, I feel ill right now. Michael Jordan played for CAROLINA!!!!!!! As a rabid Tarheel basketball fan, the mere thought of Jordan ever being a "dookie" makes me sick! Sorry to hijack your thread but I couldn't resist!
  7. ooooo, a memorial jump for/with the rat tail! how fun! arvel, i can't believe it!
  8. If I recall there were quite a few very drunk individuals after that jump. The bar was full when they ran us out so..... Go trick-or-beering! At least a few individuals showed up at my campy at 3:15 screaming "we are here. give us your beer!" Great seeing you again. Come visit Raeford more often!
  9. No, no. Don't read something into it that isn't there. I don't want to go with CM either! Later
  10. Geez, Kate! I just woke Tim up (I'm in France for the week) and he told me the story. This is crazy! I hope your Bradfords were spared. Glad you and the pooches survived with most of your property intact - if Lil King was a little scared of storms before, I'm sure he'll be scared silly from now on! T-Thack - glad your brand new barn is okay See ya'll this weekend
  11. I tamed them by hiring the most incredible Packaho on the planet to pack mine! All openings are nice, soft, on-heading.
  12. Geez! That's more excitement than anyone needs at the IRS office! Glad she didn't poke your other eye out with that cane